EnglishSpeechSpeech on My Mother in English in simple and easy words

Speech on My Mother in English in simple and easy words

In the tapestry of life, one figure stands undeniably at the center, woven into the very fabric of our existence—the mother. Mothers, in their infinite wisdom, boundless compassion, and unshakeable strength, play a role that transcends mere titles. They are our first teachers, our earliest confidants, and the guardians of our dreams. Though no special day is required to thank mothers; International Mother’s Day is celebrated in many countries to honour the mothers. Many schools and colleges in India also celebrate Mother’s Day. It gives an opportunity for the children to show their gratitude towards their respective mothers.

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    You may be required to deliver a ‘Speech on My Mother’ on this special day. Also, you might want to deliver ‘my mother speech’ on any other occasion such as your mother’s birthday, anniversary, etc.

    Short and Long Speech on My Mother in English

    We have shared some samples of My Mother speech, which you may take examples from. Our Short speech on my mother is best suitable for occasions like school performances, celebrations, etc.; while the Long speech on my mother can be delivered on personal occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

    My Mother Speech 1

    Good Evening Friends!

    It’s my mother’s 70th birthday and I am very glad that you all have made this evening all the more precious for me with your presence.

    When my wife asked me to deliver a speech on my Mother, I went speechless for sometime on the thought what all to say about the lady who is nearly God to me. Like God always stands by their children visibly or virtually, my mother has always stood by me in all my decisions ever since I decided to do Fashion designing course at the age of 18. Subtly, I knew, she wanted me to become a Doctor but she compromised on her dreams for my happiness.

    Ma, I had never said what I am saying today ‘Please forgive me for breaking your first dream’! I don’t regret my decision; though, today I feel I would have been happier if I had become a Doctor since I would have seen my mother happier. I was a stubborn child who many would not entertain, not even my dad sometimes; but my mother has always loved me the way I am. I remember once I had misbehaved at one of my relatives’ house and the aunty was really upset with me. My mother came back with me; she was hurt deep inside but didn’t utter a word to me about the incident.

    Ma, I also never said ‘Sorry’ to you for that incident; today I want to admit that I was wrong and please forgive your obstinate, stubborn and bad-mannered child. Since my childhood, she as compromised on her happiness and would buy everything I demanded and desired. Coming from a middle class family, I slowly started realising that it was not possible for my mother to buy me everything I wished. Still, I wanted to travel to America to complete my Diploma in Fashion Designing.

    With so many apprehensions, I had revealed my willingness to you; I in fact, was expecting you to thrash me for that, but you, instead heard me out. I was not sure that day about what was going in your mind and just a week later you asked me to apply for the Visa. You arranged for money and encouraged me to take up the course of my choice. I still wonder how someone could be so considerate, selfless and caring.

    The answer is ‘the mother’ can be, and friends, the list of my being selfish is endless! I remember the day I disclosed the news to my mother that I wanted to marry Mira. I still speculate if you had chosen someone else for me; you never revealed it to me though! And for that I would like to say ‘Thank you’ to you, Ma!

    Today on the 70th birthday of my mother, I wish to take more births being only your son and promise to love you in a better way than I love you today. I would be more obedient, more caring and a very good listener.

    Well, I rest my speech here; nonetheless, would talk to you Ma, tonight like I do every night. Love you Ma, and thank you friends.

    Please enjoy yourself!

    My Mother Speech 2

    Respected Principal Sir, Respected Teachers and Dear fellow Students!

    Today, on the occasion of mother’s Day, I would like to wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day and welcome you to the celebrations!

    Our school has been organizing Mother’s Day ever since it was established; but for the first time our respective mothers have been invited to the occasion.

    It gives me immense pleasure to welcome all of you and I would like to speak about my mother today.

    When I was preparing speech on my mother, I felt that the content belonged to every mother, everyone’s mother. So dear all, I request you to hear me out considering that someone is speaking about your mother too.

    You all would agree that ‘Mother’ is the best creation of this world. Someone rightly said, God created mother as he could not be physically present everywhere. I call my mother ‘Ma’; some like to call ‘Mom’, ‘Amma’, ‘Ammi’ ‘Mummi’, ‘Mumma’. No matter, how we address her; mothers’ love for her child is immense and unconditional.

    My mother is little special and she is very rich, friends as she would often distribute her love and care amongst my friends too. I wonder sometimes, how neatly she can hide the ocean of love within her heart.

    Their souls are very pious. It’s been popularly said that the heaven lies in the feet of mother. I specially love the sound of morning bell rung by my mother in the morning while performing her morning rituals. I remember my mother putting the ‘Red Tilak’ on my forehead ever since I was 4 years old; she might however, be doing it since my birth may be, I don’t remember. My mother says that she has been growing along with me; but all she has developed in the last 14 years is the fear for my safety while I am riding bicycle, when I am on social media, when I am sleeping too late during my exams, when I am not finishing the food she prepares, when I am skipping my dinner just to eat Pizza, Burger, Noodles, etc.

    My mother’s anxiety often annoys me; yes, it does and I am sure many of you subtly would agree with me, maybe after this speech. I don’t know, if you had or not but I had many altercations with my mother on her apprehensions. She never said anything to me but cried. Probably, she was not able to prove that her apprehensions had any base.

    But friends, today I want to say that mother’s apprehensions are never baseless; it’s only the change in views. They always speak from their experience, especially, in context of their child. Also, since they are the creators of their children, I feel, they have all the more rights to ask them questions; to constantly worry about them and subsequently guide them.

    My mother is present today and I would publicly like to say ‘Sorry’ for constantly hurting you; I also promise that I would always listen to you Ma.

    On that note, I conclude my speech and thank you for listening patiently.

    Thank You!

    My Mother Speech 3

    Dear Friends!

    Thank you for assembling on the celebration of my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary! While it gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all; it also leaves me wondering and amazed that 50 years of togetherness of my parents and not out!

    The credit goes to both my mom and dad; but tonight, I would be biased towards my mom. She has been one lady that has never given up. My father had been in defence and mostly he would be away on duty. While my dad had been serving the country my mother had been serving my grandmother, grandmother and me.

    My grandparents were old and my mother would get little support from them. Hence, each and every household chore as well as buying groceries, vegetables, fruits, etc. would be done by my mother. Thanks to the digital world today; my future wife would not need to go out; she would instead be able to order everything online, if I am away on office or business tours. But my mother or any mother for that matter did not have that advantage during those days. I am amazed, at the same time thankful to my mother who not only handled the house skilfully; she also gave me good education and taught me good manners and culture all single-handedly.

    I am however, very sure that she got the emotional support constantly from my father and that’s why she could achieve what she achieved in the past 50 years. I look up to my mother as the strongest cord that attached our entire family and relatives together. She has always motivated me to pursue my dreams and has built my strength. She has also been a big motivator for my father as she would not tell the household problems to him and would encourage him to focus on his mission.

    My mother is my best friend and I share all my woes, happiness, worries, troubles, success and failure with her and she is the most adamant pillar of our family. She has put all her effort in building my career and has advised me to encounter life and the world with perseverance and self confidence. She has been instrumental in my cracking of the IAS exam.

    I still remember, she would be awake the whole night along with me just to ensure that I get my milk, fruits, sprouts, etc. on time. She has not only strengthened my mentally but also physically. I guess, I have scored the marks but she deserves all the medals received by my father and me.

    Ma, today on your 50th wedding anniversary, I would like to say that you have done everything you could for us; today you deserve rest and I would like you take a trip to the world. I have booked your and dad’s tickets for next week. Though we can’t return enough for what you have been doing all these 50 years for all of us. This is a small token of love to dad and you.

    I hope you would enjoy your trip and live for yourself for the first time ever and on this note, I rest my speech here.

    Thank you!

    My Mother Speech 4

    Warm Greetings to my Friends and all the Mothers – I hope this auspicious day finds you in the best of spirits! I especially welcome all the mothers and I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for accepting our invitation and gracing this occasion.

    As you all know why we have gathered today and the reason behind organizing this speech ceremony. This entire place is decked up for all our mothers and it’s not possible for any one of us to put in words how much we love our mother. So on this auspicious occasion of Mother’s Day, I on behalf of my entire friends, would like to take this wonderful opportunity of thanking our mothers for bringing us to this world and nurturing both our body and minds.

    Of course, our bodies with your deliciously cooked meals and our minds with great thoughts and worldly wisdom. Even though a thank you is not enough and no gesture can reciprocate what our mothers do for us, still if we could bring a smile on your faces and make you happy we would feel our efforts have paid off. Also, we want to thank God for giving us such amazing mothers who shower unconditional love on us.

    Mom, you are not only my mother, but my best friend and my guiding light. It sounds clichéd, but true. Ever since I came into this world, you have taken care of me every single time and protected me from everything. You have always been there and the time when I needed you the most, you became a rock solid support. What else can I ask for? We eat together, we shop together and we hang out together and enjoy our late night gossips! Isn’t that so amazing! I simple don’t require the presence of anyone when you are there. This is the reason why I don’t have many friends because I have found my best friend in you and a real confidante, who I know will never betray my trust and will always stand by me through thick and thin.

    I am sure all my friends can very well relate with it and will have a similar story to tell. Isn’t it? Because all mothers are the God’s angles who are given to the children for their nurturing. It is rightly said that God cannot be everywhere so He created the Mother. I cannot imagine my life without my mother, maa you are not just my lifeline but my life and soul.

    I exist and live because of you. You are the sole reason behind my survival. You give me strength and positivity to endure the hardships of life. I want to make you proud one day and want to fulfill all your dreams which you sacrificed for your children. On this day, I just pray to God for your everlasting happiness, long life and sound health. May you continue to blossom each day and never face any difficult situations!

    This is my only wish for you, love you Maa!

    Now, may I please invite my friends on stage one by one to say a few words for their mothers.

    Thank You!

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