EnglishentertainmentAdventure Island Rohini, Delhi – Water Park and Amusement Park

Adventure Island Rohini, Delhi – Water Park and Amusement Park

Are you feeling bad? The vacations have already started, and you haven’t made any outing program yet. You can perhaps explain to your friends and family that you don’t have time to go on vacation, but what about kids at your home? If you are still wondering how to cheer them up, come to one of the most exciting and renowned Adventure Island in Rohini, Delhi (AIR). While you let your kids enjoy numerous rides and amusement parks at AIR, you don’t even have to worry about taking a long leave for these precious moments. Great, isn’t it?

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    AIR is segregated into three main divisions- Metro Walk, Adventure Island, and the Lagoon. Metro Walk gives you the pleasant experience of the retail world with showrooms of different brands presenting apparel, shoes, eateries, and a lot more. Adventure Island is an amusement park with several exclusive and highly advanced rides and magnetism. The Lagoon is the artificial lake, which offers a mesmerizing background to the Metro Walk with boating services to the visitors.

    Adventure Island Rohini, Delhi Address/Location

    Adventure Island Limited

    Opposite Rithala Metro Station,

    Sector-10, Rohini,

    New Delhi-110085

    Contact: +91-11-47041111 and +91-11-27573473

    How to book

    The most convenient way to book a ticket to AIR is online. But if you want detailed information or want to clear your doubt regarding any ride, etc., you may call and book.

    Ticket Price/Entry Fee/Discount Coupons

    Entry Price for Unlimited Rides:


    Adult: INR 550

    Child: INR 550

    Senior Citizen: INR 350

    Weekend (Saturdays and Sundays)

    Adult: INR 600

    Child: INR 600

    Senior Citizen: INR 350

    Park Timings: (Normal) Park Timings: (Happy Hours)

    Open Time- 11:00 AM Open Time- 05:00 PM

    Closing Time- 07:00 PM Closing Time- 07:00 PM

    Ticket Counter Timing (Normal) Ticket Counter Timing (Normal)

    Open Time – 10:30 AM Open Time – 05:00 PM

    Closing Time – 06:00 PM Closing Time – 06:00 PM

    • Free entry for children up to a height of 90cm/3 ft.
    • Every ride in the park has height restrictions controlled by the regulation board, and entry may be restricted basis height and safety reasons.
    • From time to time, AIR runs schemes. It offers discounted prices under programs such as Summer Special Deal, 250 Entry Ticket Offer, Great Value, Super Saver, Student Treat, Silver Passport (Adult / Child), Gold Passport (Adult / Child), Happy Hours, Happy Tuesday, Early Bird offers, etc.
    • Special discounted offers and packages available for the students of schools and colleges
    • Call @ 8377001161 or 8377001162 with Extension 282 between 10:00 AM to 06:30 PM to learn more about the students’ packages, price, timings, discounts, etc.
    • You must pay the taxes upon arrival at the ticket counter if you have availed of any free ticket offer.

    Ticket Price @ Snapdeal

    You can book the tickets to AIR through Snapdeal, and the same ticket price will apply as AIR offers until Snapdeal runs some offer/schemes/programs.

    Online booking

    Online booking is one of the most convenient ways of getting tickets to AIR. The website of AIR is highly informative and easy to understand. Each page features the option of booking tickets online. The website also shares the phone numbers of contact persons in case you are confused or indecisive.

    Can I book through bookmyshow

    Yes, you can book your ticket for all or any one of the options through bookmyshow. You can also book packages and avail of the discount run by AIR or bookmyshow.

    Other ways to get the ticket

    • You can call up directly and book a ticket. You can either contact the team at frontoffice@adventureisland.in or call at +91-11-47041111
    • Book online through the website
    • Book through Snapdeal/ Bookmyshow
    • Book in person by visiting the site
    • Please carry the printout of your ticket if you have booked online and the discount code, if applicable.
    • Carry your identity and age proof if available tickets are discounted for senior citizens or kids.
    • The tickets are non-refundable or non-transferable and invalid if tampered with/ altered.
    • Children up to the age of 17 years can get discounted student rates provided a legal age proof is produced while booking.

    How to Reach – Nearest Metro Station

    Though you can reach the adventure island from any part of Delhi, NCR region, as it offers excellent connectivity, the nearest Metro Station is Rithala Metro Station. AIR is at 500 meters distance from Rithala Metro station and just a minute’s walk from the Metro Station. Rithala is also the last station on Delhi Metro Redline.

    Water Park

    Get away with the water-soaked fun and enthusiasm at the Water Park, Adventure Island in Rohini. The Water Park, AIR, has numerous rides, such as Aqua Bump, Amazon Mist Forest, Sha La La (Rain Dance), Splash Pool, Splash Dunk, Splash Down, Swan Boat, Water Coaster, and H20. All these rides not only soothe you during scorching heat, but they also promise to offer your family and you an exhilarating experience for your lifetime.

    Amusement park

    Adventure Island

    Adventure Island, Rohini has a world-class amusement park planned and designed by globally recognized architects and design consultants. It is spread across 62 acres of land with numerous rides that offer you a thrilling experience and ensure your safety.

    Types of Rides

    Even though AIR is only for adventurous people, wait a minute, you can still enjoy the beauty of the Lagoon, satiate your tummy with different kinds of cuisine offered by the AIR, and can loiter at the Metro Walk; however, the chief attractions of AIR are the high class and technologically advanced rides such as Z-Force, Side Winter, Sky Riders, Lightning Bolt, Flip Out, Twister, Space Jump, Climbing Wall and Wild Wheel. While you enjoy your rides non-stop, the AIR administration ensures you are safe.

    Metro Walk

    All the women folk out there, this is for you! With the exclusive and ‘one-of-its-kind’ concept in India, Metro Walk is the destination with which most ladies can identify. It’s an open market area offering an assortment of shopping and entertainment with men’s and women’s fashion, clothing, kids’ stores, lifestyle items, accessories, and, most importantly, restaurants to satiate your craving for tasty and irresistible food items. What more can you ask for? The shopping area with an amusement park offers you a range of the topmost brands, food courts, etc., offering an absolute shopping and entertainment package to those who thought Adventure Island was not for them.

    Extra Facility at Adventure Island Rohini, Delhi

    • One of the upcoming attractions that are soon going to take place at AIR is the MAD (Music Acrobat & Dance), a spectacular that would get organized inside the superb amphitheater of AIR. The show would entail electrifying magic tricks, eye-catching dance performances, acrobats, magic tricks, a clown act, and a fire show acted by famous artists.
    • AIR has huge and lush Green Lawns that can be used for Teacher’s Day, Annual Function, Founders Day, Fresher’s or Farewell Party, etc.
    • Other basic and important facilities involve merchandise and food counters, shaded seating, route maps on display in various plazas, and marked separate entry and exit on each ride. Safety and security at all entry points and throughout the park, washrooms, fire safety equipment and well-marked assembly area, lost and found assistance, PA system on each ride and in the park, guest briefing area on each ride (Bull Pen), wheelchair for hire, parking, ATM, first aid, drinking water, locker facility, swimsuits on rent, etc.

    Facilities at Metro Walk

    • Parking facility, entry and exit through ramps for differently abled visitors, escalators and lifts, Properly guided emergency exits, Fire fighting Arrangements, Wheelchairs, ATM, CCTV and Security cameras round the clock, first aid facility and properly equipped Ambulance, 10 to 10 helpline number, Public Address arrangement to trace the lost child, danger warnings, etc.
    • Washrooms in every block, Customary Attractions, Events, Lost and Found facility, Security and safety at every entry point and across the retail area, Mall Directory, and sufficient seating arrangement.

    Things to take with you

    It’s always a good idea to pre-plan your trip and arrange your things beforehand. If you are only planning to visit the Metro Walk, eat and go, then carry a lot of excitement, but if you have plans to visit the Water Park too, you must bring:

    • Towel and swimsuits for changing; however, you can rent one in case you don’t want to carry anything along.
    • Carry your swimming cap, flip-flops, sneakers, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, lip balm, body cream, etc. to protect yourself from the strong ultraviolet sun rays and the chlorinated water.
    • Carry your emergency and daily medicines etc.

    How to Prepare for Water Park and Amusement Park

    • You must plan your trip in advance, preferably in mid of the vacation, so you have sufficient time before and after the trip.
    • You should pack your bag properly, especially if you are carrying kids.
    • Advance booking of tickets is always a good idea. Carry the printout of your ticket if booked online.
    • Carry an ID proof along with you.
    • Always check the timings and reach a little advance for easy accommodation and hassle-free movement.
    • Find out the offers and discounts before finalizing your booking.

    What to do when you Feel Uncomfortable

    • While the activities at AIR are monitored and accomplished under the strict guidance of trained and skilled personnel, you must immediately inform the guard to stop the ride in case of any emergency.
    • Hold your kids tightly during the rides.
    • Hold the railings, wear the belts and follow every instruction as guided for a happy ride.
    • In case of an accident, etc., you can avail of the first aid services and get transported to the nearest hospital in case of severe injury.

    Eligible Age for Kids and Old People

    • No prescribed age limit; however, you must carry a valid age proof if availing of students or senior citizens’ discount.
    • Do not take too small kids or very aged members to the dangerous rides; you can enjoy the Lagoon, Metro Walk, eateries, etc., instead.

    What Types of Clothes you should Wear

    • Certain types of dresses, such as saris, dresses, gowns, skirts, etc., are unsuitable and uncomfortable for certain rides and safety reasons; hence, entry at AIR may get denied based on your attire. So, be cautious!
    • Don’t leave your hair open during the rides if you have long hair.
    • Wear something comfortable such as a T-Shirt, Shorts, sportswear, Denims, normal Salwar Suit with a dupatta/stole tightly tied around your waist, if any.
    • While no specific attire is suggested by AIR, certain attires are prohibited by safety norms by AIR.
    • Avoid wearing anything white or light-colored.
    • Wear comfortable footwear, and take care of other accessories, if any.
    • Change to swimsuits if you have plans to enjoy rides at the Water Park.

    What Precautionary Measures you should Take

    • While AIR strictly adheres to the internationally guided and accepted EUSS (European Union Safety Standards), you should also be alert and cautious before, during, and after the rides. The park at AIR also adheres to and follows the supreme globally accepted EUSS, which is being pursued by renowned parks across the world.
    • Read every safety instruction carefully and the international safety standards being followed by AIR.
    • Avoid taking selfies and pictures during the rides.
    • Kids must always be kept under strict monitoring.
    • If you visit the water park, follow the safety instructions strictly.
    • Don’t take your pets, etc.
    • Bags or carry bags are not permitted inside Adventure Island.
    • People with heart diseases, would-be mothers, people with BP, Diabetes, nervous disorder, cervical problems, back or neck injuries, etc., must follow every safety instruction prescribed for every ride. Rides that are high in adventure proportion should be avoided for safety purposes.
    • Call guard in an emergency situation.

    Important Instructions to Follow

    • Avoid removing, transferring, tampering, disfiguring, or mutilating the wristband. If you do so, you will be disqualified from taking further rides despite having a valid ticket.
    • The rules and regulations are very important for AIR. The authority can deny admission or ask you to leave even if you have entered the premises if you are found fiddling with the rules of AIR or if you are found indulging in an illegal, unsafe, or offensive act.
    • Don’t carry weapons/No Fire Arms to AIR.
    • Smoking or alcohol consumption within the premises is prohibited.
    • Take care of your belongings as the management will not take responsibility for anything that gets lost.
    • You can carry your mobile camera, but professional cameras are not allowed.
    • The student rates, discounts, etc., will be applicable to students upon wearing the school uniforms or displaying their identity cards.
    • The entry to the AIR closes 1 hour before the park closes.
    • AIR may get closed or shut in the event of any natural calamity, climatic conditions such as storms, rain, etc., or any emergency situation for the visitors’ safety.
    • Wheelchairs are provided at AIR for senior citizens and visitors with special needs.
    • You can pay by your Debit/Credit card for tickets, eateries, etc.
    • A multi-level parking facility can accommodate 1500 two-wheelers and 2000 cars at a nominal parking charge.
    • AIR can be enjoyed during the day hence room facilities are not available.

    AIR has been winning the hearts of many, and it is one of the most preferred destinations for people from all age groups. If you are still undecided, visit the website adventureisland.in and find out more about it in order to make your plans. This may just be a one-day outing plan, but a memory to cherish forever.

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