EnglishslogansSlogans on Earth – Best and Catchy Earth Slogan

Slogans on Earth – Best and Catchy Earth Slogan

Earth is the planet on which we survive along with millions other species; not merely survive but live! It’s very important that we understand the difference between surviving and living. Earth not only provides for our needs like a responsible caretaker, but gives in abundance like a mother who pampers her child. The clean air, the cool breeze, the forests, mountains, water, rain, heat, cold, fruits, flowers; are only a few of uncountable things that she has blessed us with.

Unfortunately, humans are not very good at remembering and returning the favor. Today, the earth is screaming with the environmental damage brought upon mainly by human induced factors. Unscrupulous use of natural resources by humans has resulted in their depletion and scarcity.

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    Earth gives us shelter and food in abundance but asks nothing in return. It is therefore our moral obligation as well as a necessity to ensure that we don’t do any further damage to our planet by harming its environment and depleting its natural resources.

    Slogans on Earth in English

    Below we are giving inspiring slogans on ‘Earth’, to make you understand her importance and the damages that we do to her and to inspire you to contribute towards earth protection and restoration. You can go through these unique and catchy earth slogans and choose the best one for you:

    Unique and Catchy Earth Slogans

    Earth is the only planet which supports life on it.

    The relationship is mutual- she gives shelter and feed you; you protect her.

    Nothing will remain, if the planet screams in pain.

    All the resources on earth make your life worth.

    Earth is generous and a saver; it’s our turn to return the favor.

    Singing birds and dancing streams; earth makes it look like a beautiful dream.

    Her many resources can only be restored in geological time scale- don’t exploit them!

    Earth is our bigger home.

    Either in hunger or in fear, earth has wiped our tears for 4.5 billion years.

    Had the earth not been generous; humans would be fighting for food and water.

    Go green and make the earth clean.

    Say No! to pollution is the only solution.

    Keep her green and clean and watch your life’s sheen.

    Earth has an abundance of life and flowers, but also has immense destructive powers.

    Earth gives you food, water and shelter; if you damage her life will be helter -skelter.

    Protect her; it is a favor she will definitely return.

    Raise your voice with all your worth; against any threat to earth.

    Protect earth to secure life.

    A damaged earth would need thousand years to heal.

    Development through damage will ultimately lead to death.

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