EnglishSpeechSpeech on Climate Change in simple and easy words

Speech on Climate Change in simple and easy words

Speech on Climate Change: The threat of climate change needs to be taken very seriously. And this awareness should not be confined to scientists only, it is necessary to bring this knowledge to the common man too. The way the population is increasing, the pressure on Earth in the coming days is undoubtedly going to increase critically. How air and water have been polluted in recent times, is a matter of deep concern. Here we are providing you four (4) speeches on Climate Change to help you get prepared to English speech topic at any event in the school, public place, community, etc to spread awareness about Climate Change and its effects among people.

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    speech on climate change

    Long & Short Speech on Climate Change

    The most significant challenge we encounter today is climate change. It can be extremely harmful if no one has given attention to it or dealt with it, leading to severe consequences. Furthermore, we must focus on reducing activities that contribute to climate change, strengthen our ability to withstand its impacts, and engage in open discussions about the issue.

    Climate changes in India: The most significant challenge we encounter today is climate change. It poses a severe danger, and if we fail to address it, the outcomes can be fatal. Additionally, it’s crucial to focus on activities that contribute to climate change, improve our ability to cope with its impacts, and engage in discussions about it. You can find a speech on climate change for more information.

    Climate Change Speech – Sample 1

    Respected Principal sir, Respected Teachers and Dear Fellow Students,

    Welcome to the World Environment Day, I am here to host the programme for today and Climate Change is the most suitable topic, I would like to talk about.

    Climate change is a global problem today. The continuing change in climate across the world is posing threat to our environment and society as a whole with no clear remedy. It is happening due to the continuous rise in temperature which is very injurious for the mankind as it is directly affecting our health. The sudden increase in temperature leads to high heat waves during summers and lesser cold waves during winters. Climate change is also resulting in frequently extreme droughts, floods, landslides and hurricanes, etc.

    Various recurring health issues are observed in people, such as asthma, heart problems, cancer, etc which are clearly due to the climate change. Especially, children, women and old-age are more vulnerable to these issues. Among various other reasons, factories releasing pollutant substances and waste products are the major contributor of this destruction.

    Change in the climate has various repercussions and the most dreadful one is pollution in air and water, which are the most essential requirements of life. Ultra-violet rays and high temperature increase the ground-level ozone, which may damage the lung tissues resulting in serious lung diseases.

    Another major problem that has been observed is the constant increase in sea levels on a global scale because of the increase in ocean temperatures. Due to all these, small ice caps and mountain glaciers are melting faster along with the Greenland’s and Antarctic Ice Sheet.

    Climate change has enormous affect, one of those being increase in the greenhouse gases which lock in the heat in the atmosphere. Gases like carbon dioxide occur naturally but these gases are getting produced in abnormal quantities through human activities; for e.g. burning of fuels like oil, coal, natural gas, etc. Vehicles exuding damaging substances like harmful smoke, diesel, etc also contribute to climate change.

    Even though the authorities are trying hard to reduce the air pollution, but the result are not very encouraging. We must take individual responsibility too in order to save our climate. By using public transport as much as possible, saving water and not overusing it, not throwing the waste materials or other garbage into the rivers, avoiding plastic bags and cloth, jute or paper bags should be used instead; by following these simple methods, we can certainly help save our climate to some extent.

    Dustbins should be used to throw the waste materials and garbage. People should be mindful to segregate between the Blue and the Green Dustbins and use them as specified.

    The sad part is that most of the countries are not pursuing environment-friendly development. If don’t pay heed to protect the environment, it is ultimately going to harm our next generation.

    Imagine a life without water and an extremely poisonous air to breathe? We certainly don’t want to give such a dangerous living to our children, so this is high time we should be more cautious and responsible.

    Thank You!

    Climate Change Speech – Sample 2

    Good Morning All!

    I am extremely delighted and thankful to the managerial staff of our school for organizing today’s event in order to discuss one of the grave concerns of the present times, i.e. Climate Change. And, it feels really honoured to have been given the opportunity of delivering a speech on Climate Change in front of my esteemed school.

    Before I begin, I would like to extend special thanks to our hon’ble Vice Chancellor and hon’ble Principal for encouraging such programs for the mental development of our students. If we address such burning issues as Climate Change, Global Warming, Corruption, Child Labour, Unemployment, etc for our students, they will gain awareness and become responsible citizens not only of your country, but globally too.

    Now, that all of us have assembled here, it is an acknowledgment of the fact that the threat of climate change is assuming critical proportions. If the present generation fails to handle this threat as boldly and swiftly as possible, then we will risk our coming generations to an irreparable catastrophe. Let’s accept this harsh reality and work towards preventing it!

    Mind you, no nation, whether it’s big or small, developed or under-developed, wealthy or poor, can escape the consequences of climate change. The news that keep making rounds these days are – increased sea levels destroyed homes near coastal areas, powerful floods and storms caused devastation in the continent, about sinking islands and families which are forced to relocate and migrate to other areas as climate refugees. Moreover, recurrent crop failures and situation of drought destroy human lives and breed conflict in the regions.

    Needles to say, the stability and security of our country and other countries too, i.e. our health, prosperity and safety are under constant threat. So, the time has come when we as responsible global citizens must put in collective efforts in reversing the tide. And yes, I do believe that we can turn around the situation.

    John F. Kennedy put it very aptly, “Our problems are man-made, therefore they may be solved by man.” Though it’s true that mankind has not been keen to respond or even acknowledge the magnitude of climate change. But I am proud of the younger generation which is keen and already promoting environment-friendly habits. Besides, encouraging the use of clean energy to reduce carbon pollutants from our atmosphere is the need of the hour.

    It’s high time now to recognize that there will be no security of water, food and energy unless we have climate security. The government will do its part, such as encouraging energy renewable projects, constructing solar panels, wind turbines, etc but we as responsible individuals and being a part of this civil society must get the wheel of efforts moving to make our planet a safer and better place to live in. And how that can be done? By using public transport and less of our personal vehicles in order to control carbon emission in our environment, by controlling energy consumption at our places, etc. It is not difficult to do, we just have to remain vigilant all the time and make sure around ourselves that no resources are going waste. This is all I have to say.

    Thank You!!

    Climate Change Speech – Sample 3

    Good morning respected Principal sir, Teachers and My Dear Friends,

    It is a pleasure to see you all gathered here for this discussion session.

    Isn’t it extremely hot today? Do you remember those days when the weather used to be hot or cold but not extremely hot or negligibly cold? My reason for asking you all this is to address the topic of climatic change. Since past years, climate has been a very crucial topic affecting each one of us and our mother Earth.

    Climate is the weather condition existing in an area at present and tends to occur over a period of time. When climate change occurs; temperatures tend to increase dramatically and due to rise in the temperatures, many different changes on Earth occur. These changes are such that they result in more floods, massive droughts, intense rain, as well as more frequent and severe heat waves; just like it is today. Extreme heat renders some segments of the population such as those suffering from heart problems, asthma, the elderly, and the very young especially vulnerable. There can be extreme floods and droughts, hurricanes.

    Oceans and glaciers also have experienced some severe changes due to harsh climatic changes: oceans are warming and becoming more acidic, glaciers are melting at high rate, and sea levels are rising. As these changes frequently tend to occur in future decades, they will likely bring forward challenges to our society and environment.

    There are a few climatic changes that are unavoidable and nothing can be done about them. For example, carbon dioxide often stays in the atmosphere, so Earth obviously continues to warm today and in the future.

    The climate can affect every individual and adversely affects our health directly through adverse temperature increase. Such increases usually lead to more intense heat waves during the summer while producing less extreme cold winds during the winter. That is why we have often seen people saying that winters came just for few days and we couldn’t even enjoy it.

    Whenever somebody talks about climate, climate change is the first thing that comes to our mind. It has really caused a major setback in the world over the last century. It is the unusually rapid increase or inflation in the Earth’s average surface temperature. Over the past decades the reason is primarily due to the greenhouse gases released as people burn fossil fuels and discard wastes intentionally in wrong manner. Global warming is due to the increased greenhouse gases emissions that have built-up in the Earth’s environment. When these gases accumulate beyond limits, they have an undesirable influence on the atmosphere.

    I would request you all to please monitor your actions and also guide others to ensure better control of the climatic change. I understand that we take climate as a natural constraint, but my dear all it is not such. The man-made activities affect the natural tendencies in the most crucial way. We need to control our activities and not let climate change happen for the worse.

    Thank you!

    Climate Change Speech – Sample 4

    Good evening My Dear Friends and Colleagues. Thank you for gracing this session by your presence.

    We are here to discuss one of the most important natural factors essential for all living things specifically; i.e. climate. Climate refers to the weather statistics of an area. This includes the humidity, temperature, wind, precipitation, etc. And, we all know that since past decades the sensibility of climate has changed unexpectedly. Winter months don’t seem to be that cold like they were before. The climatic change nowadays is sudden unexpected. Extreme unbearable heat waves, not so cold winter season, heavy rains during unexpected months, and what not.

    Climate change is caused by mix of natural factors and human factors. There are endlessly many variables factors within the climate change reasons that must be taken into account to determine what is truly causing the climate change. Rise in sea level, rise in temperature, etc. are the traits of climatic change. Due to the global changes, climatic changes are more prominent now.

    It does not seem to us a big deal that we travel in our personal vehicles, we burn crackers on weddings and festivals, throw our wastes in rivers and streets, burn the wastes, cut trees, leave our lights turned on even when not required, specifically have our air conditioners switched on the entire day during summers. Right? Friends, just imagine that all these small-small things add on to be the entire population or nation doing the wrong. We all affect the climate; our activities get combined and add to the creation of pollution or emission of bad gases, further leading to hazardous release of pollutants and the resultant climatic quality deterioration.

    We all should monitor our actions so that we restrict ourselves in doing the worse for our surroundings and our coming generation’s future. Let us accept that climate change is happening, and agrees with the facts and personal feelings that the existing climate patterns are extremely abnormal.
    Major facts about climate change are crucial for understanding the global environmental crisis and its profound implications for the future of our planet. We know that it is possible that climate change will evolve differently than the gradually changing scenarios earlier.

    These adverse climatic conditions bring changes that can affect the nation’s water supplies, agriculture, power and transportation systems, the natural environment, and even our own health and safety. Climatic changes not only affect the natural resources but also lead to psychological problem such as post traumatic disorder, stress, anxiety and violence among the communities.

    We as the responsible human beings should put forward every possible effort to control such adverse climatic changes. We need to restrict our actions and monitor our deeds. Though the major impact on climate is of the natural factors but nevertheless human efforts for the same can be evaded. I will like to conclude that we should consume less of natural resources like electricity, etc and monitor ourselves on solar energy consumption. We must focus on utilizing the resources in most convenient and efficient way. By doing our small bits we can evade the massive effects of climate changes

    Thank you!

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    Speech on Climate Change FAQs

    What is climate change short speech?

    Climate change is when our planet's weather and temperatures are getting messed up because of things like pollution. We need to take care of our Earth!

    How do I start a speech on climate change?

    To start a speech about climate change, you can say something like, Climate change is a big problem, and it affects all of us. Let's talk about what we can do to help our planet.

    What is climate change short speech?

    Climate change is when our planet's weather and temperatures are getting messed up because of things like pollution. We need to take care of our Earth!

    How do you start a speech about climate change?

    To start a speech about climate change, you can say something like, Climate change is a big problem, and it affects all of us. Let's talk about what we can do to help our planet.

    What is the climate change in India?

    Climate change in India means that the weather is changing here too, and we need to be ready for things like more heat and unpredictable rainfall.

    What do you say in a climate change speech?

    In a climate change speech, you can say that we must reduce pollution, use clean energy, and protect our environment for a better future.

    What is global warming speech 2 minutes?

    A 2-minute global warming speech can start with, Global warming is heating up our world. It's time for us to take action by using clean energy and protecting our Earth.

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