EnglishEventsLegal Services Day 2024 – Date, Objectives, Information

Legal Services Day 2024 – Date, Objectives, Information

Legal Services Day 2024: In India, Legal Services Day is observed on 9th November every year. The country observes this day as an important occasion to give legal relief to the weaker sections of society. The day holds historical importance as it marks the anniversary of enacting the Legal Services Authorities Act in 1995. The law provides protection and free legal services to vulnerable and excluded communities. The day also aims to spread legal awareness among all. Find out more about the theme, background, and importance of Legal Services Day 2024.

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    History of Legal Services Day 2024

    After the Legal Services Authorities Act was set up on 5th December 1995, the country’s National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) was formed. Since then, It has been celebrated annually. This day focuses on creating awareness about the availability of free legal aid and alternative dispute resolution methods by widely circulating information about legal services so that people who need such services become aware. The purpose is to provide free legal aid to people who cannot afford legal representation.
    Under the Legal Services Authorities Act, people from the weaker sections group, including minority groups, women and children, members of SC/ST, people whose monthly income is less than what the government stated, and marginalised communities, are eligible for free legal aid in India.

    It serves as a reminder of this provision, encouraging those in need to seek the assistance they are entitled to.

    Legal Services Day 2024: Importance

    It is an important occasion to highlight the role of legal services. It ensures justice and equality for all people, especially those facing financial or social difficulties.

    Equal access to justice

    It is an important event that ensures justice for all. The day promotes providing everyone access to legal protection and assistance, particularly the most marginalised and disadvantaged groups in society. It emphasises that access to justice should be a universal right, not a privilege.
    Anyone should be able to avail legal aid services, regardless of their financial status or social standing, ensuring that economic barriers do not hinder justice.

    Providing legal awareness and education

    It plays an important role in bringing legal awareness and education. People learn more about their legal rights and responsibilities through legal awareness seminars, Lok Adalats, and other outreach initiatives. It plays an important role in delivering justice to the poor and marginalised.

    Reducing legal outstanding cases

    One of the primary objectives is to reduce the burden on the Indian judicial system. By providing a free legal process to those who cannot afford representation, the day aims to resolve outstanding cases, thus contributing to a more efficient legal process.

    Supporting weaker sections

    Legal Services Day is giving hope to marginalised and vulnerable segments by support in dealing with legal complexities. These sections include women, persons with disabilities, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, children, victims of human trafficking, and more.

    Dispute resolution through alternative methods

    The purpose of the day is to highlight Lok Adalats as an alternative dispute resolution way. It offers a space for dispute resolution of pending cases or disputes yet to be filed. It aims to reduce the burden on the formal judicial system by promoting these mechanisms.

    What is the Legal Services Authorities Act?

    On November 9, 1995, the Supreme Court of India passed the Legal Services Authorities Act, allowing anyone to receive pro bono legal services. This Act provides free legal help and advice at the federal, state, and local levels to members of society’s most marginalised groups. Every year on November 9, It is observed as a way to honour this legislation.

    Under Article 39-A of the Indian Constitution, the Parliament of India passed the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987. The Act came into force on November 9th of the same year. The day of enactment was originally observed as National Legal Services Day in 1995 to mark the occasion.

    The main aim of the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987, is

    1. Provide competent and free legal support to the weaker sections of society so as to ensure justice based on equal opportunity.
    2. The act ensures that no citizen is excluded from the process of securing justice due to economic or other disabilities.
    3. Organise Lok Adalats so as to facilitate amicable dispute resolution.

    List of authorities set up
    A number of authorities are set up to offer free legal aid to the poor and weaker parts of society.

    • At the National level, there was the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA)
    • At the Supreme Court level, there was the Supreme Court Legal Services Committee (SCLSC)
    • At the High Court level,, there were 39 High Court Legal Services Committees (HCLSCs)
    • At the State level, there were 37 State Legal Services Authorities (SLSAs)
    • At the District level, there are 673 District Legal Services Authorities (DLSAs)
    • At Taluk level, 2465, Taluk Legal Services Committees (TLSCs)

    How is Legal Services Day 2022 celebrated?

    The legal community and communities celebrate and reiterate their dedication to raising legal awareness and guaranteeing justice for everyone. This day highlights the importance of accessible and equal justice. It is marked by several celebrations, by hosting various programs on legal awareness and setting up Lok Adalats. Legal aid camps and workshops are being organized to reach out directly to those in need and spread awareness about legal matters among the general public. Legal service day posters are distributed. Usually, a legal service day poster has a design that typically incorporates legal symbols, scales of justice, and images representing justice. Using Legal Service Day posters, the legal community aims to promote access to justice and make them aware of their rights.
    It is a symbolic gesture and a real commitment to justice. It draws attention to the ongoing mission to ensure that every citizen can exercise their right to justice regardless of their background or circumstances.

    Legal services day: FAQs

    Why is Legal Services Day celebrated?

    On November 9, 1995, the Legal Services Authorities Act was passed to provide legal aid to underprivileged and marginalized individuals. The National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) was established on December 5, 1995, as a result of this groundbreaking law. National Legal Services Day has been observed yearly since then.

    What is the theme of National Legal Services Day 2023?

    Access to Justice for All: Empowering the Marginalized through Legal Awareness is the theme for 2023.

    When is legal services day celebrated every year?

    Every year on November 9, India observes National Legal Services Day.

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