WorksheetCBSE Class 8 Maths Algebraic Expressions Worksheet

CBSE Class 8 Maths Algebraic Expressions Worksheet

CBSE Worksheet on Algebraic Expressions For Class 8

Download and read a free PDF of the CBSE Class 8 Algebraic Expressions worksheet. Students and teachers of Class 8 Mathematics can access free printable worksheets in PDF format. These Class 8 Math worksheets are prepared according to the latest syllabus and exam pattern. Class 8 students should practice the questions and answers provided here to enhance their knowledge and skills.

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    Algebraic Expressions Class 8 Worksheet

    Worksheet 1 – Algebraic Expressions For Class 8

    Section 1: Types of Algebraic Expressions

    1. Identify the type of algebraic expressions: – 4x + 5 – 7y² – 3a + 2b + 4

    2. Classify the following as monomial, binomial, or polynomial: – 6m – 2x² + 3x – 5x³ + 4x² + 3x + 2

    Section 2: Simplification of Algebraic Expressions

    1. Simplify the following expressions: – 2x + 3x – 4a – 2a + 5 2.

    Combine like terms in the following: – 7m + 3n + 5m – 2n

    Section 3: Basic Operations on Algebraic Expressions

    1. Add the following expressions: – (3x + 4) + (5x + 6)

    2. Subtract the following expressions: – (7a + 5) – (2a + 3)

    3. Multiply the following expressions: – 3y × 4y

    4. Divide the following expressions: – 8x² ÷ 2x

    Section 4: Solving Linear Equations

    1. Solve for x: – 3x + 5 = 20

    2. Solve for y: – 2y – 4 = 10

    Section 5: Expand and simplify the following: – (x + 3)(x + 2)

    2. Factorize the following expressions: – x² + 5x + 6

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    Worksheet 2 – Algebraic Expressions For Class 8

    Q1. Simplify the following expressions:

    a) 3𝑥+5𝑥
    b) 7𝑦−2𝑦+4
    c) 6𝑎+3𝑏−2𝑎+𝑏

    Q2. Expand the following expressions: a) 2(𝑥+4)2(x+4)
    b) 3(𝑎−5)3(a−5)
    c) 4(2𝑦+3)4(2y+3)

    Q3. Combine like terms: a) 5𝑥+3𝑥−25
    b) 8𝑎−3𝑎+6
    c) 10𝑏+𝑏−7

    Q4. Solve for x: a) 2𝑥+3=11
    b) 5𝑥−2=18
    c) 3𝑥+7=2𝑥+10

    Q5. Word Problem: A rectangle has a length of (3𝑥+2)(3x+2) units and a width of (𝑥−1)(x−1) units. Write an expression for the perimeter of the rectangle.

    Q6. There are 6x + 8y shelves in a book shop and each shelve there are 8x + 6y books. How many books are there in the book shop?

    Q7. Subtract the sum of 11×2 + 5xy + 2y2 + 6 and 3×2 − 9xy − 4y2 + 5 from 8×2 − 13xy + 14y2.

    Q8. What must be added to p2 − 8p + 11 to get 3p2 − 2p + 6?

    Q9. What must be subtracted from −p2 + 2q2 + 4r2 − 4pqr to get 2p2 − q2 − 3r2 + pqr?

    Q10. Find the multiplication of (4m3 + 36m2n) × (-mn2⁄3) by using distributive law.

    Q11. Divide (p4 − 256) by (p + 4).

    Q12. Find the quotient and remainder when (4r5 + 5r4 − 13r3 + 6r2 − 34r + 7) is divided by (3 + 2r + r2).

    Q13. If a sum of rupees (32a3 − 76a2 + 72a − 18) is divided equally among (8a − 3) persons. Find the amount received by each person.

    Q14. If (3p + 5q) units, (9p + q) units, (p + 14q), and (5p − 6q) units are the length of the sides of a quadrilateral field, then find the perimeter of the quadrilateral field.

    Q15. The product of two numbers is (m6 − n6). If one of the numbers is (m − n), then find the other.

    Q16. The length and breadth of a rectangular box are (x + 3y) units and (5x − y) units respectively. The perimeter of this rectangular box is equal to the perimeter of square box. Find how much is the area of the rectangular box is less than that of the square?

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    Algebraic Expressions Worksheet For Class 8 PDF

    Understanding algebraic expressions is crucial for solving various mathematical problems and equations. Mastering these concepts helps students to excel in Class 8 Mathematics. Infinity Learn provides Algebraic Expressions Worksheets for Class 8 in PDF format to facilitate easy self-practice.

    Click on these links to download Algebraic Expressions Worksheet For Class 8 PDF:

    Algebraic Expressions Worksheet 1 For Class 8 PDF
    Algebraic Expressions Worksheet 2 For Class 8 PDF

    Worksheet on Algebraic Expressions for Class 8 Maths CBSE

    The worksheets and assignments for Class 8 Maths, including the Worksheet on Algebraic Expressions, are readily available on Infinity Learn platform. Students can easily download, print, or view these resources in PDF format, accommodating different learning styles and technological access. Whether using a computer, tablet, or smartphone, students can engage with these materials to strengthen their understanding of algebraic expressions. After completing the worksheets, students can further practice with additional resources like online quizzes and exercises to reinforce their knowledge. Regular practice is crucial for building a solid foundation and mastering algebraic concepts in the CBSE curriculum.


    In conclusion, mastering algebraic expressions is a crucial part of the Class 8 Maths curriculum under CBSE. The worksheets and assignments provided help students build a strong foundation in algebra, which is essential for advanced mathematical studies. Utilizing online resources allows for flexible and accessible learning, enabling students to practice and reinforce their skills effectively. Regular practice through these materials not only enhances problem-solving abilities but also boosts confidence in handling complex algebraic concepts. By consistently engaging with these resources, students can achieve a thorough understanding and excel in their maths exam.

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