EnglishSpeechFarewell Speech by Teacher on Farewell Party in simple and easy words

Farewell Speech by Teacher on Farewell Party in simple and easy words

Farewell Speech by Teacher: Farewells are always hard, but they are especially hard when they involve someone who has been such an important part of our lives for so long. Farewell is a very common activity that takes place in every school and every college irrespective of the place. Farewell speech is one of the most important parts of the event and the teachers too are invited to deliver the farewell speech. In fact, farewell speech by teacher is one of the most crucial speeches which everyone listens with utmost concentration.

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    The farewell speech by a teacher is both positive and memorable. It thanks the students for their time and effort, while also acknowledging the good things that they have accomplished together. The speech also looks to the future, wishing the students the best of luck in their future endeavors. How to write and deliver a farewell speech involves weaving gratitude, nostalgia, and well wishes into a memorable and touching moment.

    Long and Short Farewell Speeches by Teacher

    We have shared here some sample speeches which may help you prepare your farewell speech as well for the occasion. The language is very simple and the content is highly relevant and practical. Our short farewell speeches by teacher are highly preferred at school levels, while the long farewell speeches by teacher are preferred at the college and institute level. A welcome speech for farewell event sets the stage to honor, celebrate, and bid adieu to cherished individuals with warmth and appreciation. These speeches are just the sample and making these samples your base; you can develop your own unique farewell speech and add your own personal touch to make it authentic.

    Farewell Speech by Teacher Leaving the School – Speech 1

    A very good afternoon to each one of you present here!

    When I was told that this gathering will be held for me and that I am expected to deliver a speech, my eyes had tears in them. The thought of leaving this school is indeed hard to accept. But it is really happening and here I’m delivering my farewell speech. Today is my last day at this school and my gunny sack that I will be taking from here is filled with mixed memories. It is very heavy as it is filled with experience of 17 years and learning of a lifetime. Although I joined in as a teacher here but over these years, I became a student, too, as I got to learn many things from my students. I will always cherish the relationship between the mentor and mentees. A teacher becomes a teacher because of her students and my lovely students have made me a teacher and I’m grateful to them. We together made this experience worth remembering.

    When I read the comments of students in the feedback form that they never missed my classes and made sure to take part in the intriguing discussions, my heart fills with pride and happiness. I get my actual salary from the satisfaction that comes after hearing that I’ve been able to help my students in some way. The messages I have received from all of them are truly overwhelming. As I stand here today, I exude joy and feel glad to have chosen the profession of teaching where in I got the chance to make a difference and change people’s lives for better. Despite all the difficulties and challenges that come in the way of teachers, moments like these keep us going ahead. They push us to work harder and better and shape the young minds.

    After leaving this school, I have planned to go to a vacation first and then work as guest lecturer in the University of __________ (Delhi). However, it does not matter wherever I go, I will never be forget this school as I too have grown up with you all.

    So, I bid you all good bye with a heavy heart and with the hope that you would achieve success in whatever you do. You will make me proud with your good deeds. In the end, I would like to say thanks to the Principal and my colleagues for their unending support and cooperation. You have been a significant part of my journey in this school. Working with you was a pleasure and I hope students will not pester you as much in future. I thank you with my heart for having me here, for saying such nice words and organizing this great farewell party that I will remember all my life.

    God bless you all and good luck for all your future endeavors. Good bye and take care!

    Farewell Speech by Teacher Leaving the School – Speech 2

    Respected Principal, Dear Teachers and Our Lovely Students – Firstly, I would like to thank you all for joining us today for the farewell celebration of our final year students in our engineering college!

    While this is a very proud moment for all of us as every college student has passed with a very good percentage, we are feeling equally emotional since it’s time for our final year students to leave our college behind and move on to achieve new heights.

    Before I begin with my speech, I would like express my gratitude to all of you for giving me the opportunity to deliver the speech today. While I am excited to speak a lot of things, I am equally nervous, so please pardon me if I sound too emotional.

    We have spent four years with you all and by now it feels that very important members of our family have gathered together and collectively saying goodbye.

    Above all, we are very happy for all of you because now you all are certified engineers and I am sure you all are going to utilize your knowledge to make excellent career for yourselves. While we have given all the academic knowledge related to engineering along with the practical knowledge of machines, etc. as much as we could; we are certain that you all are only going to amplify this knowledge and achieve success in your life.

    While you all have passed with good marks, some of you were highly energetic and proactive while some of you were averages students and you might get career choice accordingly. I would hereby suggest that you should not compare yourself with others. You all are unique; I being the class teacher of your class have observed that some of you liked practical explanation and some of you preferred detailed theories, so there are abundant career options available for all of you. You just need to analyze your interest, match it with the skills you possess and achieve whatever you want to.

    I would also like to say that from here, the new chapter of your life begins and I am not going to say that life would be easy, smooth and comfortable, for you are going to lead the life you choose for yourself. This is going to be the beginning of your professional life and in order to prove yourself you may have to do a lot of hard work. Also, you may need to sharpen your skills as per the requirement of your respective organization so don’t get disheartened and disappointed because ultimately you would succeed only if you are persistent in your performance.

    In the end, I would say that you all are a part of our college and you would always be. So whenever you need help, guidance or support, just approach us whenever, we will be more than happy to extend our hands to you.

    Most of you are already placed in top-notch companies so do well there and share your experience with us. For those who wish to be an entrepreneur, our best wishes and supports are always being there with you.

    I hereby rest my speech on a Thank You note and wish you all the very best!

    Farewell Speech by Teacher Leaving the School – Speech 3

    Respected Principal Sir, Vice Principal (VP) Sir, Teachers and Dear Students – A very good morning to everyone and thank you for assembling here.

    As you all know we have gathered here to bid farewell to our hon’ble Principal Sir, Mr. A, who is retiring from our prestigious college today. Since he is the founder of our college, we can with pride confer him with the title of the ‘father of our college’.

    Twenty years ago in the same month, he had established this college with the vision and mission to impart knowledge and education to all the students who get admission here. But even more appreciable, he was more interested in imparting education to the poor students belonging to the deprived society or students from low-income families whose parents cannot afford education for their children.

    I along with 5 other professors had been one of the fortunate initial joiners; we got the opportunity, joined hands with Sir and did everything we could, to make this college successful. Ever since the establishment, we have seen Principal Sir doing constant hard work to get significant name and fame for the college. It was all because of his dedication and perseverance we are enjoying the status of being the members of one of the most renowned colleges.

    Today, when I am standing here to deliver the speech for his farewell, my throat gets choked as I can’t imagine a single day spent without his guidance and support. He has always been like a big support for me, but strict and disciplined at the same time and most importantly whenever I approached him for any help or support, he would always extend his hands to support all of us.

    Our principal sir also introduced various extracurricular activities in the college and because of his unvarying trust in his students do the students perform brilliantly. Some of our students have also won the state level games such as ‘Badminton, Kabaddi, Basket Ball, etc. We have also been doing well in intellectual activities such as debate, quiz, etc.

    Sir, we are certainly going to miss you a lot; at the same time we also assure that we will work for our college with the same fervor and zeal and make you feel proud of your staff.

    While your absence is irreparable, we are at least glad that you have accepted the invitation to join the trust of this college. You would, therefore be able to oversee us as without your guidance; we may lose our path.

    Apart from being a highly intellectual person, our Principal Sir is an avid sportsperson too. He loves playing sports and games, often leading by example in encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle among students. I remember, every Sunday, he would challenge few of us for the Badminton tournament and most of the times he would win. I am going to miss all those activities.

    While I am ending my speech, I would only say that our Principal Sir can never retire as he lives within the code of conduct of our college and we promise that we will always act as good representative of your college, who can feel proud of.

    Thank You Sir and all the very best for all your future endeavors!

    Farewell Speech by Teacher Leaving the School – Speech 4

    Respected Principal Sir, Dear teachers and Dear Students – A very warm welcome to all of you!

    As you are aware, we have gathered here to celebrate the farewell event of our school students. Before I begin with my speech, I would like to thank everyone for giving me this opportunity.

    Let me start my speech by congratulating the students for passing out 12th exams with flying colors. Like every year, this year too, our school has done very well, as far as results go. This is only because our school believes in teaching with fun. However, I would also like to praise and appreciate all the students for their hard work and dedication. I acknowledge, the last 3 months were really difficult for the students and they were all engrossed in preparing for the exams. The main aim of their life was securing good marks in the upcoming exams, defining their primary goal in academic life. The faculty understands that every year our students undergo tremendous pressure to obtain good marks for themselves as well as for the school.

    Though, their brilliant results help them getting admission to good renowned colleges from where they can gain advanced knowledge. Their knowledge helps them earn jobs in prominent companies, earn handsome salary and lead a successful life. However, we also feel that the students are rather leading a very serious life due to the pressure of exams they take.

    Dear students, I would like to say, dedication and perseverance are good but you must not stop enjoying your life. This I am saying, because every year we have noticed that XII Standard students do not participate in any sport events nor do they take part in art and craft competition. Our school has the history of producing champions in every field. So my only appeal to the students who are in XI standard right now is that they must also participate in sports and other extracurricular activities while taking the study seriously.

    For the passing students, we all are very happy and excited to know about your choice of college and course stream. While we know, that you must have already decided something concrete for yourself, we would be happy to extend our helping hands, in case you need any guidance and supervision.

    Days spent with you all have been very memorable and I being the class teacher of XII Standard always have that extra bond with each one of you. Some of you are associated with this school since nursery and some of you joined it later; irrespective of this the bond we share with you all and the admiration and regard we have been getting from you all is remarkable.

    In the end, I would only request you all to always be the good ambassador of our school; live by the discipline and ethics you are learnt here and always listen to your heart before making any decision. If you need, we are always open to you all.

    In the end, I would like to wish you all a very good luck and extend my best wishes.

    Thank You!

    Farewell Speech by Teacher Leaving the School – Speech 5

    Good morning esteemed dignitaries, my colleagues and my dear friends. I welcome you all to today’s gathering and thank you for being a part of it.

    It is a very important day for us as you all know that our respected principal, Ms ________, is now retiring after serving 14 years in this school. It is our privilege that we have had the opportunity to work with her and students, you all should also consider yourself lucky that Ms ________ has been your mentor and leader for more than a decade now. She wears many hats — that of a mentor, an instructor, a peer and principal. She has watched you kids grow. She is not only a wonderful human being but a prodigy. She has run this school with confidence and pride. Her sheer hard work and dedication can be seen by all of us as the credit for the success of this school goes to her.

    At this moment, I am reminded of a dialogue from the movie Mr. Holland’s Opus, “Look around you. There is not a life in this room that you have not touched, and each one of us is a better person because of you.” Dear Madam, this dialogue defines your character as you have touched many such lives and have inspired people around you to become better in whatever they do in their lives. Your honesty in life and commitment to your work is worth appreciating. The lessons that each of us has learnt from you is not written in any book or syllabus. You were first a student, then a teacher.

    So, you could very well relate to students and their feelings and also understand what the teachers go through. You created a holistic and stress-free environment for the students and teachers. Your ensured discipline in a friendly manner and managed this school in the best way. You faced all the challenges sportingly and never let problems pull you down. When there were troubles, you effective solutions resolved the issues. You changed with the changing environment and rules. You were open to new ideas and never enforced your decisions on people and humbly accepted the suggestions, too.

    After spending a long phase of her career as the principal of this school, she is now retiring. We bid her good bye with smiles and tears. We cannot possibly thank her enough for her enormous contribution to this school and we sincerely wish her a joyous retired life. We will miss her immensely and will keep inviting her to the important events in the school as you never will really part ways from any of us. You were, is and even in future will remain a significant part of this school and all our lives. Good luck and thank you. Now I would request Ms ___________ to come on the stage and give her last speech as the working principal of this school.

    Thank You!

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    Farewell Speech by Teacher Leaving the School – Speech 6

    Good afternoon to all of you, I welcome our honorable vice-chancellor, dean, faculty members, and students for gathering today and I am glad to have been given the opportunity to deliver the speech and we all are here to bid a good farewell to our loving teacher Ms/Mrs …..

    Dear all, teaching is not an easy task, but some people make it appear easy as they discover the hacks to it. Ms. _____ is one such teacher who considers teaching an art and values it like nothing else. She puts her heart and soul in her job. Despite all the challenges, she never wavered from her path and endlessly motivated students. It is needless to say that she will be dearly missed by all.

    Ms.__________ has devoted 10 long years to this prestigious University and has been a part of the core family of the organization. She is someone who has not only spent years teaching students of different standards but has maintained the dignity of this institution. She has always been the go-to person for everything because she has been very diligent and efficient in her work in this decade. She is an inspiration not only for the students but also for the faculty members as we all have learned a lot from her. Her poised personality, calm and composed self is worth appreciating. She taught all of us to be so strong and prepared to withstand any obstacle of the life. I am sure her learning will not be forgotten by any of us.

    Ms.________ held many teacher training programs that proved to be extremely beneficial for other faculty members. I remember all the conversations I had with her in the past and her creative ideas will always resonate in my mind. The staff members have learned a great deal from her and her experiences have had an indelible impression on their minds too.

    I would call upon the stage our dean and request him/her to present this bouquet and small gift to Ms.________ from all of us. We cannot thank her enough for serving 10 years in this University and inculcating moral values in our students and shaping their futures. I hope that her journey was not just long but great. There is a saying that, “we think of teacher-heroes that taught us the academics but we don’t often think of those teachers that taught us life’s lessons.”

    On your last day at this college, I would once again thank Ms.__________ for imparting knowledge into students, formulating personalities of young adults to mature beings, and for sharing with us life lessons. Dear Madam, this University was and will be always be your second home. Its doors will always remain open for you. It was a pleasure to have shared common space with you. Lastly, I, on behalf of the department, institution and students, sincerely thank you for your tireless efforts and wish you all the best for your life ahead.

    Thank you very much!

    Farewell Speech by Teacher FAQs

    What should teachers say in farewell speech?

    In a farewell speech, teachers should express appreciation for their students, share memorable moments, and offer best wishes for their future.

    How do you say farewell speech for students?

    A farewell speech for students should convey pride in their achievements, offer advice, and express hope for their successful journey ahead.

    How do you write a simple farewell speech?

    To write a simple farewell speech, express gratitude, share memorable experiences, and extend well-wishes for the future.

    What a teacher should say at graduation?

    At graduation, a teacher should commend students for their hard work, offer encouragement, and express pride in their accomplishments.

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