EnglishSpeechSpeech on Family Planning in English in simple and easy words

Speech on Family Planning in English in simple and easy words

Speech on Family Planning: Family planning is extremely crucial for the couples given the exponential surge in the population growth rate. Family planning stands as one of the most crucial and impactful speech topics for awareness, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their reproductive health, shaping not only their own future but that of generations to come. There is a great awareness being spread everywhere to enlighten the couples so that they can have a fulfilling life and actually decide on their own when to plan a baby. You can also be a part of this drive by making people aware about such schemes and more so by delivering speeches on family planning which has a persuasive content.

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    Long and Short Speech on Family Planning in English

    You can refer to our short speeches as well as long speeches on family planning which will give you a good insight on the given subject. So browse through our pages and read on to know more.

    Speech on Family Planning 1

    Ladies and Gentlemen – Warm Greetings to you all!

    Welcome to the speech ceremony of today, and the topic today is ‘Family Planning’. As we all know that there is a critical need to understand the significance of family planning given the exponential rise in our country’s population. It has in fact become a nationwide concern because the resources for the survival of human beings are scarce in comparison to the fast growth rate of the population of our country. The increasing population will not only slow down our country’s progress, but will also retard its economic and social growth. It is indeed a scary scenario which is quite similar to the situation of a fast ticking time bomb.

    When we became an independent nation, our country’s population was hardly 30 crores, but thereafter within that half-a-century span, the population multiplied to almost hundred crores. Given this rate of growth, the population is being predicted to double by the end of 2020. Whereas on the one hand, population is growing day after day, there is a great threat of our natural resources becoming exhausted.

    There had already been a raging debate on this issue and now it is high time to put into practice the small family norm and making it compulsory for every citizen of this country. The immediate benefit that we all can realize is in the form of a faster growth rate of our country. Whatever level of progress takes place in our country; it will never be adequate to meet the demand of our fast increasing population.

    Since the benefits of development are reaped by everyone, it would result in the eradication of unemployment and poverty. This will also have a greater impact on the welfare of its people who would be able to enjoy a better living standards as well as medical facilities. It is certainly a matter of disgrace that a country like ours having a population of one hundred crores could not bag single gold medal in the Olympic games held at Sidney. This throws great light on the physical well being of the people of our country where needless to say many are plagued by ill health and suffer from malnutrition.

    However, this problem is not too big to be resolved. In fact, several European nations, including China has been able to curb the growth rate of their population by strictly implementing the scheme of family planning. The fruits of their family planning schemes are for the world to see. They not only enjoy a great living standard, but also give birth to more champions in the field of both academics and sports.

    The danger posed by rising population can be averted by strictly implementing family planning schemes. However, this must involve the conscientious efforts of each and everyone. We are expected to rise above our narrow religious confines to be able to make such schemes a success. Posterity is not going to forgive us, if we do not live up to this call.

    This is all from my side, Thank you!

    Speech on Family Planning 2

    Warm Greetings Everyone – Welcome to the family planning and health scheme program organized by the state health ministry.

    Our state government has decided to undertake many more such programs with a view to control the ever growing population. The history shows that earlier the couples had to count on prayers for family planning because there were many couples who didn’t had any knowledge of birth control techniques and they end up becoming parents of so many children. Secondly, there were so many couples who couldn’t realize their dream of achieving parenthood. It was not until 20th century that the only way to prevent giving birth to children was realized to be a great deal of self control. However, in the present times multiple family planning options have been discovered.

    The term called “family planning“ is generally used in the context of “birth control”. But there is an important point to note that family planning doesn’t only imply the use of contraception. Family planning takes into consideration planning the birth of your child according to the couple’s convenience preferably by putting a considerable amount of gaps in between births so that both mother and child can be healthy.

    Family planning involves sex education, contraceptives and natural techniques of family planning. Contraceptives comprise barrier methods, such as condoms, diaphragms and hormonal birth control. It also involves surgery (vasectomies for men or hysterectomies for women) or intrauterine devices (place inside the vagina of a woman during intercourse). Sex education helps families by educating youth about how the reproductive system functions, how contraceptives are used, about birth control and truth related to pregnancy.

    The techniques of natural family planning impart women, including their sexual partners how to keep a track of their fertility cycles. Couples can either abstain themselves from sexual activities or use a protective method during fertile times in order to avoid conceiving. Learning about the fertility cycle of a woman can also help such couples who face challenges with preferred beliefs.

    The WHO and other local as well as global health organizations are keen to find ways to increase people’s knowledge about family planning and also encourage others to use contraception along with other resources to make family planning effective. The organizations are mainly keeping an eye on low-income communities and helping in the development of such countries where family planning is not much prevalent. Such organizations offer low-cost services related to family planning as well as sex education for uninsured as well as low-income group patients.

    Everyone is therefore requested to take a step forward and spread awareness about family planning schemes, especially amongst the underprivileged and marginalized sections of society. If our nation cannot keep a check on its rising population then it cannot grow in all the quarters and we will always be counted in the list of developing nations. The aim of family planning is that population can be controlled, at the same time empowering the couples to achieve parenthood as and when they desire.

    With this, I end my speech. Thank you so much!

    Family Planning Speech 3

    Good Afternoon Principal, Vice Principal, My Fellow Colleagues and Dear Students!

    I, Tanya Verma, take immense pleasure to thank you all for giving me the opportunity to speak on the topic ‘Family Planning’ which needs to be sensitized in our present generation.

    Being a Sociology Teacher, I understand how important it is to make the youth aware about family planning. There has been a sudden increase in the population of our country which is of great concern for our economic development. While population is increasing in geometric progression, agriculture and our food stocks are increasing in arithmetic progression. This is rightly stated by Robert Malthus, a renowned scholar who wrote on “Theory of Population”. He has aptly given the above concept and explained it well. In simple terms he basically explains that a time would come when there would be unbalance and population will grow to that level that resources would not be enough to meet the needs of the population.

    It’s important for you as youth to understand that though population is increasing, we at some point are responsible for exhausting our natural resources and polluting our environment. There are often many debates going around in the media regarding large families. You all as students realize how nuclear families can make a contribution to our country.

    It is the demand of the time that there should be a law regarding the family norm which will automatically have a positive effect on our country’s economic growth and development. All this is indirectly related to the economy. I do not endorse the concept of sterilization that was adopted during the emergency period in India as National Family Programme; rather we need to instill awareness among you all so that you realize what harm increasing population does to our country.

    You are the future generation, if you start the change, everybody follows and you can make a huge contribution to our growing society. When population will decrease it would create more employment opportunities for you all and in turn will decrease poverty and malnutrition. By doing this people would be able to live a happier life with a better standard of living.

    Therefore, by making family planning compulsory we can save ourselves from the dangers that are inherent within it. This can only happen when you as youth and all of us support it wholeheartedly. We need to rise above all our superstitions, religious aspects, beliefs etc. and then only the family planning norm could be a success. Nature will never forgive us when we create so much damage to it. We all, especially you all need to understand the value and relevance of Mother Nature and its benefits and advantages.

    I hope I was able to make you aware about the relevance of family planning.

    Thank You!

    Family Planning Speech 4

    Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Beloved Teachers and My Dear Students – Warm Greetings to everyone!

    Family planning is a very relevant issue to talk about in today’s time. Being a Medical Practitioner and an alumnus of this school I would like to thank everyone for providing me this opportunity.

    The Government of India has adopted family planning as the National Policy of our country and a lot of money is being spent to make it a success. We haven’t been able to achieve the targets as yet as people are still not aware about the relevance of family planning.

    India’s population is increasing day by day and we all, especially you all need to support our government policies. The increasing growth of our population has resulted in negative impact in terms of our country’s resources, food stocks, housing etc. and in turn has created pressure on poverty and education. With all the developments in science and technology, mortality rate has significantly come down but there is no decrease in the birth rate. Leave a side family planning measures and birth control tips; in fact nothing is able to control India’s growing population.

    Have you ever thought that there are so many people in our country who don’t even receive the basic necessities of life? The main reason for this is the growing number of population in our country and the gap between the rich and the poor which is getting wider day by day.

    You all as youths of this country have to understand that we need to bring our society from all the old age superstitions and religious beliefs. When you become aware then only you can pass it to your friends and family and educate them about the relevance of family planning. A small change from your side can create wonders in our society.

    Family planning not only brings positive results to our country but also decreases the pressure on our women who bear the child. Their health and living conditions can be improved especially in rural areas where people are still embedded with the thoughts such as “children are gift of god”. We all together can fight this old age thinking and help improve our country’s economy development and social growth.

    At the end I would just like to say that you are old enough to understand what you should value and what you shouldn’t. If you all take a positive step then more and more people can be made aware that what injustice overpopulation creates in our society. You all should help social activists like voluntary organizations, social workers, village elders to spread awareness about family planning norms, its repercussions and its advantages. Therefore, what we need is logical understanding and solution to the problem.

    Thank You!

    Speech on Family Planning FAQs

    What is family planning and its importance?

    Family planning is about deciding when to have kids. It's important for a happy and healthy family life.

    What do you mean by family planning?

    Family planning means making choices about having children, like how many and when.

    What is family planning and its purpose?

    Family planning helps people have control over when they become parents, promoting better lives for families.

    What is family planning class 9?

    In class 9, you learn about family planning, which is understanding how to plan when to have kids.

    What are types of family planning?

    There are different ways to plan your family, like using contraceptives, abstinence, or natural methods.

    What are the three types of family planning?

    The three main types are contraceptives, abstinence (not having sex), and natural methods (tracking fertility).

    Which type of family planning is the best?

    The best type depends on your personal circumstances and what suits you best. Talk to a healthcare professional to decide.

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