BiologyBotany QuestionsEcosystem Questions for CBSE Class 12th

Ecosystem Questions for CBSE Class 12th

The pioneers of xerarch on barren rock are

Statement A: In xerarch, there is gradual increase in water availability to plants during succession from pioneer community to climax community. Statement B: In hydrarch, there is gradual decrease in availability of water to plants from pioneer community to climax community.

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    Choose the correct statement

    Which of the following would appear as the pioneer organisms on bare rocks?

    Identify the correct combination?

    In which amongst the following cycle does respiration and photosynthesis play a predominant role?

    In ecological succession from pioneer to climax community, the biomass shall

    Which is CORRECT order of seral stages in hydrach?

    Given below is a simplified model of phosphorus cycling in a terrestrial ecosystem with four blanks (A-D). Identify the blanks.

    The sequential events from initial stage till climax stage in a succession are called :

    Find the correct statement regarding succession.

    The natural reservoir of phosphorus is

    Mark the correct statement w.r.t structure of anther.

    Match the following: Column I Column II (a) Climax community (i) The entire sequence of communities that successively change in a given area. (b) Sere (ii) Medium water conditions (c) Pioneer species (iii) A community that is in near equilibrium with the environment (d) Mesic condition (iv) The species that invade a bare area.

    Ecological succession is

    During the successive seral stages of succession A. there is change in diversity of species of organisms. B. increase in number of species and organism. C. increase in biomass.

    Statement A: All communities of a succession are seral communities. Statement B: Most of the communities of a succession are transitional communities.

    Healthy forest ecosystem does not contribute to

    Choose the incorrect statement

    Statement A : Secondary succession is faster than primary succession Statement B : Secondary succession takes place at areas where already some sediment or soil is present.

    Succession, controlled by biotic components of an area is called

    Climax community of any succession consists of

    Match Column I with Column II and choose the correct match List I List II A Spirogyra i Reed – Swamp stage B Vallisneria ii Submerged free-floating plant stage C Nymphaea iii Submerged plant stage D Sagittaria iv Phytoplankton

    This group of organisms behave as pioneer community as well as first seral community in Xerarch.

    Phosphorus is major component of A. Carbohydrates B. Nucleic acids C. Cellular membranes D. Cellular energy transfer systems.

    Which of the following forms the reservoir of carbon dioxide?

    Choose the incorrect statement.

    One of the following is sub-climax community in hydrarch or hydrosere.

    Primary succession takes place in

    Identify the correct sequence of involvement, according to ecological succession.

    Robert Constanza and his colleagues have put a price tag of US $ 33 trillion a year on

    In an ecosystem, 1. cycling of energy and nutrients is a coupled process. 2. cycling of energy is an independent process. 3. movement of energy is unidirectional. 4. both macro and micro consumers are necessary. Choose the correct option for statement/s which complete/s the above statement.

    The amount of nutrients such as carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium etc. present in the soil at any given time is referred to as

    Natural reservoir of phosphorus is

    Secondary succession takes place on/in

    In which of the following both pairs have correct combination?

    During ecological succession

    The first organisms to occupy bare rock are

    Choose the incorrect pair

    The second plant community that appears in hydrarch is

    Which of the following statements is incorrect regarding the phosphorus cycle?

    Which of the following ecologists has tried to put price-tags on nature’s life support services?

    Much of the global carbon is present in

    Read the following five statements (A to E) and select the option with all correct statements. A. Mosses and lichens are the first organisms to colonise a bare rock. B . Selaginella is a homosporous pteridophyte. C. Coralloid roots in Cycas have VAM. D. Main plant body in bryophytes is gametophytic, whereas in pteridophytes it is sporophytic. E. In gymnosperms, male and female gametophytes are present within sporangia located on sporophyte.

    An intermediate stage in a succession of plants is named as

    Statement A: In hydrosere, free floating hydrophytes are replaced by rooted submerged hydrophytes. Statement B: Free floating hydrophytes do not allow the light to reach up to the submerged hydrophytes.

    Similarity between all succession taking place in water or land is:

    Primary succession does not occur at

    Which one is the pioneer species in primary succession on rocks?

    One of the following put price tag to nature’s life supporting systems.

    Find the incorrect match.

    Out of the total cost of various ecosystem services, the soil formation and nutrient cycling accounts for:

    Major and important differences between carbon and phosphorus cycle are: a. Atmospheric inputs of phosphorus through rainfall are much smaller than carbon inputs b. Phosphorous has its reservoir in the atmosphere whereas carbon reservoir is mostly found in rocks. c. Gaseous exchanges of phosphorus between organism and environment are negligible

    Read the following statements given below- A: The phosphorus cycle is sedimentary in nature. B: In primary succession on rocks pioneer species are usually lichens.

    The second plant community that appears in aquatic plant succession is

    Primary succession begins in:

    The amount of nutrients, such as carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, etc., present in the soil at any given time, is referred to as

    Consider the following statements. (A) The first biotic community that develops in a bare area is called pioneer community. (B) In hydrosere or hydrarch succession the pioneer community is lichens. Select the correct option.

    Choose the incorrect statement

    During succession A. composition of community is changed B. structure of community is changed C. biomass of community is changed

    Succession that starts at a place where previously existing organisms are lost is called as

    Choose the wrong match

    Choose the incorrect statement

    Choose the correct statement

    Succession that takes place at habitat where water is neither abundant nor scarce is called

    The pioneer community of lithosere consists of to

    Arrange the following stages of hydrarch in correct sequence of their appearance. A. Reed Swamp stage B. Free floating plant stage C. Submerged free floating plant stage D. Marsh meadow stage

    The common seral stage for both xerosere and hydrosere is

    The amount of nutrients such as C, N, P, Ca etc., present in the soil at any given point of time is referred as

    The movement of nutrients through various components of ecosystem is called as

    Environmental factors that regulate the rate of release of nutrients into the atmosphere are A. pH B. temperature C. soil D. moisture

    Carbon cycle is significantly influenced by A. Oceanic fauna B. Oceanic flora C. Deforestation D. Massive burning of fossil fuels

    A considerable amount of carbon returns to the atmosphere mainly due to the

    In a nutrient cycle, the function of the reservoir is to

    Identify the area where primary succession cannot take place.

    What percentage of the total global carbon is present in the atmosphere?

    Which amongst the following is not an anthropogenic influence on the carbon cycle?

    Match Column I with Column II Column I Column II a. Standing crop i. The amount of nutrients present in the soil at any given time. b. Standing state ii. Certain mass of living material at a particular time at each trophic level present. c. Gaseous cycle iii. Phosphorus Cycle d. Sedimentary cycle iv. Nitrogen cycle

    The community that is in near equilibrium with the environment during succession is called:

    In hydrarch succession, the successional series progress from

    Reservoir for phosphorus cycle is

    The pioneer community in xerarch succession is

    Select the option which is the exact representation of the picture given below.

    In ecological succession,

    Which of the following pairs is a gaseous type of biogeochemical cycle?

    Which of the following suggests the main role bacteria in the carbon cycle?

    The entire sequence of communities that successively change in a given area is called

    During an ecological succession, many changes occur. Select the wrong statement with respect to succession. (i) Some species colonise and some species disappear (ii) Diversity will not change during succession. (iii) The total biomass increases. (iv) The species number increases.

    Read the following statements. i. 51% of carbon is found dissolved in oceans. ii. The oceanic reservoir regulates the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. iii. Some amount of the fixed carbon is lost to sediments and removed from circulation. iv. Carbon constitutes 59% of the dry weight of an organism and it is next only to water.

    The pioneer community of hydrarch consists of

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