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Study Tips to Ace Your Exams

Study Tips to Ace Your Exams

As students approach towards exams and start preparing, there is pressure. Being a night owl or morning lark can’t turn things ON with a one-day preparation. However, children can ace the exams if they are sincere in their preparations.

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    The below-mentioned are some useful study tips to ace your exams:

    Keep track of time as you prepare

    Time is a significant parameter, and early preparation for the exam is the best way forward. The confidence levels are said to be elevated when preparing well in advance and allow for polishing your strengths.

    Sketch a proper study plan covering all subjects. Never study randomly and create your calendar while introducing your practice subjects like English grammar and Maths. Make sure you plan a timetable and follow it regularly.

    Periodic revision

    Implement a systematic learning strategy to ensure all the lessons or concepts in a subject are revised.

    For example, after mastering lesson 1 to lesson 5, taking the first revision can be step 1. Later, when lessons 6 to 10 are learned, revise all the lessons in one go again. This strategy can be worthwhile without losing knowledge in appearing for competitive exams.

    Get Informed

    It’s harder to appear an exam unprepared with no clue about the questions you will face. Find out the textbook chapters and topics the test will cover before you start studying. Also, keep an eye on the test format with multiple-choice questions, short answers, or an essay. The layout and goals of the test will determine how you tackle learning the material.

    Daily planner

    Plan the curriculum per each subject. Make sure daily revisions across all the subjects can put you on track and avoid burden at a later stage or just before the exam commences.

    Focus on areas of improvement

    It’s always important to look into the subjects or chapters that keep troubling you. Ignorance of threats can be a step backward and future worry as well.

    Students tend to concentrate only on their interesting subjects and leave behind the others. In the actual scenario, there’s an excellent scope for improvement in all the subjects. So it’s important to balance such plans rather than concentrating on the same subject even after reaching a saturation level or scope of scoring marks.

    Benefit from break time

    For total efficiency, one needs to take regular breaks and enjoy refreshments. Intermissions can help you stay focused, alert, and fresh. At times sitting continuously to study can tire you out. So, stay aligned with your break time.

    The Pomodoro technique

    This is a great technique to overcome concentration issues. The Pomodoro method follows a basic pattern of an hour of study followed by a ten-minute break. With students having higher concentration issues, 25 minutes of study followed by a five-minute break is highly recommended.

    This method is helpful and works without a longer break because students can learn better in short sessions.

    Balancing marks with topics

    All the chapters’ don’t weigh the same in terms of marks. Few vast lessons or concepts may cover a higher weightage of marks in the exam paper. Why not try mastering such concepts and acquire good scores?

    Divide big concepts into smaller ones

    A big topic can be boring – for instance, a cellular process in biology or World War 2 in history. Hence, try breaking the concepts and study into chunks. Chart out a quiz to check if you are remembering and recollecting the concepts correctly.

    Make conscious choices

    Health is one of the significant factors for concentration as you study. It’s important to include basic stretches and some time for meditation to feel at ease. Also, add a balanced diet and enough water to your routine. Limit your sugar and caffeine intake. Take proper rest and sleep on time to avoid falling sick.

    Cut out the distractions

    Pay attention to what you’re accomplishing to avoid distractions. Taking a break now and then (approximately every 45 minutes) will also help you stay focused.

    Prepare in advance

    Stay up-to-date on what’s to be included in the exam. Try to mainly focus on your schedule with what’s needed to allow zero distractions. Concentrate on your goals, take breaks, and have a good sleeping time whenever necessary. Aim to plan around your accomplishments well in advance.

    Practice is important

    Mock papers help you get familiar with the exam paper pattern. Problem-solving speed and accuracy will also improve as you plan revision and proper time management.

    Run through old exam papers

    Mastering past versions can be one of the most effective ways to prepare for exams. This helps you get used to the format of the questions. Also, planning with good practice will allow you to spend the right amount of time on each section.

    Don’t limit to traditional practices

    Studying methods vary among each learner and student. Each learner has their own way while studying lessons, learning curves, and solving problems. Try innovation in how you prepare for the exam.

    Few elements such as sticky notes, flashcards, eBooks, textbook markings, and study apps can change how you study. Just choosing the right way of what works for you is the only way to ace anything without any shortcuts.

    Stay positive and motivated

    Enthusiasm plays a vital role in one’s life. It’s essential to stay positive and get on to achieve wonders. Regarding the student’s aspect, reading the question paper and getting familiar with each question improves positivity. This creates a positive frame of mind which is essential to give in full.


    While above study tips to ace your exams would be helpful, you need proper guidance and preparation strategy. We know students feel the pressure, and we at Infinity Learn have designed solutions from a Study Plan, Live Classes that help students prepare better. If you want to make learning fun, check out the strategies while we provide exciting content related to different subjects, register, and log in to our app. Learn while accessing videos and simulations.

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