EnglishSpeechSpeech on Junk Food in simple and easy words

Speech on Junk Food in simple and easy words

The gravest problem that the world today is dealing with is obesity, after the wars based on religion. There are more people dying of obesity than cancer. And that is a fact engulfing the thoughts and research hours of people all around the entire world. The much talked about thing is health. Everyone has become conscious about what to eat and what to avoid. People have taken up physical exercise or a sport to keep them fit. A lot of gyms have come up as a result; health centres too have mushroomed in every locality. But at the same time if we look around us a lot of small and big shops and restaurants, take away joints, dial-in a meal websites have emerged too! It is high time we realised the importance of taking care of ourselves, eat healthy and stay fit.

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    On this page we have shared some examples of Speech on Junk Food and its hazards. These will help you with preparing a speech of your own, for any occasion. The short speeches can be used at school or college level and the long speeches may be used by speakers other than children. The language is easy to understand with simple words that each one can relate to. You can draw reference from our speeches and make your speech interesting for your audience.

    Long and Short Speech on Junk Food

    Speech on Junk Food – 1

    The name junk is self-explanatory, isn’t it? Good Morning all! I need to say in too many words what junk food is! It is that food that we must avoid at any cost. I can quote a lot of idioms and phrases that are said on this topic. For instance, “You become what you eat”. Another very interesting one I heard somewhere is, “Keep the friends close, your enemies’ closer and junk food as far as possible”.

    Junk food includes things that are rich in cream, butter, oil, sugar, lot of spices, salt and preservatives. Food items that are packaged, and are processed, semi-cooked or ready to eat recipes packaged and preserved to be eaten out of packet. And also things kids love to eat the most- chocolates. Ice-creams, cakes, cookies, chips, fried namkeen etc are all junk food. Now third category is the food we get in the restaurant, the oily variety I mean, like, Bhatura, Puri, fried rice, Manchurian etc. Finally, we Indians are great fans of sweetmeats that come in all variety, colour and flavours, all dipped, smeared or loaded with sugar and oil. Come festival season and we get triggered! Though, we really do not need a festival to instigate us to buy Mithai.

    Drop a Hat, & we will go to the nearest Halwai (Sweet Shop). The temptation that is induced in our minds is the result of all the inputs one is receiving through ones sensory organs! And then once you are there, who is stopping you from buying all those yummy treats. Why just the mithai shops, all those pizza selling and burger, momos and fried chicken restaurants, what about them? We visit these regularly. Once in the name of sitting and chilling out with your friends, once for the attractive toy you get with the food, and still just once more to have a family weekend, I can go on with my never ending list of excuses to dig my teeth in those yummy inviting gooey looking food!

    But at the same time it is only ME, yes me who can stop myself from entering into these demon of cellors who cater to my tongue and not my body. All I get from junk food is junk in my body in the form of F.A.T. (“fill all trash”). If we have noticed in the markets around us, small or big, even the open spaces in the Malls, they all have the small shops selling various fast-food items. The fact that these shops come up, and even the malls allow these to exist show the fact that they are all so popular and desired by all of us. Either we fill our stomachs with the trash available everywhere or we be sensible and learn to say NO to it. The faster we learn to resist it the better for us. The entire world right not is fighting with obesity. More and more people are falling prey to it and are mindlessly getting to the point of no return. And a very fat person we all know becomes lethargic and less efficient, and thus less productive.

    Young or old, we all must understand that it is our duty and prerogative to keep fit. And eating healthy is the first step towards it. Take this first step and you will not regret it. I wish you all the success and all the will power you will all need to keep your mind and body healthy. Eat healthy, stay fit!

    Thank you

    Speech on Junk Food – 2

    Good Morning! It is just another morning when everyone started early. Just like any other morning when the parents are rushing for work and children for their school. The one voice that is distinctly heard is, “have you had your milk, put your tiffin in your bag, had your almonds or don’t forget your apple dear! These are all the indications of starting your day right as far as eating healthy food is concerned.

    Yes other good habits do matter, exercising, jogging, walking, meditating etc.

    But what use is all the exercising if you are not cautious about what you are dumping inside this precious body of yours. Eating “junk”, is the word not enough for us to understand that junk is exactly what it means and junk food is definitely useless for our body. We can decisively avoid it at all cost. Without feeling that we are missing something really significant, we can comfortably ignore it. Such food doesn’t give us any energy, it has no vitamins, it has no minerals. And it is completely fatal in the longer run. Junk food is mainly made up of a lot of fat and trans fat, spices, excessive salt, preservatives in some cases and artificial flavours that may make it taste like fruit or cheese.

    But the truth is that junk food is food minus all the goodness required by our body. A healthy person’s daily requirement of calories on an average is 1600 to 2000 cal, And if we come to calculate the calories in a pizza we treat ourselves with every now and then; or a weekend lunch we fondly eat with our otherwise busy family, just to compensate for the less time we spend with each other, then this pizza will probably complete out calorie requirement for the entire day, or may be even more. So watch what you eat because the calories that you take in during the day are very important if we want to maintain our optimal weight. The BMI, that is the Body Mass Index of a person, is an essential figure to be noted if you want to maintain a fit and healthy body.

    This does not mean that you keep a calorie meter in your pocket. All I am saying is that choosing to eat healthy and chucking the unhealthy junk is all you need to do, consciously and with a strong determination. The food that looks and smells heavenly, must be eaten, but in very little quantity. If it is tempting you and backing you to consume it, then definitely it is the junk food! Such food is the type of food that looks rich, is creamy and has lovely aroma oozing out of it.

    Conversely, food that is colourful looks ordinary and has no cream or little oil is the food that you need to stick to. Raw vegetables & fruits are what our digestive system is used to digest, since the inception of humans from homo-sapiens. From food getting cooked accidently, to the point where delicacies that are made using cream, ghee or butter by best of chefs, we have moved to a point where our body must work really hard to digest this fat-loaded food. Now that we have included such food in our diet, any amount of extensive exerting will not make too much of a positive impact on the body. We add to our problems and weight to our bellies. Such people joke about it and say; it is the sign of prosperity and richness! But reality is that if given a chance they would be the first ones to want to look fit and handsome. It is not that it makes any difference on anyone. It is after all the person himself who is going to be benefitting from being fit, healthy and handsome.

    Eating junk food and spoiling one’s own health is in one’s own hands. Alternately choosing healthy food and staying fit is in the same very hands too. It is ones will-power, awareness and conscious decision making that makes all the difference. We become what we eat. And it is not just how we look after we have accumulated all the fat and flab, becoming bulky also makes our thinking and working slow. It makes us lethargic and less productive. Is this how we hope to live, the question? We all know the answer. Who wants to be that last person to get appraised in his office? According to one of the researches made by students a person who is good looking and of a pleasing personality is bound to earn more than people who are over-weight and less prettier so to say.

    But I say that good looks are very important as they are the packaging of the best product inside it. After all a book is known by its cover! And a healthy body has a healthy mind in it. All these studies are after all seem to be true; I see no counter argument for them. And Thus I end it here by saying that one must use his discretion to wisely choose what one wants from life. It is one life we get, and we eat to live and not live to eat.

    Thank you!

    Speech on Junk Food – 3

    Hello and good morning! So what did you have for breakfast today? Was it eggs, bread and milk or was it paranthas? Was it just milk, cereal & fruit? Or just simply milk or fruits? I don’t know your answer, but one thing I know is that each one of us has eaten something to fill our stomach and we must eat something before we go out for work or school. And it is a matter of choice what you fill up your stomach with.

    I am sure we all will never start our day with ordering a pizza, burger, biryani, etc! Am I right? I think yes. And these restaurants too do not start serving these dishes early in the morning. Every restaurant has a morning menu if they start early and it does include most of the items we prefer eating early in the morning like, eggs and bread, hash brown potatoes. Cereal and Milk, Pohas, or light food items like Idli and fruit salad, curd, they even give the option of paranthas, but never a pizza or burger. Have you wondered why?

    A pizza is nothing but a huge chunk of white refined flour that has all the goodness in it killed and is overloaded with butter and cheese and very little veggies on it. When you eat a piece of junk you eat another and another and another. There is no stopping you. It is tasty and inviting!! Who wants homemade chapattis that go with a bowl of curd, or choice of fruits, or some fruit juice, or coffee when you have pizza served on the table? Only one thing you need to drown it with – COKE but tell me one thing, do you understand why coke? It is because all the other items you are eating junk too.

    All the fried food is filled with junk. When you are eating Manchurian or noodles you are eating fried food that has lost most of the vitamins the vegetables have and noodles are made out of superfine refined flour that has just carbohydrates and no or very little food value. My point is that if you think it is not the right thing to start your day with trash then how you can eat it during any other time of the day. And at night heavy food is a big NO. You eat and you sleep after a couple of hours, most of us get no physical exercise as we do not go out for a walk at night.

    You just cannot have a great start to a brand new day with such a diet as all these food items make you lethargic and fat. How do you expect a great success if you are not fit enough to perform to your optimal best? Anyway, why drive your digestive system to a point where it is difficult for it to keep functioning and producing digestive juices all day long, even at night when we are asleep!

    Eating healthy food these days has become a tricky job. One can say “see, I am drinking milk, this is healthy, isn’t it” while drinking out of can containing flavoured sugar loaded, preservative added milk. Milk, sure it is, but it may not be what you intend to pour in your system to make it healthy. Similarly, packaged food, ready to eat meals, so to say oatmeal or multigrain breads and biscuits are all laden with preservatives, excessive salt & flavours, saturated and hydrogenated fat. Why not choose fresh food? May be a person who is cooking fresh food right in front of you in a small dhaba is using clean methods and utensils, may be a better option. At least you know what type and how much of oil, butter, ghee he will use. You can control that too to some extent and get the kind of food that you desire. And if you have a compulsive eating disorder, you can correct this by choosing healthy food, and still eat out and enjoy your food without getting to worry about falling sick or becoming fat.

    Another very important thing is controlling the amount that is the quantity of a meal that you take at one time. If you intend to eat two, eat one and a half. Whenever you eat a little lesser than what you carve for, you are actually teaching your system to refrain from overstuffing your stomach with food. That is a big thing. Next time you go to Mc Donald or Pizza Hut, and order, you order a little less, or order salad as a side dish. Eat that first, then your carving for junk will automatically go down. This is a vicious circle that only you can get out of. You can break the pattern and free yourself from this compulsive habit of eating junk, buying yourself a bag of chips because you are getting late. Keep something healthy in your bag or car in advance so you do not have a reason to go buy junk.

    In the end I would just want to say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But you need to be persistent in your approach. A lot of will power is needed to change your old habits, whether a simple decision of NOT eating JUNK or getting up early or going to bed on time. Remember, one swallow does not make the slimmer. Keep your efforts consistent and then see the difference it makes in your life.

    Thank you!

    Speech on Junk Food – 4

    Good Morning to all my respected teachers, Principal Madam, dear friends and all the parents present here today. We all are aware and have heard that our parents have laid so much importance on the kind of food we eat. Whether our parents or theirs, the story of food has been same in every era. May be if we had some concrete evidence on how our ancestors dealt with this problem of eating right , then the story may be just the same as today. In their times too may be children or “foodies” did exist! They may be people fond of eating sweet fruits always chucking the not so tasty vegetables. Imagine they did not even cook them, but they still filled their stomachs with raw fruits, vegetable and leaves & roots. May be that was the reason they were never fat. Wondering how I can say that, all the cave drawings are the evidence! Not a single human figure they have drawn has a fat overgrown belly!

    My point is that they all worked really hard; even for fulfilling their basic requirements. They had to build their own things, utensils, fire, tools, implements, storage etc. Each one had to hunt for his or her own food. Phew! A lot of exercise and not a single energy drink! What a life it must have been, full of challenges. These days all our adventures are limited to adventure sports and theme parks.

    While they worked up for all the calories they took, we do just the opposite. We eat a lot, and a lot out of it is junk that has refined, polished, fabricated, and artificially flavoured preservative added packaged food most of the time. And one thing that was definitely missing from the primitive kitchens of our ancestors was oil, butter, ghee and sugar. Does it give us some indication what kind of food kept them going? Yes, raw food and fruits. That is what we need to learn from them, – eating salads and fruit platters daily.

    The food pyramid that we have seen and some of us may have been taught in school, also keeps carbohydrates and fats on the top of the pyramid. That is in the least quantity zone. Whereas, raw fruits and salads form the base. These are the things our mother nature that provides us. And in their natural form is how they should be consumed, without killing the vitamins and minerals they are loaded with. Even milk and meat come in the second tier.

    Taking the food pyramid as our guide, where do puris, pizzas, burgers, sweets, cakes, ice-creams and chocolates fall? Not even on the top, that is they are not a part of the food pyramid. That is why we put such food in an entirely different category. We call them JUNK FOOD! All such type of food that is laden with sugar, oil, butter and excessive salt damage our system on the whole. Though the effects may not be immediate, but they make our lives tough. This kind of food makes us lethargic, sluggish, torpid and fat. We need to be aware of this. Why do you see so many advertisements backing upon you to come and eat, they gives schemes and offers, they allure you, entice you and tempt you to come and eat. So the onus lies on us – do we get entrapped or take our own decision to eat healthy and stay fit and strong. Choose wisely, after all it is one life that you have got. Eat to live or live to eat! Decision is yours.

    Thank you

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