EnglisharticleWelcome Speech for Annual Function in English in simple and easy words

Welcome Speech for Annual Function in English in simple and easy words

Annual function is one of the most important occasions in a school or college and the occasion definitely calls for a welcome speech for the annual function where you have to felicitate your guests and give them a warm welcome. So if you have to welcome your guests on the day of annual function, but you don’t know how to write a good welcome speech then we are here to help you.

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    Long and Short Welcome Speech for Annual Function in English

    From short welcome speech for annual function to long welcome speech for annual function – both are comprehensively written in an easy to understand language. Read through them and have a clearer understanding of the topic and get more informed about the ideas to write a good welcome speech on your own.

    Welcome Speech for Annual Function

    Esteemed Guest of Honor, Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Respected Teachers and My Dear Friends – I warmly welcome all of you to the annual function of our school!

    I, Arpita Sehgal from Grade-X (B), feel extremely glad to have been hosting today’s program which I am sure everyone looks forward to. I can see happy, smiling faces everywhere! Clearly, the occasion is special, as this event truly showcases the achievements and talents of this school. We also feel extremely proud to have Mrs. ……… as the chief guest in our school annul function.

    Her achievements in the field of academics are laudable and her efforts for the upliftment of the weaker section of society, especially the underprivileged children leave us inspired. We are really under the spell of your personality, ma’am. I sincerely hope that we could one day become like you, who can make her country proud through her noble actions. So we cannot fully express how much happy we are to have received you as our guest today. I am sure you are going to have one of your best times here.

    Our students have worked really hard on their individual performances and I really hope that their hard work today brings out the best within them. These students are an epitome of talent and creativity – whether we talk about sports, dance forms, singing, etc. our school doesn’t lag behind and the students year after year are making everyone, i.e. our principal, vice principal and teachers very proud by getting accolades and rewards from outside the campus.

    In fact, the students of our school have represented the institution on various levels, inter-school, zonal as well as national levels. So today they are going to showcase the same talent in order to make this year’s annual function even more memorable. They have been working really hard from past one month along with their mentors.

    Along with some spectacular performances by our students, we have also organized the award giving ceremony towards the end in order to acknowledge and laud the efforts of those who have contributed in some way or the other towards the school. We truly believe that their efforts shouldn’t go unrecognized as these people inspire others to do well in life and set examples for others. It is therefore, the time to celebrate their victory and our school’s unending glory. I hope our school and the people associated with it continue to do good work and set an ideal benchmark in all the fields.

    Now on this note, I would like to conclude my speech and call upon stage both our Hon’ble principal as well as vice principal to felicitate our guest tonight with a bouquet, and say a few words in this regard as only then the event will kick start.

    Thank you so much everyone for listening to me so patiently, now get ready for lots of entertainment and spectacular performances today. I am sure you are not going to realize how the time will just fly!

    Welcome Speech for Annual Function 2

    Warm Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen – I welcome everyone to our college’s annual function!

    I am sure you all must be excited for today like I am, and must be looking forward to some electrifying performances, right! But, before we kick start the event of the day, please allow me to thank and introduce our guest of honor Mr. ……… who has taken his precious time out to grace the occasion today. He needs no introduction as he is a famous writer; whose books are well read and found with many of us. So, along with the annual function we all, especially the students, are very excited for your visit. We are highly obliged that you have paid a visit to our college.

    Also, I would like to especially welcome our Hon’ble chairman, vice chairman, committee members, principal, vice principal, professors and last but not the least our audience – the lovely students!

    Before I take this program further, let me introduce myself to you all – I am Vishal Khanna – the final year student of B.COM (H) and your host for today. I believe that annual day is one of the most important days for both schools and colleges as on this day we celebrate the success of our institution, the achievements of our students and of course our professors who teach us with a lot of dedication and sincerity. So let us make this day memorable with a few cultural programs, such as singing and dance performances. On this day, our students get the opportunity to showcase their talent in co-curricular activities.

    Today, I stand here in front of you all with a lot of pride, for being part of an educational institution, that gives equal opportunities to all the students, provides one of the finest experiences in studies and on the top of it offers a great culture. Here, in our college we are not only made to focus on our academics, but also on our overall development so that we can become responsible citizens of our country who are compassionate and helpful towards others.

    In the span of gone 2 years, I have learnt a lot and received a lot of exposure. What I am today, I wasn’t the same 2 years back – I have become much more confident and assertive. Our college has given me wings to fly and our professors have always been accessible to us so much so that we could share our personal problems with them.

    Our achievements and awards speak volumes about our college and its quality of education. And now it’s time to enjoy those moments of glory and make the best of this time today. So on this note, I would like to request our Hon’ble principal ma’am and vice principal ma’am to come on stage and address our students. Only after that, will we kick start the performances of today. Everyone just hold your breath and get ready for some amazing performances.

    This is all from my side, thank you!

    Welcome Speech for Annual Function 3

    Warm Greetings Hon’ble Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Students – I welcome everyone to the 26th annual function of our school.

    It gives me immense pleasure to host today’s annual function of our school and feels extremely glad to be standing in front of you all and sharing this stage with my co-host. Now that our guest of honor, Mr. ……., the acclaimed academician is here, I would like to welcome him and express my gratitude on behalf of the entire school to have come to our school and gracing the occasion with his presence. I also want to extend special thanks to our respected principal for making this day happen and providing all her possible help in order to make this day this grand.

    Last, but not the least I also would like to give a warm welcome to the parents of all the students. We can’t thank all the parents enough for nurturing us and giving us wings to fly. So special thanks to all the parents!

    The day has finally arrived for which we all have been waiting so impatiently! So the wait is over now! But before we kick start with today’s events, please allow me to give a kind introduction of myself and my co-host. I – Saransh Kapoor from Class – XII (B), Commerce Stream and my co-host is Miss. Neha Juneja from IX (C), Humanities Stream. I hope we both could impress you all with our hosting abilities; therefore, we also seek your cooperation. Please remain seated on your respective chairs and get ready for loads of entertainment.

    However, it is not going to be a day of entertainment only, but also of recognition. As the ritual goes, our school is going to reward/award the teachers and students for bringing accolades to our school and adding more glory to its name. Besides, I also want to share one great piece of news with you all and I feel immensely proud to say that our school has been selected as the present year’s best school in the city. Isn’t it so wonderful to hear that? Of course, I can see a big smile on everyone’s faces!

    Secondly, our students have proven their excellence in multiple fields, academic and non-academic both. Of course non-academic varies from dance and singing to sports. Their relentless efforts have borne fruit and the efforts of our teachers too. And I can hesitatingly say that we have the best teachers in our school. It goes without saying that such acclamation and rewards provide fuel for the future years to come. This helps us in preparing even harder for the future.

    These inter-school competitions also help us in remaining abreast of all the latest developments in the educational field and new teaching techniques due to cross-boundary interactions. So, I hope that our school continues to become a part of these competitions and prove its mettle in varied fields.

    With this, I would like to bring my speech to a closure and get started with today’s program. So give a huge round of applause for our junior students from V standard.


    Welcome Speech for Annual Function 4

    Warm Greetings Everyone! I welcome all to the 5th annual function in our ABC Academy of Commerce.

    I – Akshat Khanna, is your host for today and just like you all truly look forward to seeing some amazing performances by our lovely students. The day is truly special for all the founders and people associated with this institute; because, today we have successfully completed 5 years and will now be entering into the 6th year of our association. It feels like yesterday, when we started off this venture and today I can say with a lot of pride that our institute has touched great heights.

    We treasure our students and nothing gives us more happiness than seeing their contented faces and them doing well in academics. This institute was founded with a view to provide quality education to the students and help them in achieving their career goals. I am glad that in past three years we have been able to abide by our principles and make quality education and friendly environment available to our students.

    Therefore, in order to celebrate our victory and recognize the efforts of our students, we have been celebrating annual function every year with great zeal and show, so much so that it has now become a yearly ritual. Everyone right from the administration to our students, eagerly await this propitious day in order that the complete unit of this institute should come together and celebrate the success of our institute. So these annual functions not just give us a reason to celebrate and enjoy together under one roof, but are also symbolic of our institute’s growth and success year after year.

    This goes without saying that I feel extremely proud to be a part of this institution where we not only teach our students and help them excel in their respective area of studies, but also work on their personalities for their overall development.

    Now without any further ado, I would like to conclude my speech and kick start with today’s program which you all have been waiting for so eagerly. Ladies and Gentlemen and our dear students, get ready for our first Dance Performance by “Aakriti Dance Group”. They are an 8-members group with students trained in Classical Dance Form. Please welcome them with a huge round of applause.

    Now, after that incredible dance performance, it’s time to soothe your ears with the melodious voice of our student, i.e. Natasha who will be gracing the stage with her singing performance on one of the most popular songs of Sunidhi Chauhan.

    Last but not least, is the prize distribution ceremony where our juries have to take the toughest call of selecting the winners because we feel that everyone is the best. In order to do the honors, May I please call on stage our Principal and Chief Guest for the prize distribution ceremony.

    In the end, I would just like to say to all the students, that you all are the winners in our eyes and it’s highly commendable that you removed all your inhibitions and showcased your talent on the stage so nicely. We all seriously remained spell bound throughout all the performances. So let’s have a huge round of applause for all the participants!

    Thank you so much, Cheers!

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    Welcome Speech for Annual Day FAQs

    How do you welcome speech for annual day celebration?

    To begin a welcome speech for annual day celebration, warmly greet everyone and express your excitement for the event.

    How do you start a welcome speech?

    Start a welcome speech with a cheerful greeting and acknowledge the presence of the audience.

    How do you welcome a speech for school annual day chief guest?

    To welcome the chief guest for the school annual day, extend a warm welcome and highlight their importance to the event.

    How do you start an annual day of speech?

    Kickstart the annual day speech by setting a positive tone and emphasizing the significance of the day.

    How do you introduce yourself in annual day?

    When introducing yourself on annual day, briefly state your name, role, and your connection to the event.

    What is the introduction of annual day celebration?

    The introduction of annual day celebration is a special occasion where we gather to celebrate achievements and showcase talents in our school community.

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