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Symbol Name – Maths, Keyboard Key and Periodic Elements Symbols

Symbol Name in English

A symbol name is the specific title given to symbols or signs in various fields like writing, math, and typing. These names help us recognize and sort different symbols used in written communication. In simple terms, a symbol name is like a short word, phrase, or picture that represents something else. It’s like a quick code to grasp a bigger idea. For instance, a red heart can mean love, and a dove often stands for peace.

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    Understanding symbol names is essential because they’re a universal language. No matter where you are, certain symbols have the same meaning. This makes it easier for people from different backgrounds to communicate and understand each other.

    Symbol Name in Maths

    Mathematical symbols with name are utilized to represent different mathematical concepts, operations, and relationships. These symbols have a significant role in conveying mathematical ideas and clarifying concepts. Here are some commonly encountered mathematical symbols along with their corresponding names:

    1. Epsilon (ε): This symbol is used to denote a very small number, typically one that is close to zero.
    2. Limit (lim): The purpose of this symbol is to indicate the value towards which a function approaches as it gets closer and closer to a particular point.
    3. Existential Quantifier (∃): When you come across this symbol, it signifies the existence of a specific element within a given set.
    4. Because Shorthand (∵): In mathematical reasoning, this symbol represents the idea of “because” or “since.”
    5. Therefore Shorthand (∴): This symbol is employed to express “therefore” or “hence” when drawing mathematical conclusions.

    These maths symbols are are effective tools for performing various mathematical operations and effectively communicating mathematical concepts. They includes a wide range of notations used across various branches of mathematics, including calculus, algebra, and geometry.

    Keyboard Symbols Names

    Keyboard symbols represent various characters and signs that you can input using a computer keyboard. These symbols have specific designations to distinguish them from one another. Here are some of the commonly used keyboard symbols along with their respective names:

    • ` – This symbol is called a “grave accent” or “backtick.”
    • ~ – It is known as a “tilde.”
    • ! – Referred to as an “exclamation point” or simply “bang.”
    • @ – This is the “at sign” or “at symbol.”

    Keyboard Keys Names Symbol – (pound sign, hash, hashtag, number sign, octothorpe)

    • $ – You might know it as the “dollar sign” or “currency sign.”
    • % – It’s the “percent sign” or “parts per 100.”
    • ^ – Often called a “caret,” “hat,” “circumflex,” or “exponent.”
    • & – Simply an “ampersand.”
    • Referred to as an “asterisk.”
    • It’s known as a “hyphen,” “minus,” “minus sign,” or “dash.”
    • _ – This symbol is called an “underscore.”
    • = – It’s the “equals” or “equal sign.”
    • Known as “addition” or simply the “plus sign.”
    • / – Referred to as a “slash.”
    • \ – This is the “backslash.”
    • | – Known as a “vertical bar” or “pipe.”
    • : – It is called a “colon.”
    • ; – Simply a “semicolon.”
    • ” – This is referred to as “double quotes.”
    • ‘ – Known as “single quotes.”

    These symbols can be found on both Windows and Mac keyboards and serve various purposes, including typing text, entering commands, and executing shortcuts.

    Symbol Name

    Symbol Name in Hindi and English

    Here is the Math symbol name in Hindi and English

    Symbol English Name Hindi Name
    + Addition जोड़
    Subtraction घटाव
    × Multiplication गुणा
    ÷ Division भाग
    = Equals बराबर

    Symbol Name List

    Here is the list of symbols which are important to know:

    Sr. No Symbol Name of the Symbol
    1. , Comma
    2. . Full Stop
    3. / Slash
    4. ; Semicolon
    5. ” “ Quotation Mark
    6. ? Question Mark
    7. ( ) Parentheses
    8. Hyphen
    9. ! Exclamation Mark
    10. Ellipsis
    11. : Colon
    12. [ ] Square Bracket
    13. { } Curly Brackets
    14. Apostrophe
    15. % Percent
    16. & And
    17. > Greater Than
    18. < Less than
    19. @ At the rate sign
    20. = Equal
    21. # Hash
    22. _ Underscore
    23. | Bar
    24. © Copyright Symbol
    25. Bullet
    26. Almost equal to
    27. ⟨ ⟩ Angle brackets
    28. * Asterisk
    29. \ Backslash
    30. ^ circumflex
    31. ¤ Currency sign
    32. Diameter
    33. ÷ Division sign
    34. Estimated sign
    35. « » Guillemet
    36. ¡ Inverted exclamation mark
    37. ¿ Inverted question mark
    37. Pilcrow
    39. ® Registered trademark
    40 § Silcrow
    41. Sound recording
    copyright symbol
    42. Trademark symbol
    43. Tie
    44. Therefore sign
    45. Servicemark symbol
    46. ± Plus-minus sign
    47. Per mille
    48. Numero sign
    49. × Multiplication sign
    50. Asterism

    Periodic Table of Elements with Names and Symbols

    The periodic table of elements is a comprehensive chart that organizes all known chemical elements name with symbol, providing essential information about each element, including its symbol and name. It is color-coded for easier reference, widely used in the field of chemistry. The elements are arranged in order of increasing atomic number, and those with similar chemical properties naturally group together in the same column. The periodic table serves as a fundamental tool for understanding the properties and relationships of various elements.

    Here is the image for periodic table elements names and symbols:

    Periodic Table of Elements with Names and Symbols

    National Symbols of India with Name

    India possesses a rich heritage and culture, and its national symbols encapsulate the very essence of the nation’s identity. Below is a compilation of 17 of these national symbols, each accompanied by its respective name:

    List of 17 National Symbols of India List

    S. No. Title National Symbol
    1 National Flag Tiranga
    2 National Emblem National Emblem of India
    3 National Currency Indian Rupees
    4 National Calendar Saka Calendar
    5 Oath of Allegiance National Pledge
    6 National River Ganga
    7 National Heritage Animal Indian Elephant
    8 National Animal Royal Bengal Tiger
    9 National Bird Indian Peacock
    10 National Tree Indian Banyan
    11 National Song Vande Mataram
    12 National Anthem Jana Gana Mana
    13 National Game Hockey
    14 National Aquatic Animal Ganges River Dolphin
    15 National Vegetable Pumpkin
    16 National Fruit Mango
    17 National Flower Lotus

    Frequently Asked Questions on Symbol Names

    What is symbol and logo?

    A symbol is a mark, sign, or word that represents an idea, object, or relationship. A logo, on the other hand, is a special symbol used by companies to identify their products or services. Both are used to convey messages without using words.

    What is alpha symbol?

    The alpha symbol is the first letter of the Greek alphabet, written as 'α' in lowercase or 'Α' in uppercase. It's often used in mathematics, science, and engineering to denote various concepts like angles, coefficients, and alpha particles.

    What is the name of this symbol '*'

    The symbol '*' is called an asterisk. It's used in writing and computing for various purposes, such as indicating footnotes, representing multiplication in mathematics, or as a wildcard character in searches.

    What is the name of symbol '%'

    The symbol '%' is known as the percent sign. It represents a percentage, a way to express a number or ratio as a fraction of 100. It's commonly used in mathematics, statistics, and financial contexts.

    What is the name of the symbol '~'

    The symbol '~' is called a tilde. It has different uses, such as denoting approximation in mathematics, indicating negation in logic, or as a diacritical mark in languages to change the sound of a letter.

    What is this symbol called ';'

    This symbol ';' is known as a semicolon. It's used in writing to separate parts of a sentence that are related but could stand as separate sentences, or to separate items in a list when the items themselves contain commas.

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