BiologyNutrition in Animals – Introduction, Process and FAQ

Nutrition in Animals – Introduction, Process and FAQ

Feeding Habits of Animals

Different animals have different feeding habits. Some animals are predators and they eat other animals. Some animals are herbivores and they eat plants. Some animals are scavengers and they eat the leftovers from other animals.

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    Nutrition in Simple Animals

    The simplest animals, such as sponges and jellyfish, do not have a digestive system and do not need to eat. They get their energy from the sun or from chemical reactions in their cells.

    More complex animals, such as fish and worms, have a digestive system that breaks down food into nutrients that the cells can use. These animals eat plants or animals that have been killed by predators or disease. The nutrients in the food are used to build new cells and to power the animal’s movements.

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