EnglishSpeechSpeech on Annual Function in English in simple and easy words

Speech on Annual Function in English in simple and easy words

Speech on Annual Function: One of the most awaited events in any school is its annual function. It is a day when the entire school comes together to celebrate the achievements of the students and staff. The whole school gets decorated with lights and flowers. The stage is set up in the school auditorium and the program begins with a school song followed by a welcome speech by the school headmistress. The program includes a variety of performances by the students including dances, skits, and songs. The annual function ends with a vote of thanks by the headmistress. The entire event is enjoyed by all and it is a day to remember for all the students.

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    Long and Short Speech on Annual Function in English

    The following speech on Annual Function are written to let you understand the importance of annual day celebrations in whatever organization you are part of. Whether you are a student or an office goer or a businessman, you will appreciate the idea of annual day celebration and its positive outcomes, after going through the following essays. All the Annual Function essay have been written in simple language to make it understandable for anyone even having less command over English language.

    Annual Function Speech 1

    A Very Good Morning Hon’ble Principal Ma’am, Hon’ble Teachers, Hon’ble Parents and My Dear Friends!

    Today is a special occasion where we come together to appreciate the efforts put in by our students, teachers, and staff. This year has been outstanding for our school, marked by numerous accomplishments. We’ve excelled in sports, achieved academic milestones, and brought great pride to our school

    As we often get to hear from our elders that school life is the best life and yes! It is true. We get super caring teachers who guides us in every situation and always try to bring out the best from us. A teacher is one who is respected equally as our parents. A teacher shows the right path to his/her students and makes it clear for them to take the right decisions in life. I am very glad to have teachers like you and also blessed to have a school like this that supports its students in every field to make their future shine bright.

    The best part being in this school is that we make a lot of friends and share some of the very emotional yet funny relationships together. Although we get to make new friends anywhere but the school friends are special as we share different moments from getting scolded and as well as appreciated by the teachers to sharing lunches with each other. We won trophies together. Friends are one of the most important parts in every person’s life. Some have few and some have many. As this year is going to end, each one of us is going to miss the friendship that we made in school as a student of XII standard.

    To make this day memorable for the whole school, special arrangements have been made. As we also have invited parents with their children, there is going to be more fun. There are going to be dance and singing performances especially prepared by the students. We also have tried to do something different that could make this day more fun and as well as memorable. We have arranged some games that parents, teachers and students are going to play together. This is also a way of saying thanks to our teachers and parents for always being there with us.

    On this note, I would like to wrap my words up and extend special thanks to our hon’ble principal ma’am and respected teachers for everything they do to make our future bright and for the love and scolding that they give to their students just to show them the right path. So finally, we are here to start our annual function and I hope you all will enjoy together and have good memories at the end.

    Thanks a lot and I wish you may have a great day ahead!

    Annual Function Speech 2

    A Very Good Morning Hon’ble Principal Ma’am, Colleagues and My Dear Students!

    As we all could feel an enthusiastic atmosphere around here because today is a very special and important day for our college because it is our annual day celebration. This is our 26th annual function that is going to be celebrated. This day is the most awaited day in the college as it brings out the love and affection that we share with this college and rememorize the ups and downs through which we all have gone through together the whole year. As one more year is going to end, we pray that this college would remain the same forever and the connections and friendships with each other would also remain the same.

    To celebrate this day, we are going to have some really fun and amazing performances by the students like dance and singing performances that they have prepared very heartily and actively as well for this auspicious occasion especially. This day is also a day when we will appreciate the hard work of the students who have won awards and medals for this college and made us all proud through a prize distribution ceremony. Several interesting competitions are also organized for making this day more and more memorable for all of us like dance and singing competitions. Interesting prizes would be given to the best performers or to the winner.

    But before beginning with the celebration, as a professor I would like to say a few words in the account of the annual day celebration as this is a very emotional and as well as a very propitious moment for all of us. Being a professor in such a great college with great opportunities for everyone is very fortunate for me. This place gave me very different experiences being a professor, colleague or a mentor. I got to share experiences with others and as well as to listen other’s too.

    Our hon’ble principal ma’am always tries to provide opportunities to every person who is here with the purpose of learning and gaining different experiences. Not everyone think about others in such a fast forward world but we still do have people around us like our principal who think about her students first. How could I forget my lovely students! The fact is this, that a teacher is not a teacher without a student and the student is the one who is the mirror to the efforts of the teacher. The success of a teacher lies in the success of his/her students and when the students taught by him become successful, the teacher himself becomes successful. Hence, I wish that all the students get success in their future.

    I would like to conclude my speech on this note and extend special thanks to our hon’ble principal ma’am and management committee for giving us the opportunity to show the love and respect that we have for this college. So let’s begin with the mesmerizing performances of the students and start the celebration.

    Thanks a lot and I wish you all a great day ahead!

    Annual Function Speech 3

    A Very Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen!

    Today is a very special day for our XYZ Company as we are going to complete its 15th successful years next month on the same date. To celebrate this auspicious occasion, we have organized an annual function for this company as a pre-celebration and especially for all the employees. As a manager of this company, it is my privilege in being a host of this special day. To make this day more special, we are joined by our special guests and they are the parents of our company’s owner as for a person there can be no one more special than parents and we all are very glad to have you both here. While heading towards the celebration, I would like to say a few words dedicating to the company and every single person who works for it to cherish their success and hard-work.

    We all know that a company have many organs just like a body and each of them has different functions to do. All organs should work accordingly otherwise it could lead severe misbalances in the company. Every organ has its own importance in the company. If in a company, an owner is the leader but he does not have more importance than others. He is equal to everyone because without employees he would not be able to do anything and without a leader, the employees would also not be able to do anything. Each and every person plays a different role in a company and joining together they form a firm. After spending several years together, a bond of a family has been developed between all of us and that is really appreciating. It is very fortunate for me to be a part of such a great company.

    Since the start-up of our business, our company has gone through many ups and downs but it is only the determination and hard-work of every single employee that kept the company intact and reach high. This annual function is just a way to celebrate the success of each and every person who is connected with this company and making it more widespread and successful and we have dedicated this day to all of our employees and I hope that this day will be the most memorable day in everyone’s life. Our event organizers have especially organized this program according to the employees. A special lunch has also been organized for everyone. For a change in this professional atmosphere of this company, we have organized a talent hunt competition for everyone to show off their hidden talents.

    So before beginning with the competition, I would like to conclude my speech by extending special thanks to our guests for joining us in this event today and making it a lot more special. I would also like to thank our employees for their dedication and faith that they have for this company making it a huge success. I hope you all will enjoy being a part of this celebration.

    Thank you and I wish you all a great day ahead!

    Annual Function Speech 4

    A Very Good Morning Respected Principal, Respected Teachers and My Dear Friends!

    Today is a very special day as we are going to celebrate our annual function. We all know that our school was especially built for the orphans and I am feeling very proud to declare that our school has completed its 50 successful years in teaching the orphans. Our school is a huge part of an NGO that works for orphans all around the country. In these 50 years our school has achieved many appraisals from the government as well and I hope it to get even much greater as the days passes by. To make this day more special, the event is especially organized in the theme of amusement park with over many amusement rides. We are also joined by the special guest of today’s event who is the principal of one of the most known schools for orphans and it is my privilege in introducing him to all of you.

    Before we begin with the program, I would like to say a few words in the context of this school although I am aware of the fact that the words are going to fall short for expressing my love and faith towards this NGO and school. We all have many memories with us of this school and every single person standing here today is aware of the ups and downs through which this school has been through in the past. But regardless to the problems, we all managed to stick together and made this school to achieve success. Today, over thousands of students are studying under our NGO and this was possible only by the hard-work of our leaders who are determined towards helping the orphans like you and me in this country.

    The life of an orphan is very crucial and tuff. But through this NGO, they are providing us everything that children expect from their parents and we are very grateful of them. This is undoubtedly a great deed of them in this world. They are securing the lives of thousands of children and making their future bright. I feel very lucky each time I enter into the school and this is no less than a place to worship for me. We see and feel the image of our parents in this school and in the teachers who makes special efforts for us students. They teach us and show us the difference between right and wrong. For me, they are the angles and messengers send by the almighty to help others.

    On this note, I would like to conclude my speech by extending special thanks to our guest for joining us today in this event and to our event organizers for organizing this wonderful event for our school and making this day a most memorable day for all of us. I would also like to appreciate the efforts and enthusiasm of all the students who prepared different performances for today’s event.

    Thanks a lot and I wish you all a great day ahead!

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    Speech on Annual Function FAQs

    What is annual function about?

    An annual function is like a big school party where students show what they've learned through dances, songs, and plays.

    What does annual function describe?

    It describes the talents of students and celebrates their achievements in front of parents and teachers.

    How do you appreciate annual function in school?

    You can appreciate it by clapping, cheering, and telling the students they did a great job.

    Why is annual day important?

    Annual day is important because it boosts students' confidence, encourages teamwork, and brings the school community together.

    What is the best theme for annual day?

    The best theme for annual day depends on what interests the students, like nature, culture, or famous stories.

    What is the best speech for a teacher?

    The best teacher speech is one where you thank the teacher for their hard work, share good memories, and express how they inspire you to learn.

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