EnglishEssayEssay on My Teacher in English

Essay on My Teacher in English

Essay on My Teacher: My Teacher is the person who looks after my academic, psychological and moral development. My parents are employed and have other jobs to do, but my teacher has only one objective, and that is – my welfare. My Teacher teaches me subjects; clears my doubts; watches my conduct and corrects me when needed; inspires me; motivates me whenever I am feeling low, and encourages me to explore my limits.

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    I don’t know whom you consider a God gift; it could be your mother, father or grandparents, but, for me, My Teacher is a gift of God, especially delivered to make my life. Even while at home, the lessons of my teacher resonate in my mind. I listen to my teacher’s lecture and sincerely remember almost every word that s/he speaks in class. I never disobeyed my teacher or did something that could offend them. My Teacher is a blessing of God and is the most significant one for that matter.

    Long and Short Essay on My Teacher in English

    Below we have provided short and long essays on My Teacher in English.

    The My Teacher Essay is written in simple language elaborating all the qualities that I see in my teacher and how they have changed my personality.

    After going through these My Teacher Essays, you will also know the work done by a teacher, which makes them a God’s blessing.

    You can use the following essays in essay writing competitions, debates or general discussions in your class.

    Short Essay on My Teacher – Essay 1 (200 Words)

    We, humans, are social beings. Therefore society plays a vital role in shaping our personality and career. Our society, or any society for that matter, comprises relations. As we are born, we become part of our society and are introduced to many relations—for example, father, mother, brother, sister, friends etc.

    A maximum of the relations mentioned above have a clear-cut function. But there is one relation, which is a combination of all relations, and I think that relationship is a student-teacher relation. I can say this with absolute certainty because of my personal experience. My nursery teacher (especially other teachers) was a complete world to me. I am sure many of you will agree with this. A teacher is a guide, mentor, friend and many other things.

    Sant Kabir das has truly said this line for teachers:-

    “Guru Govind doukhade, kakelagupaye, Balhari guru apne, Govind diyo batay”

    In the above lines, a student says that if God and my teacher are standing in front of me, I have to decide whose feet I should touch first. In that case, I will touch the feet of my teacher first because it is the teacher who has taught me the way to reach god.

    This was the place given to teachers in those days, but now both (I mean students and teachers) have changed. Earlier it was more of a passion than a profession, but now it has just become a means of livelihood. But I think all is not lost. Whenever I see students celebrating teacher’s day and teachers getting emotional over it, I feel really happy. Teachers have and will continue to hold a special place in our hearts.

    Essay on Teachers are the Builders of Our Future – Essay 2 (300 Words)

    No one can deny that teachers play an important role in shaping our future. Right from the first day of school to the last day of college, they teach, find and correct faults, and besides giving education, they also shape our personality. In short, they make our future.

    Teachers are the Builders of Our Future

    There are many relations which have a special place in our hearts. I am sure one of them is a “teacher” for most of us. Some of us even hate our teachers, especially those who were strict with us, used to give us punishments, or scolded us for misdeeds.

    As we grow old, in most cases, this hate turns into love because we realize the importance of being scolded in professional life. Kabir das has put the functionality of the teacher beautifully in the following lines….

    “Guru khumbhar shishya kumbha hai, Gadhi gadhi kadhe khot, Anter hath sahar de, Bahar mare chot”

    In the above lines, Sant Kabir das says that a teacher is like a potter and a student is like the water pot being made by him. In making the pot, he beats the clay from the outside but simultaneously keeps a hand from the inside for support.

    I love my teachers (especially those who scolded me more). They are the ones responsible for making my future.

    When I was young, I wanted to become an English writer. When I told my friends and parents this, they used to laugh because I was very bad at English. My teacher used to scold and punish me daily, but I never lost my patience. His guidance and hard work paid off, and I can become an English teacher and a writer. I used to curse him earlier for being so strict with me, but now I am thankful to him because his strictness paid off.

    Essay on the Role of Teachers in Our Life – Essay 3 (400 Words)

    It is true that parents are our first teachers. They teach us a lot, but this fact cannot be denied that our real education starts in school and is provided by our school teachers. This is why teachers are given a lot of respect in our society. They play an important role in a person’s life.

    Role of Teachers in Our Life

    A teacher is a guide, mentor, friend and many other things. It depends upon the student on how he defines his teacher. Sant Tulsi das has put this beautifully in the following lines…

    “Jaki rahi bhavana jaisi, Prabhu murat dekhi tin taisi”

    In the above lines, Sant Tulsi das says that God/Teacher will appear to the person in the same way as the person thinks. For example, Arjun felt that lord Krishna was his friend, while Mira Bai felt that lord Krishna was her lover. This is true for teachers also.

    My Nursery Teacher- My Every Thing

    There was something magical about her. I trusted her blindly. I can’t give a name to the relationship I shared with her, but I can surely say it was an amalgam of many relationships.

    My Primary Teacher- My Mentor

    It is said that if the foundation of a building is strong, then one can add any number of floors to it, but if the foundation is weak, doing that is risky. I was lucky to have very good primary teachers who laid the foundation of everything, like education, character etc., in me. Because of that strong foundation, I could become what I wanted to be.

    My Middle School Teacher- My Boss

    Whatever discipline I have, it’s because of my middle school teachers. They scolded, shouted and pushed me to the limit. I hated them the most in school, but now I realize why they did that.

    My Secondary and Higher Secondary School Teachers- My Friend

    Someone has truly said that when a son’s/daughter’s shoe size becomes equal to the size of the parent’s/teacher’s, they become friends. I used to share all my things with my teachers, and in return, I got guidance, and because of that, I got saved from teenage-related problems.

    Essay on the Importance of Teachers in Our Life – Essay 4 (500 Words)

    It isn’t easy to write about the importance of teachers in one’s life because they are the whole world for a maximum of us. Lucky are those who had good teachers.

    Importance of Teachers in Our Life

    A newborn child has an empty mind, or we can say his mind is blank. Whatever a teacher teaches him becomes their personality.

    They educate us.

    The primary aim of the teacher is to impart education. They try their best to teach and impart education to students. He has to adjust according to the needs of the students and sometimes has to prepare and perform with less or practically no resources (in government primary schools).

    Often, teachers have to work long hours to meet their financial needs as the salary paid to teachers is normally not good. To maintain quality of education, a teacher has to prepare notes, do research etc. All in all, he works very hard.

    A Teacher is a Character Builder

    Besides giving bookish knowledge, a teacher is expected to impart moral education to kids. Sometimes, it is given formally, and sometimes, it is given casually.

    When I was a kid, I once picked up an eraser from my friend without asking him and forgot to return it. My friend went to my teacher and told her that I had stolen his eraser. I cried and said that I just forgot to ask him. My teacher said, “I believe you, but you should have asked for it.” Trust me, till now I remember that lesson, and never forget it.

    We are taught small things in schools (manners) like, ‘do not tell lies’, ‘always say thankyou and please’, ‘ask for permission before entering a room or sitting on a chair’ etc. I thought they were small things but trusted me; these small things can make or break a situation (especially interviews).

    A Teacher is a Guide, a Mentor

    When I was in class 10th, I was unsure which stream (science or commerce) I should pursue. The more I took opinions from others, the more I got confused. At last, I consulted my teacher, and he said,” listen to your heart, and you will get the answer”, and yes, I got the answer.

    A Teacher is a Friend

    I firmly believe that no matter how talented a person is, they can’t perform if they are emotionally not well. If one can consider their teacher a friend, trust me, your teacher will guide you through emotional turbulence.

    Teacher- our Well Wisher

    Some people will never betray you. One among them is your teacher. No matter what you think of him, they will always be your well-wisher.

    I want to share one incident. When I was in school, there used to be one maths teacher who was very strict with us. He used to scold us, beat us, and give us punishment. In other words, he made our life hell. All students used to hate him. One day we lost our patience and decided to take revenge. We burnt his motorcycle. An FIR was registered. When one of my classmates was threatened, he took some names. When the police came to arrest those boys, our maths teacher withdrew his complaint.

    No one of us expected this. We went to him and said sorry. We also asked him why he withdrew the police complaint. He said,” As students, you are bound to make errors, and as a teacher, I must correct them. But I can’t give you that punishment which will ruin your career and brand you as a criminal. This is why I withdrew my police complaint.” We all cried and said sorry again. This is what a real teacher is like.

    Long Essay on Teacher and Student Relationship – Essay 5 (600 Words)

    Man is a social animal. We are so many things at the same time. For example, we are a son, father, mother, brother, husband, friend, boss, employee, etc., all simultaneously. We fulfil so many obligations at the same time. Almost the scope of every relationship is well defined. But some relations are complex, or in other words, they are an amalgam of many relations. One is the relationship between a student and their school teacher. It isn’t easy to define it because a teacher plays many roles in a student’s life.

    Magical Relationship (between a Nursery Student and his/her Teacher)

    Most of you will agree that the relationship between nursery students and their teachers cannot be defined. I have just one word for it – magical. If she asked me to do something, there was no way I could say no. Once I asked her innocently,” Madam, do you like me?” To this, she replied,” yes, of course”. That day I became so happy.

    One day, due to some reason, I got angry and was not eating food at home. My Mom and Dad tried every trick they knew but were unsuccessful. At last, my dad called my school teacher, and I was asked to talk to her on the phone. She just said, “Dheerendra…..”. I instantly replied,” Yes, Madam, I am not angry at all and will have my food right now and do my homework….”. That was her magic of her.

    As a teacher, I try to create the same bond with my little students. Whether I became successful or not can be a matter of debate, but I am trying and will continue to become a good teacher.

    Relationship between an Army Cadet and his Instructor

    When I was in class 6th, I joined NCC. I remember he was such a tough guy. We used to call him Gabbar. Whatever discipline and toughness I have, all credit for it goes to him. He taught us survival skills, among other things. The relationship that existed between us was mainly based on fear. It is almost like the terror of Gabbar Singh from the movie Sholey.

    When he used to shout, “Boys, are you hungry”? We used to shout back, “no sir”. Then again, he shouted, “Are you tired”? “No sir”, was the reply. Even now, when I feel tired, I recall that shout, and I feel fully charged the next moment.

    Relationship between Teenage Students and their Teachers

    Teenage is normally considered the best time of life. Normally at this age, the student-teacher relationship is based on understanding, love and attraction. To handle teenage kids, a teacher has to be very mature; otherwise, things may go south.

    It is also an age of rebellion. Therefore good teachers use strictness in a calculated amount because excess of it can become counterproductive.

    When I was in class 8th, my English was horrible. This is why I was not able to write answers correctly. One day my English teacher called me. She had my English literature copy in her hand. But thank God nothing like that happened. She politely asked about my problem, but I could not explain it because of fear. When I realised she wouldn’t scold me, I told her my problem. She then worked very hard on me, and only because of her hard work and my willpower improved my English. The point is, if she had scolded me or punished me, I am pretty sure things would not have worked out.

    I try to do the same with my students. Sometimes, the situation becomes tricky. For example, once a girl student of mine asked me in class, “sir, mai AAP ko kaisi lagti hu”. I laughed and said, “You are a good kid”.

    Essay on My Teacher FAQs

    What is annual function about?

    An annual function is like a big school party where students show what they've learned through dances, songs, and plays.

    What does annual function describe?

    It describes the talents of students and celebrates their achievements in front of parents and teachers.

    How do you appreciate annual function in school?

    You can appreciate it by clapping, cheering, and telling the students they did a great job.

    Why is annual day important?

    Annual day is important because it boosts students' confidence, encourages teamwork, and brings the school community together.

    : What is the best theme for annual day?

    The best theme for annual day depends on what interests the students, like nature, culture, or famous stories.

    What is the best speech for a teacher?

    The best teacher speech is one where you thank the teacher for their hard work, share good memories, and express how they inspire you to learn.


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