EnglishEssayEssay on Road Safety for Children and Students

Essay on Road Safety for Children and Students

Essay on Road Safety: Road safety is a safety measure to reduce the risk of road accidents and road side injury because of the mistakes of people while driving on the road. Road Safety in today’s context is the most significant issue which relates to the safety of public on road. Millions of lives are lost annually throughout the world due to road accidents, resulting in huge loss of finance and resources for individuals as well as for the nation.

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    Every year governments throughout the world spend billions on the treatment and welfare of accident victims and their rescue, if they are lucky enough to make it alive. There is an urgent need to make people more aware about road safety precautions and why they matter so much. Strict laws must also be implemented to enforce road safety norms.

    The road safety essay is intended to warn about the risks that exist while walking on the road. It is essential to pay attention to the safety rules in order not to become a victim of the high-speed traffic.

    Road safety involves following rules and regulations to prevent accidents on the road. Safe driving is crucial to protect passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers. Improving the quality of roads is also essential in reducing accidents.

    Short and Long Essay on Essay on Road Safety

    Road safety is a most common and important topic and has been added to various fields like education, social awareness, etc., in to order to bring more awareness in the public especially new age group people.

    Students should be well recognized with this topic to fulfill following needs in their schools like making project, debates, attend quiz competition or essay writing competition.

    We have provided here some paragraph and essay on road safety under various words limit according to the student’s need and requirement. They can select any road safety essay given below:

    Road Safety Essay 100 words

    Road safety is a safety measure to reduce the risk of road accidents and road side injury because of the mistakes of people while driving on the road. We cannot count the daily road side accidents and death of people because of the driving mistakes and lack of road traffic rules followers. Every person going on the road has risk of injury or death. Such as pedestrians, motorists, cyclists, passengers, etc.

    Everyone needs to be well aware of the road traffic rules especially children and young people who are at significant road accident risks. According to the statistics (World Health Organization, 2008), it is found that most of the hospitalization cases and leading cause of death are because of the road trauma.

    Road Safety Essay 150 words

    Road safety is very necessary while being on the road and must know by all because road accidents are the leading cause of death. Everyone should learn the road traffic and safety rules at a very early age to perform safer behaviors in the later life. Following are the road safety rules:

    • Everyone going on the road (especially drivers) must be to the left and let other vehicles pass on the opposite direction to pass.
    • Drivers should be in slow speed while bending or turning on the roads.
    • Take extra precaution while going on the over-crowded roads and road junctions.
    • Bikers or people using two wheel vehicles must wear helmets of superior quality otherwise they should never go on the road without helmet.
    • Speeds of the vehicles should be within the speed limit and slow especially in the areas of school, hospital, colony, etc.
    • Every vehicle on the road should maintain the right distance among them to avoid collisions and accidents.
    • Everyone using road should be well aware of the road signs and must follow rules.
    • All the road safety rules and regulations must be in mind while traveling.

    Road Safety Essay 200 words

    As we all are well aware that road accidents, injury and death has been very common now-a-days. People not following the road traffic rules and road safety measures are the main cause of such accidents on the roads. We always hear in the news or by our friends about the road accidents because of the wrong side driving, lack of road safety rules, measures, high speed, drunk driving, etc.

    Government has made variety of road traffic and road safety rules for everyone using road for their safety and reducing the number of daily road accidents. We should follow the all the rules and regulations such as practicing defensive driving, using safety measures, maintaining speed limit, understanding road signs, etc.

    Road safety risks have been increased because of the driver distraction due to the use of cell-phone or other electronic devices while driving. In such cases, traffic laws and rules helps us a lot to keep away from the road accidents and injury. Road safety measures are the tools can save from the expensive traffic fines, serious offences, removal of driving licenses, etc. Pedestrians also know the rules of walking on the road like proper use of crosswalks, use of zebra crossing, etc.

    Road Safety Essay 250 words

    Road safety is the prevention and protection of road accidents by using all the road safety measures. It is to secure people while traveling on the roads. It is to make safe all the road users such as pedestrians, two-wheelers, four-wheelers, multi-wheelers, and other transport vehicle users. Practicing road safety measures is very good and safe to all people throughout their life. Everyone should respect others while driving or walking on the road and take care of their safety.

    Importance of Road Safety

    People safety on the road is one of the most important aspects in order to avoid road accidents, injury, and deaths. We can judge the importance of road safety on the basis of national statistical data about total reported accidents and deaths. The data shows that almost 42% cases involve pedestrians and one way road users.

    Methods of Road Safety

    There are various methods of creating awareness among common public such as seminars, workshops, students education by adding basic road-safety lessons to syllabus, make people aware about green cross code i.e. stop, look, listen, think and then cross, understanding of road signs etc. Following road safety tips could help to protect all the road problems. Some effective measures of road safety are like basic awareness about vehicle, defensive driving according to weather and road conditions, following traffic rules, wearing seat belts, avoiding over-speeding, awareness programs etc.


    Road safety is very important nowadays as there has been too much of increase in vehicles on road and it becomes crucial that we follow the traffic rules and laws and save ourselves and our families from road accidents. Also making other people aware of road safety rules could make our roads safe.

    Road Safety Essay 300 words

    Road accidents have become very common due to the vehicle collisions and ignorance of proper road safety measures. The number of deaths is increasing due to the motor vehicle collisions by the people ignoring road safety rules. All the roads are busier for full day where vehicles are running in their high-speed. People in the modern world are used to their personal transportation which increases traffic on the roads. Under these conditions it is very important for everyone to be safe on roads and to follow all the traffic rules and regulations.

    How to avoid road accidents

    Everyone should undergo a complete driving course under the guidance of an authorized instructor before starting to drive on the roads. Road safety measures should be added in the school curriculum so that students can get complete knowledge on traffic regulation. Most of the road accidents occur because of incomplete knowledge about operating vehicles and lack of road safety measures.

    Use of old vehicles on road is also a cause of accidents, so it is very important to get the vehicles checked for fitness on a regular basis. Proper and timely service of vehicles also helps to reduce road accidents. All the drivers should thoroughly check their vehicles daily before start of any trip and if any issue is found it has to be rectified immediately.


    Traffic accidents are a major cause of deaths in India and it has affected a huge number of families. Hence it becomes very important that everyone should strictly follow the traffic rules and should always drive safely with respecting the other people and vehicles on the road. We should avoid rash driving, drunken driving and jumping red lights. Wearing helmets and seat belts could highly reduce the number of causalities during an accident. A unison effort from each and everyone could definitely reduce the number of accidents and make our roads safer.

    Road Safety Essay 600 words

    Road safety is must to be paid proper attention by each and every person on the earth, whether using vehicles or not. Children and students are the most vulnerable group towards the road accidents, minor or major injuries and even death because of the lack of adult supervision. There should not be late in making children well aware about the road safety rules and measures in their early ages. It should be the duty of parents and teachers to teach them properly under their nice supervision.

    Need of Road Safety Knowledge for Children

    According to the statistics, it is found that there are most of the road accidents cases in which children are involved, so they are at high risk than other age group people. They need road safety knowledge and education from their early ages. It should be started from their home and schools by adding this subject to their syllabus. Some points are mentioned below proving the fact that why road safety is so important for kids and children:

    • Children are children, no one can be sure about what they will do next at home or other crowded place especially road during traffic situation.
    • Children become completely innocent, they cannot judge the vehicles speed moving on the road.
    • Drivers also cannot recognize their mood to move on the road especially when they try to cross the road in front of the vehicle because of their small height.
    • They cannot judge how often vehicles can come on the empty road.
    • They can cross road from anywhere on the road because they have no idea about proper place to cross the road.
    • They become fearful soon and do not understand what they should do when they see vehicles coming to their direction.

    Road Safety Rules for Children

    Following are some essential road safety rules play great role in protecting children from road accidents by making them responsible pedestrian on the road:

    • Parents should teach their children to be extra attentive and look everywhere (left and right) before crossing the road street.
    • Children should always cross the roads by holding hands of their elders or friends.
    • They should never run on the roads, should not be in hurry or leaving parents hand and be calm.
    • They need to be more cautious on the road without getting distracted by anything.
    • They should be practiced by their parents to follow sidewalks only or always use left side on the roads where sidewalks are unavailable.
    • They should be taught to only cross the roads at crossroads after seeing traffic signals for pedestrians.
    • They must be aware of the meaning of colors (red means stop, green means go and yellow means also stop), traffic light basics and importance of traffic signs on the roads.
    • They should use rear side of the passenger seat while getting out of a car or bus.
    • Children should be taught to not to play on the roads or other places out of playing zone.
    • They should wear helmet and use all the measures while riding bicycle on the roads by ensuring proper functioning of brakes, horns and steering.
    • They should not use earphone or other music listening instruments while riding bicycle on the road.
    • Parents may teach their children in better way by wearing seat-belts while driving a car or helmet while driving a bike anytime. Parents should follow all the road safety rules and road traffic rules while driving vehicle to establish good examples in front of their children as they are first example in the lives of their kids.


    Road safety is very important for people of all age group to be safe and secure as well as reduce the number of road accidents and injury cases. So, everyone should strictly follow all the rules, regulations and signs of road traffic lights. Children should be well practiced from the end of their parents at home and get proper study by the teacher in the school.

    Road Safety Essay 1000 words

    “Road Safety” today is one of the greatest public health issues throughout the globe. Millions lives are lost annually because of fatality arising due to road accidents, and the clock is ticking constantly. “Road safety” cannot be undermined if the world wants to achieve goals of sustainable development, prosperity and growth. The issue concerns all types of road users – pedestrians, motorists, motorcyclists etc, as well as unauthorized road side vendors and other encroachers. In the following essay we will know the significance of “Road Safety” and how staying safe on road is imperative for a happy and healthy and prosperous life, of an individual as well as that of the nation.

    What does “Road Safety” Means?

    “Road Safety” refers to the safety of the user while using the road. There are defined rules and procedures to be followed while using the road and it’s mandatory to abide by them to ensure a safe transit. Such “Road Safety Rules” have been laid by the respective governments in order to ensure the safety of every road user. Traffic signals, sign boards, security cameras, dividers, foot paths are some of the tools to ensure Road Safety.

    Road Safety Concern – Global Statistics

    Global stats on Road Safety reveal large variations based on a nation’s population, economy and state of general public awareness. Developed countries ensure much better road safety through a large network of roads and precautionary measures. Contrastingly, the situation is grim in developing and underdeveloped countries.

    Statistics reveal that approximately 1.5 Million lives are lost every year globally due to road accidents; more than 90% of which occur in under developed and developing nations. More than half of the figure constitutes of vulnerable road users like pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists.

    Apathy towards road safety causes the death of maximum number of children and youth, than by any other cause. That is not all – nearly 20 to 50 Million people suffer non fatal injuries, often resulting in a permanent disability.

    Road Safety – Importance

    The importance of Road Safety cannot be undermined if the agendas of sustainable development are to be met. A fatal road accident results in a trauma not only for the victim, but also for his/her dependants and loved ones. On the other note, road crashes in most of the countries cost 3% of their overall Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

    If a victim of a fatal accident is lucky to survive, he/she is most likely to have any kind of disability. Thus a road mishap is not only a strain on the victim’s financial resources but also on the nation’s as well; not to mention the emotional trauma to the dependents.

    Therefore, appropriate measures must be taken to implement road safety and to ensure safe transit for every road user. Ensuring road safety is very important and must be prioritized by the governments as well as individuals.

    Factors Compromising Road Safety and Counter Measures

    There are various factors those compromise road safety. Driver’s behavior; apathy towards traffic rules; unruly behavior, negligence, road rage are some of the main factors compromising road safety. Below we will go through some of the main causes of road accidents-

    1) User’s behaviour

    A road is used by variety of users – pedestrians, motorcyclists, cyclists and motorists. An unruly driver compromises not only his own life but also the life of others. A driver, who jumps a signal, either habitually or unknowingly, could seriously kill or fatally injure pedestrian or other drivers. Even a careless pedestrian can bring doom upon himself and others. Any unruly behavior must be dealt with strictly to avoid it getting repeated. Imposing large fines on jumping signals and similar misconducts could bring down the number of road mishaps.

    2) Unauthorized/Adolescent Drivers

    Lack of driving experience is a prime cause behind the deaths of children and youths belonging to the age group of 15 to 25. In under developed and developing countries, licenses are issued to children below permissible age limit, violating the law. Such adolescent and unauthorized drivers tend to be unruly, risking their own life and also the life of others. Teenagers tend to over speed and violate traffic rules, just for sheer pleasure and false praises. Teach your children that driving before the permissible age is not only an offence, but is also life threatening. Report any underage driver to the authorities.

    3) Drunken Driving

    Drunken driving claims millions of lives globally. Low and middle income group countries are the worst affected. Alcohol impacts a driver’s behaviour and his ability to make judgments. A Drunken driver tends to me more unruly and uncontrolled on the road. All in all, alcohol weakens the necessary skills to drive, risking lives on road. Even a drunken pedestrian is a potential threat to his own as well as other’s safety. Strict laws and a policy of zero tolerance against drunken driving should be implemented in order to make the roads safer.

    4) Avoiding Safety Gears

    Not wearing helmet, avoiding safety belts causes maximum number of casualties resulting from a road crash. People either habitually avoid wearing safety equipment or do it on purpose, not realizing that it could mean all the difference between life and death. More than 90% casualties in a road mishap occur due to not wearing helmet or seat belt. Vehicle safety gears are the mandatory for road safety, and must be worn at any cost. There is a need to raise general awareness about the use of safety gears and their significance in saving lives. Wearing safety equipment while driving should be made mandatory and violators must be prosecuted strictly.

    5) Poor Infrastructure

    Poor infrastructure often results in road accidents and is a major factor compromising road safety. The numbers are greater in underdeveloped and developing nations. Uncompleted roads, road side construction, unfinished pavements, absence of foot over bridges are some of the infrastructural shortages contributing to road accidents. Relevant authorities should take measures to speed up any unfinished work, which concerns the safety of road users. Proper illumination and road signs must be provided on construction sites to avoid any mishap.


    Road safety is a global public health issue and must be ensured by relevant authorities. Respective governments must take necessary policy and administrative measures to ensure as well as improve safety on roads. Better infrastructure of roads with sufficient illumination should be provided in order to ensure safety. Above all, there is a need for us to be concerned about our own safety and conduct while using the road.

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    Essay on Road Safety FAQs

    What is road safety in 10 lines?

    Road safety means following rules to stay safe on roads. It's about obeying traffic laws, wearing seatbelts, and not using phones while driving. Pedestrians should use crosswalks and look both ways. Avoiding speeding and drunk driving is crucial for road safety. Everyone should respect traffic signals and be considerate of others on the road.

    What is road safety for Class 4?

    Road safety for Class 4 is learning how to be safe on roads. It includes understanding traffic signs, crossing roads carefully, and always wearing a helmet while cycling. It's important to listen to adults and follow their road safety advice.

    Why is road safety important?

    Road safety is important because it saves lives. Following road rules and being cautious prevents accidents and keeps everyone safe. It's essential for protecting ourselves and others on the road.

    What is a road safety essay?

    A road safety essay is a written piece that explains the importance of following road rules and being cautious on the road. It may discuss the impact of road accidents and ways to improve road safety.

    What is road safety in short?

    Road safety means following rules and being careful on the road to prevent accidents and protect lives.

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