WorksheetCBSE Class 9 English Tenses Worksheet

CBSE Class 9 English Tenses Worksheet

CBSE Worksheet on Tenses For Class 9

CBSE Class 9 English Tenses Worksheet: Tenses are crucial components of English grammar, yet they often pose challenges for learners. To enhance your understanding and proficiency in using tenses, we’ve curated a set of exercises to help you practice effectively. Download our free CBSE Class 9 English Tense Worksheet PDFs to master English grammar, focusing specifically on tense usage. Understanding tenses is crucial as they form the backbone of effective communication in English.

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    Our tenses worksheet for class 9 cover present, past, and future tenses, helping students understand their forms and uses better. Whether you’re revising for an exam or simply aiming to improve your English Vocabulary skills, these worksheets offer a structured approach to mastering tenses. By practicing with these worksheets, students can enhance their confidence and proficiency in using English tenses accurately. Start your journey towards linguistic excellence today with our accessible and informative worksheets.

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    Worksheet 1 – Tenses Worksheet For Class 9


    Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs given in brackets. Choose the appropriate tense (present, past, or future) for each sentence. Write your answers in the spaces provided.

    1. Simple Present Tense
    a) She ____________ (go) to school every day.
    b) They ____________ (play) football in the park.
    c) He always ____________ (forget) his keys at home.

    2. Present Continuous Tense
    a) They ____________ (watch) TV right now.
    b) I ____________ (read) a book at the moment.
    c) She ____________ (cook) dinner for us tonight.

    3. Simple Past Tense
    a) He ____________ (visit) his grandparents last weekend.
    b) They ____________ (finish) their homework yesterday.
    c) She ____________ (sing) beautifully at the concert.

    4. Past Continuous Tense
    a) We ____________ (play) chess when it started raining.
    b) She ____________ (study) for her exams all night.
    c) He ____________ (paint) the walls while we were away.

    5. Simple Future Tense
    a) We ____________ (visit) Paris next summer.
    b) She ____________ (start) her new job next month.
    c) He ____________ (buy) a new car next year.

    6. Future Continuous Tense
    a) By this time next week, they ____________ (travel) to Australia.
    b) She ____________ (work) on her project all day tomorrow.
    c) He ____________ (study) for his exam at this time tomorrow.

    7. Mixed Tenses
    a) While I ____________ (watch) TV, she ____________ (cook) dinner.
    b) By the time they ____________ (arrive) at the party, everyone ____________ (leave).
    c) When the bell ____________ (ring), the students ____________ (leave) the classroom.

    8. Revision
    a) She ____________ (live) in London for five years before she moved to Paris.
    b) They ____________ (not finish) their project yet.
    c) By the time you ____________ (read) this, I ____________ (already, leave).

    Answer Key:

    Simple Present Tense: a) goes, b) play, c) forgets
    Present Continuous Tense: a) are watching, b) am reading, c) is cooking
    Simple Past Tense: a) visited, b) finished, c) sang
    Past Continuous Tense: a) were playing, b) was studying, c) was painting
    Simple Future Tense: a) will visit, b) will start, c) will buy
    Future Continuous Tense: a) will be traveling, b) will be working, c) will be studying
    Mixed Tenses: a) was watching, was cooking, b) arrive, will have left, c) rings, will leave
    Revision: a) had lived, b) have not finished, c) read, will have already left.

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    Worksheet 2 – Tenses Worksheet For Class 9


    Fill in the blanks by choosing the most appropriate option from the given choices. Choose the correct option that fits the context of the sentence. Write your chosen option in the space provided.

    1. He is a very rude person, I will __________ him.
    a) will not help
    b) helping
    c) to helped

    2. She __________ to the party last night.
    a) will not go
    b) gone
    c) went

    3. By next year, I __________ my graduation.
    a) will completes
    b) completes
    c) will have completed

    4. They __________ to visit us next weekend.
    a) are going
    b) goes
    c) will go

    5. Yesterday, she __________ to the store to buy some groceries.
    a) goes
    b) went
    c) will go

    6. He __________ his homework before going out to play.
    a) completes
    b) will complete
    c) completed

    7. By the time you arrive, we __________ dinner.
    a) will finishes
    b) will have finished
    c) finishes

    8. We __________ for the train when it started raining.
    a) are waiting
    b) were waiting
    c) will wait

    9. They __________ in the park when the sun sets.
    a) will walks
    b) are walking
    c) will be walking

    10. She __________ her exams next month.
    a) are preparing
    b) prepares
    c) will be preparing

    Answer Key:

    b) helping
    c) went
    c) will have completed
    c) will go
    b) went
    c) completed
    b) will have finished
    b) were waiting
    c) will be walking
    c) will be preparing

    Tenses Worksheet For Class 9 PDF

    Each type of tense has different forms and uses, but they all help us to communicate clearly about time-related actions and events. Understanding tenses is important for speaking and writing correctly in English. Infinity Learn provides Tenses Worksheet For Class 9 in PDF Format so that students can easily do Self- Practice.

    Click on these links to download Tenses Worksheet For Class 9 PDF.

    • Tenses Worksheet 1 For Class 9 PDF
    • Tenses Worksheet 2 For Class 9 PDF
    • Tenses Worksheet 3 For Class 9 PDF
    • Tenses Worksheet 4 For Class 9 PDF

    Worksheet on Tenses for Class 9 English CBSE

    The worksheets and assignments for Class 9 English, including the Tenses Worksheet, are conveniently accessible on online platforms such as Infinity Learn (IL). Students can effortlessly download, print, or view these materials in PDF format, catering to diverse learning preferences and technological capabilities. Whether utilizing a computer, mobile phone, or any other device, students can engage with these resources to enhance their proficiency in tenses. After completing the worksheets, students are encouraged to take advantage of additional resources such as the Class 9 English MCQ Test for further practice and consolidation of concepts. Regular practice is essential for solidifying understanding and mastering the nuances of tenses in English grammar.


    The Tenses Worksheet for Class 9 English serves as a comprehensive tool for reinforcing learning and practice in tenses. With carefully curated exercises, answer keys, and MCQs, students can effectively enhance their proficiency and confidence in utilizing various tenses.

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