EnglishSpeechSpeech on My School in English in Simple and Easy Words

Speech on My School in English in Simple and Easy Words

Speech on My School: We all know the importance of school in our lives. In fact, teachers often assign school students the task of writing short paragraphs or brief speeches about “My School.” Considering the importance of this topic, we have comprehensively covered speeches on My School, highlighting the crucial role schools play in children’s lives and emphasizing the need to encourage children to attend school

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    Long and Short Speech on My School in English Language

    On our portal, you will find both short and long speeches on My School, which can prove to be of great help to you in your assignment whether it’s a classroom one or for any formal speech giving ceremony. So read on to know more!

    My School Speech 1

    Dear Friends – I warmly welcome you all to today’s speech ceremony!

    It’s a very special day today as our very own Dear School has completed 12 years successfully. So first of all let’s cheer up for that and I am feeling extremely honored to have been sharing this great news with you all. Now, going by the special occasion I considered it apt to deliver a short speech on my school, no actually on ‘our school.’

    I have been studying in the school since II standard and at that point in time no one knew the name of our school and currently I am in 10th standard and the School has raised its standards to great heights. Presently, everyone knows ABC International School as it is counted amongst the top five schools in our Raghunagar area. It fills me with immense pride to be a student of this school and it goes without saying that I have been imbibed a lot for a simple reason that my teachers have been so fabulous. My school has not only helped me excel in studies, but also in honing my skills for other co-curricular activities to an extent where we can confidently compete with other schools and bring accolades home.

    It’s not even like our second home, but our first home where we spent more than half of our day, study, eat, enjoy, discuss, debate and do every possible thing which should be done for grooming ourselves and for intellectual growth.

    You all will agree to the fact that school plays an extremely important role in our lives as it lays the foundation of education in our early years and over a period of 12 years we become confident and mature to face the world out there and give wings to our dreams. If a child is not properly schooled in his or her early years then it severely impacts his/her intellectual growth. And I can proudly say that I have been really very fortunate that I could be a part of this school which has taught me a lot over a period of given years.

    I couldn’t have asked for more. Since this opportunity is not going to come back, I would want to extend special thanks to our honorable Principal ma’am for steadily working towards the betterment of our School and leaving no stone unturned in the welfare of the students. I have no grievances because I sincerely believe that we have been given great exposure here and we are not only imparted knowledge through the medium of books, but are also given practical learning sessions so that we gain a better understanding of things and relate it with the real life incidents.

    Then from time to time inter-school, zonal and state level competitions are organized so that it not only gives us a great sense of confidence to face the world, but also to learn from both our success and failures. Our school has instilled in us enough confidence to be able to bring glory to our school on the basis of knowledge learning exercise that takes place in our classrooms.

    I can endlessly go on praising my school, but now I would like to bring an end to my speech and request others to come on stage and say a few words.

    Thank You!

    My School Speech 2

    Respected Class Teacher and My Dear Friends – Good Morning to all!

    I, Tapan Sharma, stand in front of you all to deliver a Speech on My School. As we all know that School is a place to study and learn. It is defined as a Temple of learning and knowledge. The name of my School is ABC School and it is in Greater Kailash. Our School is impressively built with big and airy classrooms, including impressive and well-furnished laboratories along with the quintessential libraries.

    It is here that I have learned a variety of things and know how to differentiate between good and bad, right and wrong, how to make the optimum utilization of time, what is the importance of time and how discipline plays a key role in helping us achieve our dreams. I want to especially thank my teachers for everything they have taught us and have worked really hard in our mental as well as intellectual growth. We are nothing without you.

    Other than studies, you have taught us how to conduct ourselves in front of others and how to be virtuous, forgiving, kind and compassionate towards others. Sometimes I wonder where you all get this patience from for handling so many mischievous students like us yet the entire thing seems so effortless on your part. It feels as if our teachers are especially gifted by God with such qualities as endurance, compassion and a great sense of reading the mind of their students. The best part is that our teachers have never thrashed us but have acted wisely by making us reflect on our actions so that we can correct our wrongs.

    Our school has a great culture and environment for learning and cohesive development of a child. We have phenomenal teachers who take much pain for us in transmitting knowledge to us and handling our queries. In fact, whenever we face any crisis in our personal lives, we can without any hesitation approach our class teacher and get the required guidance and support. Our teachers are not just our teachers but our guides and mentors who act as torch bearers for us. We are so fortunate to have such teachers who stand by us all the time and put efforts persistently towards making us responsible human beings. Right from learning to read, write and analyze, we are taught everything so much so that we are modeled into hardworking and dedicated students.

    For many, school life is a preparatory stage that helps prepare us for the later stages in life, but that learning stays with us for our lifetime. So through the medium of speech I would like to send across a message to all the parents to send their child to a good school and never undermine its importance.

    This is all from my side, now I would request our class teacher to come on stage and a say w few words in this regard.

    Thank You!

    My School Speech 3

    Dear Friends – I welcome you all to the speech ceremony of today!

    First of all, I wish to extend a warm thank you to everyone present here. As you all know the reason behind our presence here we have come to discuss the role that schools play in everyone’s lives in shaping their career and lives. But even today not everyone gets the same and equal opportunity to go to school and study. There are still many poor, underprivileged children who remain at the periphery and continue to live a deprived life.

    As this concern has been raised by many of our NGO members, we considered it important to bring up this issue in our present meeting and chart out some plans for their education and betterment. And since we are discussing about the important role of school, I would also like to share an experience from my personal life, which is that of my school and in what ways it contributed towards the holistic development of my being.

    As a person who has spent more than half of his life remaining a student, I can confidently vouch for the important role that a school plays. I cannot underestimate the importance of school because if it were not the schools then children’s intellectual and mental growth in their early years would have remained stunted.

    In schools, we not only gain knowledge from the books but also learn things practically that helps in the overall growth of a student, for instance, we are taught the importance of discipline and time management in our school which is a valuable lesson which we never let slip off from us because we know what repercussions may follow after that. Similarly, we have learnt other important lessons too which we follow in our lives till the end. So we can very well understand the plight of such students who don’t go to school at all and needless to mention our nation is laying waste their precious talent.

    But as a responsible citizen of our country, it becomes our civic duty to educate the children of our Nation and send them to school and educate them. Though they can be taught at home, but school environment is something else and nothing can replace it. School plays a number of key roles; out of which the chief aim is that of educating children of course and making them understand the significance of teamwork and team spirit, which is very crucial for them to know because when they grow up and are directed to their workplaces, they have the requisite ability to become a productive part of their society. In schools, students of course are provided with new ideas and are helped in developing their critical thinking through the medium of Science and Literature and are given a great exposure to unravel the geographical, cultural and historical world.

    So let’s take pledge this time to try and send as many children to school as possible and contribute towards building their bright future.

    Thank You!

    My School Speech 4

    Hello All – Welcome to the 25th anniversary of our school. It gives me immense pleasure to announce the successful completion of 25 years of our school.

    It was a decade before that I joined this school as one of the faculty members and now I feel extremely glad to be its part. I have seen so many students joining our school and leaving as confident and knowledgeable individuals. With the dedicated efforts of all our staff, we have been able to bring our school in the list of top five schools of our place. Whether it’s our primary school wing, secondary school or higher secondary school wing, every sector is discharging its duty well and imparting education to children with a great sense of responsibility.

    But If I were to talk about the importance of school in general, I would say that it helps in the following ways –


    The most significant reason behind sending our children to school is the fact that school is a centre of learning and information. Besides, it offers a safe haven for the dissemination of ideas and exposes us to a vast range of subject knowledge and ideas which we wouldn’t otherwise find in a conventional set up, such as that of our homes.


    Imbibing knowledge from new subjects and developing proficiency in a skill can help in the exponential growth of a student or a child. Whether a student is interested in Arts, Science, or Commerce, the school, with the assistance of its administrators and, most importantly, teachers, provides its students with a favorable environment for studying and personal growth


    Schools also give the feeling of a sense of community to its students where children from different strata of society come, meet and interact. In fact, in my early years as a student, I used to detest the idea of attending school but as I grew up I realized the importance of a school and the conducive environment that it provides for multiple activities for the students to take place and which has helped shape and nourish my personality otherwise I wouldn’t have been the person that I am today.


    As human beings are social animals, we cannot survive in isolation. Therefore, even schools are a great place for socialization. In schools, we interact with students from different social as well as cultural backgrounds which further help in broadening our horizon.


    In school we not only make friends, but also learn the spirit of teamwork through different activities. The school environment offers students ample opportunities to adapt to team dynamics, a crucial skill necessary for success in the real world..


    In schools children not only learn letters and numbers, facts and figures, but are actually prepared to face the world out there once they leave school. So schools immensely contribute in the overall growth of a student and therefore we should never underestimate its importance, but encourage more and more children for attending the school.

    This is all I have to say, thank you so much for listening to me patiently.

    Speech on My School FAQ’S

    How can I write a good 'My School Life' Speech in English?

    To write a good 'My School Life' speech in English, start with a heartfelt introduction, share memorable experiences, express gratitude to teachers and peers, highlight personal growth, and conclude with hopeful sentiments for the future. Ensure a coherent and engaging narrative

    How can I deliver a good speech in my school?

    To deliver a good speech in your school, practice your speech thoroughly, maintain good eye contact with your audience, speak clearly and confidently, use appropriate body language, and engage your audience with a compelling message.

    How do you start a speech in school?

    To start a speech in school, consider using a compelling opening, such as a quote, a personal anecdote, a rhetorical question, or a relevant fact. This will engage your audience from the beginning and set the tone for your speech.

    How can I introduce my school in English?

    When introducing your school in English, provide some background information about the school, such as its name, location, and any unique features. You can also mention its history, mission, and achievements to create a positive impression.

    Is 'My School Life' a good title for a school farewell speech?

    Yes, 'My School Life' is a fitting title for a school farewell speech. It encapsulates the theme of reflecting on your journey and experiences during your time at school.



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