BiologyBotany QuestionsTop 100 Biology Questions for CBSE Class 5 to 12

Top 100 Biology Questions for CBSE Class 5 to 12

Following are the important 100 Biology Questions for Classes 5 to 12 that students should prepare for exams like CBSE, NEET –

Which of the following explains the importance of species in an ecosystem?

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    Match List I with List II with respect to lac operon List – I List – II A) Product of gene y i) Repressor B) Product of gene z ii) Transporter protein C) Product of gene I iii) Hydrolase D) Product of gene an iv) Transferase.

    Which one of the following is a character of all amphibians, without any exception?

    The plant body is always undifferentiated in

    Coralloid roots in Cycas can fix atmospheric nitrogen because they have

    The chief component of lipid bilayer of cell membrane is

    Read the given statements regarding Cyanobacteria and identify the correct one. I. The Cyanobacteria are unicellular, colonial or filamentous, and are commonly found in most harsh habitats. II. The colonies of Cyanobacteia often form blooms in polluted water bodies

    In the wall of the stomach, oblique muscle layer is present between the

    In eukaryotes, RNA polymerase III is not involved in transcribing

    Venation is

    Excretory structure in Saccoglossus is

    Identify the plant which has marginal placentation in the ovary, diadelphous condition of the stamens and hypogynous flowers.

    It was found that when the same environmental challenge was provided to the two sets of organisms who belonged to different ancestors and with different evolution patterns evolved similar phenotypic to survive better is called

    Simple epithelium is a tissue in which the cells are

    resist infections and are also associated with allergic reactions.

    Pinnate compound leaves are more commonly seen in the family

    Which of the following is correct about Aves ?

    By identifying the shape of the potato, select the option that represents the causative agent for this condition.

    Statins, a bioactive molecule, inhibits the enzyme responsible for synthesis of

    The following figure shows a human blood cell. Select the option that identifies it and gives its characteristics.

    Match the endocrine glands given in column I with their location in column II and select the correct option. Column I (gland) Column II (location) (a) Thymus (i) Dorsal side of diencephalon (b) Hypothalamus (ii) Sella turcica (c) Pineal gland (iii) Diencephalon (d) Pituitary gland (iv) Ventral to aorta

    Mark the mismatch .

    Which of the following abdominal sterna does not contribute to the formation of brood pouch in the female Periplaneta ?

    In erythroblastosis foetalis,

    During succession A. composition of community is changed B. structure of community is changed C. biomass of community is changed

    The incorrect statement w.r.t proteins

    The free living, non pathogenic nematode which was sequenced as a part of HGP is

    During secondary growth in dicot root, phellogen forms towards outer side.

    In which stage of cell cycle a major decision to divide or not to divide is taken by the cell?

    X linked recessive allele found in human male is inherited by

    Binomial nomenclature system was first effectively followed by

    Which one of the following is not a correct statement?

    What is the correct sequence of stages during spermatogenesis?

    Identify the parts labelled in the diagram: A B C D E F 1. Pericarp Cotyledon Shoot apical meristem Hypocotyl root axis Root tip Endosperm 2. Seed coat Cotyledon Shoot apical meristem Hypocotyl root axis Coleorhiza Endosperm 3. Seed coat Endosperm Shoot apical meristem Hypocotyl root axis Coleorhiza Cotyledon 4. Seed coat Cotyledon Shoot apical meristem Hypocotyl root axis Root tip Endosperm

    Choose the incorrect match.

    Which of the following contributes to elongation growth of plant axis in grass A) Intercalary meristem B) Shoot and root apical meristem C) Intercalary and Interfascicular meristem

    The members of Phaeophyceae are :

    Floral features are mainly used in angiosperms identification because

    Spermatogenesis starts at the age of puberty due to a significant increase in the secretion of

    Which of the following hormone is not present in the portal veins linking hypothalamus with anterior lobe of pituitary gland?

    The ‘Fluid Mosaic Model’ of plasma membrane was proposed by

    Which of the following processes contributes maximally to population growth in a newly colonised habitat ?

    Edible ascomycetous fungi are I. Puffballs II. Morels III. Bread mould IV. Truffles

    Which phase is the reverse of prophase?

    Refer to the given figure showing pyramid of number in a certain habitat. Identify A, B and C. A B C 1. Grass Rabbit Fox 2. Phytoplankton Small fish Large fish 3. Tree Birds Hawk 4. Tree Birds Parasites

    Viroids have

    Evolution of life forms from non-living organic molecules cannot occur now because of the

    Choose the wrong match related to stored food in different groups of organisms. 1. Green algae Starch 2. Red algae Floridean starch 3. Brown algae Mannitol 4. Blue green algae Paramylum starch

    What is external to the plasma membrane in a prokaryotic cell like bacteria?

    Select the correct route for the passage of sperms in male frogs.

    Which one of the following is not the characteristic of the phylum to which Pleurobrachia belongs?

    A bone disorder that is caused due to accumulation of a nitrogenous waste is

    The ratio of length of the long arm to the short arm of a chromosome is called arm ratio. The maximum arm ratio is found in:

    Which of the following guards the opening of hepatopancreatic duct into the duodenum?

    Match the following and choose the correct option. Column I Column II (a) Asymmetry (i) Pheretima (b) Biradial symmetry (ii) Pleurobrachia (c) Pentamerous radial symmetry (iii) Pila (d) Bilateral symmetry (iv) Asterias

    Find the incorrectly matched pair w.r.t placentation.

    Match the name of the animal with one characteristic and the taxon to which it belongs. Animal Character Taxon 1 Ophiura Internal fertilisation Echinodermata 2 Balanoglossus Proboscis gland Hemichordata 3 Petromyzon Direct development Cyclostomata 4 Trygon Electric organs Chondricthyes

    In hydroponics, plants are grown

    Inflorescence of Smilax is

    The bundles of sperms of the male cockroach are termed

    Floral formula of tomato/tobacco is

    Select the incorrect match. 1. GEAC Validity of GM research 2. Developing countries Rich in bio-resources 3. Rice varieties 20,00,000 in India alone 4. Indian patents bill Second amendment recently cleared

    The heartwood occupies:

    Which one of the following correctly describes the location of some body parts in the earthworm Pheretima ?

    According to Darwin, the fitness refers ultimately and only to

    Match the column w.r.t. green algae : Column I Column II A. Unicellular alga (i) Ulothrix B. Filamentous alga with collar shaped chloroplast (ii) Spirogyra C. Filamentous alga with ribbon shaped chloroplast (iii) Volvox D. Colonial coenobial alga (iv) Chlamydomonas

    In diploid organism the gamete producing cells are called a. gamete mother cells b. gametocytes c. spore cell

    Mark the correct sequence with regard to the process of spermatogenesis.

    Which of the following are the functions of the large intestine? a. Mass peristalsis and defaecation b. Formation of faeces c. Absorption of some water, minerals and certain drugs d. It contains bacteria that produce some vitamins

    Formation of secretory vesicles is a function of

    Choose the incorrect statement.

    Select the correct set of events that occur during expiration A) relaxation of external intercostal muscles B) diaphragm is arched upwards C) intra-pulmonary pressure increases D) ribs and sternum are lifted up E) pulmonary volume increases

    Round and biconcave cells are

    The speed of migration of ions in an electric field during gel electrophoresis depends on

    Aves originated from reptiles. Which of the following is not an advancement of birds over reptiles?

    Which one is a modified leaf? (a) Pitcher of Nepenthes (b) Tendril of Pisum sativum (c) Spine of Cactus

    The deficiency of an essential element can be fulfilled by-

    Interkinesis is present between :

    The process of nitrogen cycle that enrich the soil with ammonia are A. Ammonification B. Nitrification C. Nitrogen assimilation D. Biological Nitrogen fixation

    Sporophyte is dominant, photosynthetic and independent phase but gametophytes are parasitic on sporophyte and have limited number of cells show the following type of life cycle

    In somatic hybridisation, the naked protoplasts are fused by

    The taxonomic category which comes just after species in ascending order of taxonomic hierarchy is

    In dicot stem complementary cells are produced by

    Select the correct statement with regard to neural tissue.

    Which of the following are the general characters of Platyhelminthes? (a) Dorso-ventrally flattened body (b) External fertilisation (c) Development is indirect (d) Sexes are separate

    Middle layers of the microsporangial wall

    Which of these is not an important component of initiation of parturition in humans?

    If the gynoecium is present at the topmost position of the thalamus above the rest of floral parts, then the flower is described as: (a) hypogynous (b) perigynous (c) epigynous

    Sickle cell anaemia is

    Taylor and his colleagues proved the sem-conservative model of replication of DNA by performing experiments on

    According to Hugo de Vries, the mechanism of evolution is

    Unisexuality of flowers prevents

    World wildlife week is the

    Match the following and choose the correct option. Column I Column II (a) Spiracles (i) Digestion (b) Proventriculus (ii) Vision (c) Ommatidium (iii) Circulation (d) Alary muscles (iv) Respiration

    Three plants A, B and C are modified for storage in the given diagram. Identify the correct statement.

    Pneumatic bones are found in

    The oval or round and loosely arranged mesophyll cells situated below elongated compactly placed green cells arranged vertically and parallel to each other in dorsiventral leaf is

    In Periplaneta americana,

    Choose the incorrect statement.

    Identify the non-mendelian disorder.

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