WorksheetGK Worksheet for Class 7

GK Worksheet for Class 7

Class 7 GK Worksheet

General Knowledge, often called GK, is important for Class 7 students. In Class 7, students learn many different things. However, they may not have time to read newspapers or keep up with current events due to their busy schedules. Therefore, GK is added as an extra subject to help students learn about what’s happening around them. Knowing about the world can also help them prepare for exams. Below are some GK questions with answers in Class 7 worksheet. Try answering them on your own first, and then check the answers. It’s important to learn and remember new information, as well as stay updated with facts you may not have known before.

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    Worksheet – GK Questions for Class 7 with Answers

    Question 1: Who is the Father of the Nation in India?
    Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

    Question 2: What is the capital of France?
    Answer: Paris

    Question 3: Who wrote the famous play “Romeo and Juliet”?
    Answer: William Shakespeare

    Question 4: What is the largest planet in our solar system?
    Answer: Jupiter

    Question 5: Who invented the light bulb?
    Answer: Thomas Edison

    Question 6: What is the currency of Japan?
    Answer: Japanese Yen

    Question 7: Who discovered gravity?
    Answer: Sir Isaac Newton

    Question 8: Which country is known as the Land of the Rising Sun?
    Answer: Japan

    Question 9: What is the chemical symbol for water?
    Answer: H2O

    Question 10: Who painted the Mona Lisa?
    Answer: Leonardo da Vinci

    Question 11: What is the longest river in the world?
    Answer: Nile River

    Question 12: Which animal is known as the “King of the Jungle”?
    Answer: Lion

    Question 13: Who wrote the Harry Potter book series?
    Answer: J.K. Rowling

    Question 14: What is the currency of the United Kingdom?
    Answer: British Pound

    Question 15: Which gas is most abundant in the Earth’s atmosphere?
    Answer: Nitrogen

    Question 16: Who discovered penicillin?
    Answer: Alexander Fleming

    Question 17: What is the capital of Brazil?
    Answer: Brasília

    Question 18: What is the chemical symbol for gold?
    Answer: Au

    Question 19: Who was the first man to step on the moon?
    Answer: Neil Armstrong

    Question 20: What is the largest ocean on Earth?
    Answer: Pacific Ocean

    Also Check:

    Question 21: Who wrote the famous novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”?
    Answer: Harper Lee

    Question 22: What is the tallest mountain in the world?
    Answer: Mount Everest

    Question 23: What is the currency of China?
    Answer: Chinese Yuan (Renminbi)

    Question 24: Who painted the famous artwork “Starry Night”?
    Answer: Vincent van Gogh

    Question 25: What is the chemical symbol for oxygen?
    Answer: O2

    Question 26: Who is known as the inventor of the telephone?
    Answer: Alexander Graham Bell

    Question 27: What is the capital of Australia?
    Answer: Canberra

    Question 28: What is the main ingredient in glass?
    Answer: Sand (Silicon dioxide)

    Question 29: Who wrote the famous novel “Pride and Prejudice”?
    Answer: Jane Austen

    Question 30: What is the currency of Russia?
    Answer: Russian Ruble

    Question 31: Who is known as the “Father of Computers”?
    Answer: Charles Babbage

    Question 32: What is the chemical symbol for carbon?
    Answer: C

    Question 33: Who discovered America?
    Answer: Christopher Columbus

    Question 34: What is the capital of Canada?
    Answer: Ottawa

    Question 35: What is the chemical symbol for sodium?
    Answer: Na

    How Can Students Of Class 7 Prepare for GK from GK Worksheet?

    Preparing for General Knowledge (GK) in Class 7 is crucial and can be made enjoyable through various simple methods. Here are some practical ways for students to get ready:

    • Wide Reading: Students should be encouraged to read newspapers, magazines, and books regularly. This practice helps them stay updated on current events and exposes them to various topics.
    • Educational Shows: Watching educational programs, documentaries, and informative videos can provide valuable insights across different subjects.
    • Online Resources: Students can utilize educational websites, apps, and online platforms offering GK quizzes, practice tests, and interactive learning materials tailored for their grade level.
    • Quiz Participation: Joining quiz competitions within the school or at inter-school levels allows students to test and enhance their GK knowledge while boosting confidence.
    • Group Discussions: Organizing group discussions enables students to share knowledge, exchange information, and learn from peers’ perspectives.
    • Regular Practice: Providing students with GK practice questions and worksheets regularly aids in reinforcing learning, assessing understanding, and identifying areas for improvement.
    • Flashcards: Creating flashcards with important GK facts, dates, events, and concepts helps memorization and quick revision.
    • Curiosity: Encouraging curiosity fosters questioning, seeking answers, and exploring topics beyond the classroom curriculum.
    • Review Sessions: Scheduling regular review sessions helps students revisit learned GK topics, reinforce understanding, and ensure retention of information.
    • Stay Updated: Students should stay updated on current affairs, recent developments, and trending topics by following news updates, websites, and social media platforms.

    FAQs on GK Worksheet for Class 7

    What are some general knowledge facts for Class 7?

    The largest continent by area is Asia. The longest river in the world is the Nile River. The largest ocean in the world is the Pacific Ocean. The Great Wall of China is the longest wall in the world.

    Who is called the father of GK?

    There isn't a specific individual known as the 'father of General Knowledge.' General knowledge encompasses a wide range of subjects and is not attributed to a single founder.

    What are the 10 top GK questions for Class 7?

    1. What is the capital of France? 2. How many planets are there in our solar system? 3. Who wrote the national anthem of India? 4. What is the largest mammal in the world? 5. Which is the smallest country by area? 6. What is the main gas found in the air we breathe? 7. Who is known as the Father of the Nation in India? 8. Which is the longest river in India? 9. What is the chemical symbol for water? 10. Who invented the telephone?

    What is GK known for?

    General Knowledge (GK) is known for encompassing a wide range of information across various subjects such as history, geography, science, current affairs, sports, and more. It is essential for enhancing one's awareness of the world and is often tested in quizzes and competitive exams.

    Why choose Infinity Learn (IL) worksheet for Class 7 GK?

    Infinity Learn (IL) worksheets for Class 7 GK are designed to cover a broad spectrum of topics, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of general knowledge. They are interactive, engaging, and aligned with the CBSE curriculum, making them an excellent resource for effective learning and exam preparation.

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