EnglishEventsWorld Vegan Day 2019 – Date, History and Objectives

World Vegan Day 2019 – Date, History and Objectives

The World Vegan Day is observed across the globe on 1st November annually; primarily to encourage people to turn pure vegetarian and abstain from consuming animal meat and if possible other dairy products. The day commemorates the formation day of ‘The Vegan Society’ in the United Kingdom in November 1944. The World Vegan Day should not be confused with the World Vegetarian Day which is observed annually on 25th November.

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    The Vegan Society was founded by Donald Watson, who was an animal rights activist in UK and is known to have coined the word ‘vegan’.

    The day was established by Louise Wallis, the President and the chairperson of the society, in 1994 on the 50th foundation anniversary of the society. Since the exact date of foundation of the society was unknown, Louise Wallis decided to celebrate the day on 1st November as it coincides with the Halloween.

    World Vegan Day 2019

    World Vegan Day 2019 will be celebrated all over the world on 1st of November, Friday.

    Why is World Vegan Day Celebrated

    The main motive behind the celebration of ‘World Vegan Day’ is to encourage people to abstain from consuming animal meat as well as abstaining from using any by-products which are obtained from keeping the animals in a confined environment and subjecting them to cruelty.

    Basically it professes the philosophy of pure vegetarianism, abstaining from not only animal meat but also their farm products.

    The day is observed to save the animals from cruelty and requests the people across the globe to abstain from using any animal products for food or clothing.

    How the World Celebrates ‘World Vegan Day’

    The World Vegan Day is celebrated in different parts of the world, having their own unique way to celebrate the day and save animals from cruelty. The day witnesses many activities promoting vegetarianism like forming vegetarian communities in the societies or offices, taking vegan pledge, organizing lunches and dinners to promote the cause.

    A glimpse of the World Vegan Day celebration around the world is given below-


    Germany celebrates the World Vegan Day in almost all of its metropolitan cities; marked by various events and stalls promoting vegetarian cuisine and caterers. The day is observed as a festival; promoting animal rights and the benefits of turning vegetarian.

    United States

    The Annual Boston Vegetarian Food Festival is held by the Boston Vegetarian Society, annually coinciding with the date of World Vegan Day.


    Adelaide in Australia celebrates the World Vegan Day on a Sunday in the month of November and Melbourne celebrates the same on the last Sunday of October.

    New Zealand

    The World Vegan Day in New Zealand is organized by the Invercargill Vegan society in Invercargill.


    Many restaurants in India revise their menu on the day and abstain from cooking non vegetarian food. People and organizations come forward to promote animal rights and pledge to prevent cruelty against animals.

    What can you do on World Vegan Day/How can you Celebrate World Vegan Day

    There are numerous activities you could perform to make your contribution in promoting vegetarian food and preventing animal cruelty and slaughter. You can pledge yourself as well as encourage others to turn veggie, organize stalls, functions to promote the philosophy or make the people aware of the benefits of vegetarianism. Some of the ways by which you could contribute your bit in protecting animals from cruelty are as given below-

    1) Organize a Pure Vegetarian Lunch/Dinner at your Workplace/Office

    Organizing a pure vegetarian lunch at your work place is the best way to make people aware of the benefits of veganism as well as it also provides an opportunity to discuss animal rights violations. Such events also make the participants aware of the health benefits of the vegetarian food and its varieties.

    2) Make the Pain of the Animals Felt

    The basic cause which the World Vegan Day seeks to promote is – ‘Prevent cruelty to animals’; apart from promoting the health benefits of turning vegetarian. The best way to promote the cause could be through movies based on cruelty to animals which make people feel the pain animals go through to satiate our desires. Go out with a bunch of your close friends and family to show them a movie based on Rights of Animals against Cruelty.

    3) Organize Lunch for your Non-Vegetarian Friends

    Let the non-vegetarian friends, colleagues or relatives of yours, know that how tasty and healthy vegetarian food could be. Serve them the best variety of vegetarian cuisine, to show them, that even vegetarian food can satisfy their taste buds as a non-vegetarian food; perhaps, in a healthy way.

    4) Take the Pledge

    Take the pledge to consume only vegetarian food; for a month at least if it’s difficult to give it over all at once. Also encourages anyone you know to take the pledge with you; anyone you think who has solidarity towards animals and is consciously or unconsciously aware of the cruelty they are subjected to.

    5) Donate Money or Time

    You can donate money to the organizations fighting for the Animal Rights or join hands with a solo animal rights activist you come across. If you don’t have money then contribute your time to the cause and get involved in various activities promoting vegetarianism and animal rights.

    6) Promote Vegetarian Cuisine

    On the day promote vegetarian cuisine in whatever way you can. Use your social media accounts to send recipes for delicious veg meals to your family and friends; ask them to spread the word further.

    7) Organize Performances

    Plays done by students and common people are the best way to reach out to the hearts of masses. Many historic revolutions have started by stage shows and road plays. Organize such plays in your locality, depicting cruelty to animals and the suffering they go through. A well enacted and a well organized play will definitely transform some of the ardent non-vegetarians into vegetarians.

    8) Feel the Pain

    Pain is the most potent factor which will definitely turn an ardent non-vegetarian into a pure vegetarian. Try to feel the pain that the animals have to go through to satiate our palatial and materialistic desires. If you can feel the pains of confinement, injury, boredom and butchery, that the animals are subjected to; you will definitely take the pledge to go veggie.

    9) Report Violations

    Report any of the animal right violations you come across; be it illegal smuggling of farm animals or an illegal butchering shop or even an individual selling animal meat or farm products illegally. Report the incidents to the concerned authorities and contribute in preventing cruelty to animals.

    10) Stop Leather Purchase

    Leather is the most extensively used material which is derived from the animal skin. Today leather is found in our shoes as well as in the cars and is widely used for its flexibility and durability. But behind every leather product that we adorn; there is an animal that had been subjected to tremendous pain and suffering. Killing an animal for a shiny bag or a beautiful watch strap doesn’t make sense and is also cruel. So, refrain from buying leather products and use alternatives like- faux leather, cork leather and ocean leather.

    Quotes on World Vegan Day by Famous Personalities

    “Animals are not products, life doesn’t have a price” – Anonymous

    “May all that have life be delivered from suffering”– Buddha

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” – Mahatma Gandhi

    “There is no fundamental difference between man and animals in their ability to feel pleasure, pain, happiness and misery” – Charles Darwin

    “My body will not be a tomb for other creatures” – Leonardo Da Vinci

    “The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man”- Charles Darwin

    “I don’t see why someone lose their life just so you can have a snack” – Russell Brand

    “When you feel the suffering of every living thing in your own heart, that is consciousness”- Bhagavad Gita


    The World Vegan Day is an international event promoting the health benefits of vegetarian diet as well as seeking to prevent cruelty to animals for food or products. Mother earth provides us with varieties of vegetables and other food supplements that harming any living animal for it is the last thing we should be doing. Take a pledge to refrain from harming animals to satisfy your taste buds or materialistic desires and also inspire others to turn veggies as well.

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