EnglishslogansSlogans on Junk food – Best and Catchy Junk food Slogan

Slogans on Junk food – Best and Catchy Junk food Slogan

Slogans on Junk food – Best and Catchy Junk food Slogan

Junk foods are injurious to health. It makes people overweight and thus calls many serious diseases such as overweight, obese, heart disease, liver problems, diabetes, cancer, and other chronic diseases. Junk foods are full of low quality nutrients and high calorie level including high level sugar and salt. However it disturbs the body physiology and hormone secretion which is the home to many diseases.

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    Junk food Slogan in English

    We have provided below some exclusive and catchy Slogans on Junk Food. The slogans are written wisely with rhyming words and phrases to make them attractive to the audience. Apart from obtaining the attention of the audience, these Junk Food Slogans will also motivate them to quit junk food and rather switch to healthy food.

    These Slogans on Junk Food effectively convey the message that a person could be healthy and happy, only if s/he is on a healthy and nutritious diet.

    You can use these slogans during several events organized by your school or any government or non government institutions, to raise awareness about healthy eating habits, obesity, lifestyle diseases etc. These Junk Food Slogans will inspire and motivate the listeners to quit junk food themselves as well as inspire others for the same.

    Unique and Catchy Slogans on Junk food

    It is better to avoid butter than regretting later.

    Junk foods are not for us, they are very poisonous.

    You must not eat butter to always feel better.

    You must eat to live not live to eat.

    Put junk foods in your priority, if you want obesity.

    If you want to be healthy and look good, stay away from junk food.

    Junk Foods are good for taste, but can put you on bed rest.

    Burger, Pizza and other junk, they are not better than dung.

    Fruits in the morning Fruits at the night, make you healthy and keep you light.

    Avoid junk foods as your meal; they will surely make you ill.

    Stay away from Junk foods please; they carry you to the disease.

    If you don’t support your health, it also won’t support you back.

    Eat healthy to stay healthy.

    Don’t regret but just notice what you ate.

    Maintain your weight to just feel great.

    Avoid eating burger and cold-drink, as it adds weight to body.

    Watch your weight and food you ate.

    Eat papaya in the morning and night to get fit.

    Fast foods are very fast, they are just for taste not for slim waist.

    Eat junk foods only for taste not for slim waist.

    Junk foods are toxins, eat only healthy foods.

    Junk foods are not for you!

    Watch your whole day meal; don’t make your health deal.

    Better to eat healthy if you want not to be heavy.

    Don’t eat junk food to have feeling good.

    Hey Dude! Eat healthy food.

    Fast foods increase your weight very fast.

    Avoid fast foods to be devoid of overweight.

    Stay away from junk food to make yourself really good.

    Eat your meal under your zeal.

    Avoid butter to look better.

    Avoid junk food to be in better mood.

    Eat healthy to be wealthy.

    Avoid junk food with ease to be devoid of obese.

    Observe yourself from head to feet that will show you what you eat.

    Your body shows about your eating habits.

    Healthy foods you eat will never cheat!

    Give your body healthy food just like a boy good.

    Avoid junk food to stay away from diseases.

    Eat only healthy meal what your body need to heal.

    Don’t be mean, eat all the beans.

    Put junk foods into dustbin not into your stomach.

    Your stomach is not a dustbin; fill it with some healthy stuff.

    Don’t make your stomach a dustbin by putting junk foods.

    If you eat fast foods you will get diseases fast.

    Limit your fast food otherwise it will be your last food.

    Fast foods lessen your life length by many years.

    Junk food: a way to diseased life; healthy food: a way to happy life.

    Know your health and say no to junk food.

    Junk foods are way to painful life whereas healthy foods happy life!

    Junk foods are only to taste but home foods are always best.

    Eat light be right!

    Eating less is your healthy base.

    Eat less to get fit into your dress.

    Healthy food bless us but junk food mess us.

    Eat right for future bright.

    Also Eat right with a healthy bite.

    Eat right to be delight.

    Junk food shifts you from healthy to fatty.

    Always go for healthy food not for junk.

    You are a living body not a box; just eat right!

    Junk foods make your life junk.

    Junk food calls obese and diabetes first.

    Eat less, sleep well to live long!

    Skip junk food to remain in shape.

    Be strict enough to skip junk food.

    Stay away from junk food helps you to stay away from illness.

    Don’t be foodie it will lost your beauty.

    Eating right and less adds years to your life.

    Drink milk or juice instead of cold drinks.

    Don’t be fool avoid junk food.

    Avoid junk food to keep doctors away.

    Avoid junk food to keep your tummy in limit.

    Eating pizza and burger daily will never give you a flat belly.

    Healthy meal will give you wealthy feel.

    Decide what to eat and make you feel great.

    Diseases are more dangerous than enemies! Avoid junk food.


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