WorksheetCBSE Class 6 Maths Chapter 12 Ratio And Proportion Worksheet

CBSE Class 6 Maths Chapter 12 Ratio And Proportion Worksheet

The academic team at Infinity Learn prepared a worksheet for class 6 maths and questions on the “Ratio and Proportion” chapter for the class 6 students. Such considerations are what the questions are all about and applied with the correct steps. You can easily do Worksheet chapter 12 ratio and proportion and this is a perfect beginning to a successful session. It is highly recommended, refer to the solution given below. There is no way but to read the theory of the chapter of the textbook and do the questions there before the worksheets from Infinity Learn.

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    Chapter 12: Ratio and Proportion Class 6 Worksheet

    Solve the following problems on ratios and proportions.

    Section A: Understanding Ratios

    Basic Ratio Questions

    a) What is the ratio of 8 to 24?

    Answer: 1:3

    b) Write the ratio of 45 minutes to 1 hour.

    Answer: 45:60 or 3:4

    Converting Units and Finding Ratios

    a) Convert 150 cm to meters and find the ratio to 3 meters.

    Answer: 150 cm = 1.5 meters, Ratio = 1.5:3 or 1:2

    b) Find the ratio of 500 grams to 2 kilograms.

    Answer: 500 grams = 0.5 kilograms, Ratio = 0.5:2 or 1:4

    Equivalent Ratios

    a) Find two equivalent ratios of 6:4.

    Answer: 12:8, 3:2

    b) Give two equivalent ratios for 20:25.

    Answer: 4:5, 8:10

    Section B: Proportion

    Identifying Proportions

    a) Are the ratios 8:12 and 2:3 proportional?

    Answer: Yes, because 8/12 = 2/3.

    b) Check if 16:20 and 4:5 are proportional.

    Answer: Yes, because 16/20 = 4/5.

    Solving Proportions

    a) Solve for x: 3/4 = x/8.

    Answer: x = 6

    b) If 5/15 = 1/y, find the value of y.

    Answer: y = 3

    Section C: Word Problems

    Real-Life Applications

    a) A recipe requires 3 cups of flour for every 4 cups of sugar. How much flour is needed for 8 cups of sugar?

    Answer: 6 cups of flour

    b) The ratio of boys to girls in a class is 5:7. If there are 35 boys, how many girls are there?

    Answer: 49 girls

    Using Ratios in Measurements

    a) The ratio of length to width of a rectangle is 3:2. If the width is 10 cm, what is the length?

    Answer: 15 cm

    b) A map scale is 1:50,000. If the distance between two cities is 150 km on the map, what is the actual distance?

    Answer: 7,500 km

    Section D: Advanced Questions

    Challenging Ratios

    a) If the ratio of the ages of A and B is 3:5 and the sum of their ages is 40 years, find their ages.

    Answer: A = 15 years, B = 25 years

    b) A piece of wire is cut into two pieces in the ratio 5:3. If the total length of the wire is 64 cm, find the lengths of the two pieces.

    Answer: 40 cm and 24 cm

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    Section E: Graphical Representation

    Interpreting Graphs

    a) If a graph shows the ratio of two quantities as a straight line through the origin, what can you say about the relationship between the quantities?

    Answer: The quantities are proportional.

    b) A pie chart shows the ratio of three different categories as 2:3:5. If the total is 100%, what is the percentage for each category?

    Answer: 20%, 30%, 50%

    Note: Ensure you practice these questions thoroughly to master the concepts of ratios and proportions. Refer to your NCERT textbook and additional resources from top educational websites like Byju’s, Vedantu, and Studies Today for further practice and understanding.

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