EnglishentertainmentJust Chill Water Park, Delhi – Address, Timings, Entry Fee, etc

Just Chill Water Park, Delhi – Address, Timings, Entry Fee, etc

Just Chill, as its name suggests, is “the” place to go and chill all day long. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready with your swimming costumes because Just Chill will take you on a ride that will make you forget about your worries and woes. It is there to provide you with the ultimate experience and stimulate your experience with some great things. Once you are there, you will not want to return soon. So, plan a pool party, an adventurous trip, and a fun-filled outing with your friends, family, and colleagues. Take a break and go to Just Chill and make it a perfect getaway for yourself. Beat the heat, pack your cool clothes, and get ready to hit the pool. The more, the merrier! Just Chill Water Park

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    JUST CHILL Water Park Address/Location


    Main GT Karnal Road near GTB Memorial Delhi – 110040 (India)

    PIN Code: 110040 (India)

    Phone: +91-9910499774, +91-8285111565

    Mail ID: justchillwp@gmail.com

    Website: Just Chill Water Park

    How to Reach Just Chill?

    There is no direct connectivity to your destination. You can take the yellow line of Delhi Metro and get down at Jahangir Puri Metro Station. From there, you can either take a local bus, an auto (if available), or a cab, and you cross the following in their given order:

    • Bypass
    • Sai Baba Mandir
    • Shani Mandir
    • Narela Red Light
    • Just Chill

    If you decide to take a Cab / OLA, it may cost you a bit more (depending upon where you are coming from).

    If you wish to commute by vehicle, you can enjoy the ride on wide flyovers.

    What is the Right Time?

    Just Chill Water and Amusement Park are open seven days a week from 10 am to 7 pm.

    What all does Just Chill Offers?

    You will need more fingers to count all these one-place offers, for they believe in just too much. Yes, you got it right! You may get tired of hopping from one slide to another, taking a dip in one pool and another, but there would be much more left for you to discover and enjoy. Here is a list of things that you can enjoy in one place –

    1. Water Rides: With some funny and peculiar names of the rides, such as Singh Dwar, Friendship, Katrina-Twist, Godzilla, Romeo-Juliet, Monsoon, Zig-Zag, and Bullet, the water rides are for sure to thrill everyone. Some other beautifully crafted rides have round bowls with flowing water, multiple rings that will spin you, dark tunnels ending in blue water, and some adventurous rides that will throw you at 90 degrees angle into the pool.
    2. Amusement Rides: The amusements ride at Just Chill will shake and twist your body in every possible manner. From Swing Chair to Vortex, Caterpillar to Columbus, Break Dance to Bull Ride, Just Chill has a variety of rides for kids, young adults, and adults.
    3. Edu-tainment Park: There are more than just rides! Visit the edutainment park and enjoy looking at the spinning wheel spin thread or yarn and pottery wheel, making ancient and modern styles of pots. You can even spot the Australian bird Emu. A park is great for children to learn how to milk goats and cows. They would also be provided education about plantation techniques.
    4. Adventurous Games: Suitable for all age groups, venturesome sports are a must-try. There are games such as Rope Climbing, American Trolley, Commando Net, Tarzan Zipline, Tyre Crawling, Commando Crawl, Burma Bridge, Balancing Walk, and Wall Climbing for everyone to enjoy. Safety measures are taken care of by the authorities.
    5. Team-building Games: Matka Painting, Tug of War, and Lemon Race are some activities organized to lighten up and teach values of unity and team spirit to all the players as the goal cannot be accomplished unless or until they work together. In addition, team games such as Drawing Making, Treasure Hunt, Sack Race, and Three-legged race can be arranged at an individual’s request.
    6. Old Gold: Amidst the modern set of games, there are a few games that will remind today’s children of their elders’ childhood days. Example: Maram Pitti, Aankh Micholi, Kho-Kho, Stapu-Hopscotch, Marbles, Pitthu Garam, etc. Unique in their names and playing tricks, these amateur games are gold.
    7. Sports Games: Just when you thought the list of games was over, another list was attached. Outdoor games such as Table Tennis, Basketball, Trampoline, Boxing, Punching Bag, Cricket, and Volleyball can also be played on the long fields. However, some of these games are not available daily but have to be organized when asked beforehand.
    8. Enjoyable Activities: Adding more fun to your day out at Just Chill, it offers some amazing activities. Go crazy laughing at the amazing postures in the Laughing Mirror. Make a wish in the wishing well. Children can enjoy looking at fish, ducks, and other marine animals while sitting with their friends.
    1. Indoor Games: Carrom, Chess, Ludo, and tombola are a few games you can enjoy in a separate indoor space.
    2. Unconventional Games and Fun-filled Activities: There are some atypical games and activities you would have never before. Matki Food, Hanging Bucket, Frizz Bee, Small Pole for Ring and Single Pole Tennis, etc., are some activities you will thoroughly enjoy.

    Just Chill Ticket Price

    The waterpark is open for all. However, the ticket cost varies depending on the age of the individuals and also on weekends or weekdays. Those who purchase tickets online must produce the credit card used and ID (such as ID card, driving license, or passport) to enable identification at the gate of “Just Chill Water & Fun Park” for security purposes. Once booked on the counter or online, no tickets will be refunded, transferable, or re-sold. A ticket order cannot be canceled or amended once an order form has been submitted.

    Here is what you need to know about the ticket fares:

    For a child of height below 2.9 ft

    • Monday-Friday = Free
    • Sat/Sun/Holiday = Free

    For a child of height between 2.9 ft & 4.6 ft

    • Monday-Friday = Rs/. 400
    • Sat/Sun/Holiday = Rs/. 500

    For an adult of height above 4.6 ft

    • Monday-Friday = Rs/. 500
    • Sat/Sun/Holiday = Rs/. 600

    Stag (For Boys)

    • Monday-Friday = Rs/. 800
    • Sat/Sun/Holiday = Rs/. 900

    For couples

    • Monday-Friday = Rs/. 1000
    • Sat/Sun/Holiday = Rs/. 1200

    How to Book Tickets

    You can go to the park and get a ticket from the ticket counter. You can also book it online.

    Just Chill Pack Just Cages

    Just Chill offers four different packages from which one can pick the best according to their requirement.

    Here are the offers:

    • Institute Package
    • Corporate Package
    • School Package
    • Room Package

    Taking care of the couples, Just Chill has two amazing offers-

    • Day Room Package includes Room + Water Park + Free Food Coupon worth Rs. 500. Its timings are from 10 am to 7 pm. It would cost a couple of Rs.3800/-.
    • 12 to 12 Room Package for the couple includes Water Park + Amusement Park + Adventure Park + Edu-Tainment Park + Locker + Costume + Food Coupon Worth 1200/-. As evident from the package’s name, the timings for this package are from Noon. This package allows 1 Couple and 1 child below 5 Years. This super cool offer will charge them Rs.5300/-.

    For booking Enquiry of any of these packages, you can call Namita at +91-8285111561 or email them at justchillwp@gmail.com. All your requests and choices will be addressed.


    When you go to Just Chill, you can trust them, for your safety is their priority. Tubes are available for children and adults. Well-trained lifeguards and medical attendants under the guidance of qualified doctors are always on their duty to serve the visitors. Professionally trained life savers supervise all water slides and pool facilities to make your fun-filled day danger free and completely safe.

    What not to Forget

    • Only one person I allowed to enter the park on one ticket.
    • Tickets cannot be sold to any third party.
    • Outside eatables are not allowed as the park has a multi-cuisine restaurant.
    • Proper swimming costumes are compulsory before entering any water slide. If you don’t have one, you can also rent one at a reasonable price as per your requirement from the amusement park.
    • A towel, dry clothes, sunscreen, or any other crème (if prescribed) must be carried to the place.
    • Keep your medicines if you suffer from nausea.
    • No pets are allowed on the premises of this water park.
    • Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited inside the premises.
    • Everyone is advised to wear comfortable summer clothes to the park.

    More Events Organized by Just Chill

    The list of the things they offer you has not yet ended. There’s much more! They can organize a full-fledged event for you. They can do it all, be it a corporal conference or a friendly meet, a big launch, or a wedding reception.

    Plan to organize a conference or a meeting in Delhi and are facing difficulty looking for a perfect venue that will not only complete your checklist but will take away all the load off you, then Sydney Grand. They can make your event a success. They can arrange a small meeting of two to a huge conference for hundreds of delegates. Looking to your events, they can organize a poolside party as well. Every requirement of yours will be taken care of, and facilities of coffee, dinner, transportation, entertainment, etc., can be very well arranged per an individual’s request.

    Huge halls and gardens can be used for exhibitions, product launches, company events, press addressing, etc. The halls, well decorated and lit, will be perfect for any event. Their experienced and humble staff is aware of the operational dynamics of large conferences and events and will be on their toes at your service. With efficient and able IT support, the staff stays in touch, and nothing is missed out because of a lack of communication. The events are organized quite smoothly.

    They are good at more than one thing. If you are planning for your wedding, then they offer an apt venue for your wedding or reception ceremony. Amidst the fabulous decorations and bright lights, they organize great reception ceremonies with creativity and hard work. At Sydney Grand, they decorate the venue according to the theme or needs of an individual. Transforming a dead piece of land into a beautiful, studded place is the challenge they take and attempt to fulfill. They take extra care of the minute details and put their sweat and soul into making an event memorable for the organizer and the attendees.

    You can even get contact details for catering, decoration, wedding/reception cakes, emcee, music, etc., for your functions and can suggest you the best according to your budget. They work with the mission of making an event not just great but memorable. So, in such times, let them share your workload and let them execute the dream function you have always wanted. Take a back seat and watch them working diligently towards making your special day more special.

    Their website for booking Sydney Grand Hotel is under construction, but they can be contacted on the phone number provided.

    Isn’t it a good deal? Just Chill is the place you should be, for you wish about joy and you will find it there. Don’t disappoint if you do not stay near the beaches as this place is no less than an experience at sea shoreside. Float in the wave pool, enjoy a cool shake, and let your stress slide slowly into the water. Refresh yourself and chill out with your friends, partners, kids, family, and gang. So it invites you to experience the paradise of the blue water and endless fun.

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