WorksheetAdjective Worksheet For Class 3 English Grammar

Adjective Worksheet For Class 3 English Grammar

CBSE Worksheet on Adjectives For Class 3 with Answers

Adjectives are very important topics in English grammar. Students of Class 3 are very small and need to be taught any concept in a very easy language. Each and everything needs to be in a very simple form. The Adjective Worksheet For Class 3 is an essential resource for the students from the exam point of view. It will also evaluate the English grammar skills of the students. The Worksheets With Answers PDF are available to download and students can do effective practice for the preparation of exams. All these class 3 worksheets are prepared by our subject matter experts. Adjective Worksheet for Class 3 helps in strengthening the understanding of Adjectives.

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    Download the Adjective Worksheets For Class 3 PDF and achieve good marks in English Grammar. Explore this article if you want to know how these Worksheets can be beneficial to you.

    Adjectives and Its Types

    Adjectives are the describing words which are used with a noun or pronoun. Adjectives describe nouns or pronouns and provide more information about them.

    Adjectives can be used both before and after a noun.

    For example:

    A white rose.

    The old men.

    Your daughter is sweet.

    She is a young girl.

    Adjectives also modify pronouns.


    These are not expensive.

    It looks beautiful.

    Worksheet 1 – Worksheet on Adjectives For Class 3 with Answer

    1.Which word is an adjective?

    1. Children
    2. Ugly
    3. Write
    4. Water

    Answer: 2) Ugly

    2. The boy is very intelligent. Which word is an adjective in this sentence?

    1. The
    2. Boy
    3. Very
    4. Intelligent

    Answer: 4) Intelligent

    3. The sunset is so beautiful. Which one is an adjective?

    1. The
    2. Sunset
    3. So
    4. Beautiful

    Answer: 4) Beautiful

    Types of Adjectives

    Adjective of quality

    The words that express the size, shape, color, or any other feature of a person, thing, animal, or place are adjectives of quality.

    • Example:
    • The shirt is so bright in color.
    • This is a cute cat.

    Adjective of quantity

    • The Adjective of quantity tells us about the number of nouns in a relative or whole term.
    • Example:
    • The teacher is very polite.
    • I have prepared enough for the exams.

    Demonstrative adjective

    • These adjectives describe the position of someone or something in space or time.
    • Example:
    • Those are mine bottles.
    • This is looking mesmerizing.

    Adjective of number

    • Adjectives of numbers tell about the exact amount of something in a sentence.
    • Example:
    • She bought three eggs.
    • There were seven patients waiting for the doctor.

    Interrogative adjective

    • Interrogative adjective is used to ask questions.
    • Example:
    • What is your favorite color?
    • Whose home is near the School?

    Worksheet 2 – Types Of Adjectives Worksheet For Class 3 with Answer

    1.Girls are very ______.

    1. Beautiful
    2. Beauty
    3. Beautify
    4. Beautifully

    Answer: 1) Beautiful

    2. Her hair is red in color. Here the red is an adjective of

    1. Quality
    2. Quantity
    3. Interrogative
    4. Demonstrative

    Answer: 1) Quality

    3. This is the class of intelligent Students. Here the adjective is

    1. Intelligent
    2. His
    3. Her
    4. It

    Answer: 1) Intelligent

    4. ____ are you going?

    1. Whose
    2. What
    3. Where
    4. It

    Answer: 3) Where

    5. There are ten sparrows on the tree. Ten is an adjective of

    1. Number
    2. Quality
    3. Demonstrative
    4. Interrogative

    Answer: 1) Number

    Adjective Worksheets for Class 3 are free to access by students. The worksheets consist of questions and their answers too. The worksheets are easy to download. These worksheets will help students for the preparation of their upcoming examinations. Students can excel in their studies by solving these worksheets.

    Adjective worksheets for Class 3 consist of many examples, practice exercises, and pictorial representation. Specially designed by our subject matter experts, the worksheets make it easy for the small kids to understand how to solve the exercises. The worksheets are crafted in such a way that the kids will be able to solve them on their own and they will not need any help from an adult.

    Adjective Worksheet for Class 3 with Answer PDF

    The Worksheets offer a comprehensive learning experience. Adjective Worksheets for Class 3 are created by subject matter experts. All the worksheets are aligned with the CBSE curriculum. The worksheets also help in performance improvement of the students. All the worksheets are available for download on Infinity Learn’s Website. Detailed answers of worksheets are also available.

    Students can access the Adjective worksheets for Class 3 to focus on their learning journey. Students can access the worksheets just by clicking on the link.

    Printouts of the PDF can be taken out. This would be the easiest way to access the whole content. With the help of printouts, students can revise Adjectives even without an internet connection. These Worksheets will help students to be ready and well-prepared for their exams. Students can go through the content for achieving good marks in their examination.

    Why Grade 3 Students Solve the Worksheet?

    Solving worksheets is vital for academic growth. With the help of worksheets, students will easily understand concepts. Infinity Learn’s worksheets include MCQs and subjective questions which facilitates comprehensive learning. Students can use these resources to Excel in their exams.

    Importance of Adjectives Worksheets for Class 3

    There are many advantages to solving Adjective Worksheets for Class 3. Some of them are discussed below:

    • By solving these Worksheets, students will be able to know about the level of preparation they have done and can identify weak areas that require more focus.
    • Solving worksheets improves their problem-solving skills. The worksheets also enhance their ability to tackle complex questions confidently.
    • Students gain confidence in their abilities after solving the worksheets. As confidence is required for facing the actual English Grammar exam with a positive mindset.
    • Writing answers in a structured manner is essential for scoring well in CBSE exams. Adjective Worksheet for Class 3 allows students to practice writing answers hence improving their answer-writing skills.
    • Practicing worksheets helps to revise the concepts taught in class. It helps students to boost their understanding of topics.

    Some Tips for preparing Adjectives for Class 3

    Below are some tips required for the preparation of topic Adjectives.

    • Pay attention in the class when the teacher is teaching the topic and try to understand the topic.
    • Go through the chapter Adjectives given in the textbook
    • Practice and solve the questions given in the textbook as well as in Worksheets will be beneficial for preparing the topic Adjectives.
    • Students should revise regularly to memorize the concepts for exams.
    • Take the help of teachers and parents whenever needed.
    • It’s the responsibility of parents to make their kids positive and calm studying. This practice will help students to study well and they will achieve good marks in their English Grammar exam.

    FAQs on Adjectives Worksheets for Class 3

    What are the Adjective Worksheets For Class 3?

    Adjective worksheets for class 3 are practice exercises with answers designed for exam preparation. Created by Infinity Learn's subject matter experts, these worksheets cover concepts aligned with the CBSE curriculum, helping students strengthen their understanding of adjectives.

    Where to find the Adjective Worksheets for class 3?

    Adjective worksheets for class 3 are available for download on the Infinity Learn website. These worksheets are useful for students to excel in their examination.

    What are the advantages of Adjective Worksheets For Class 3?

    Adjective Worksheets for Class 3 help students assess their preparation level and enhance their ability to tackle complex questions confidently. They also improve answer-writing skills through practice.

    What is the use of an adjective for Class 3?

    For Class 3 students, adjectives are used to describe nouns, providing more information about their color, size, shape, or other qualities, making sentences more interesting.

    What is the purpose of an adjective?

    The purpose of an adjective is to provide more details about a noun or pronoun, helping us understand more about the things we talk about, such as their appearance, quantity, or condition.

    What are the main uses of adjectives?

    Adjectives are used to describe or give more information about nouns or pronouns, telling us what something looks like, how it feels, sounds, tastes, or smells, and providing details about the things around us.

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