GK Questions50 GK Questions on Christmas 2023 with Answers

50 GK Questions on Christmas 2023 with Answers

GK Questions on Christmas with Answers

The anticipation for the most enchanting time of the year has started! Christmas is just a short while away, and the beloved celebration of love and joy is a favorite for many. Now that you’ve prepared your decorations, settled on your menu, and organized your movie list, there’s one more thing to add to the festivities.

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    To add extra cheer to your Christmas family gathering, here’s a simple Christmas General Knowledge Questions with answer! Go ahead and test your knowledge and see how many questions you can answer correctly.

    50 GK Questions on Christmas 2023

    GK Questions on Christmas

    Q1. Who gave birth to Jesus?

    Ans. Mary

    Q2. Where was baby Jesus born?

    Ans. In Bethlehem

    Q3. Which animal carried Mary before she gave birth to Jesus?

    Ans. Dutiful Donkey

    Q4. What’s the name of the period leading up to Christmas?

    Ans. Advent

    Q5. Which country started the tradition of putting up a Christmas tree?

    Ans. Germany

    Q6. Which popular Christmas beverage is also called “milk punch?”

    Ans. Eggnog

    Q7. What are Christmas trees also called?

    Ans. Yule-Tree

    Q8. What are the two other most popular names for Santa Claus?

    Ans. Kris Kringle and Saint Nick

    Q9. What do people traditionally put on top of a Christmas tree?

    Ans. An angel

    Q10. Which country did eggnog originate from?

    Ans. England

    Q11. In which country is it a tradition to eat KFC for Christmas dinner?

    Ans. Japan

    Q12. In which modern-day country was St. Nicholas born?

    Ans. Turkey

    Q13. How many of Rudolph’s fellow reindeer’s names start with ‘D’?

    Ans. Dancer, Dasher, and Donner

    Q14. What is traditionally hidden inside a Christmas pudding?

    Ans. The Christmas Pudding Coin

    Q15. Which city has been donating Trafalgar Square’s Christmas tree to London every year since 1947?

    Ans. The city of Oslo

    Q16. If you’re born on Christmas day, what’s your star sign?

    Ans. Capricon

    Q17. What is the best-selling Christmas single of all time?

    Ans. White Christmas

    Q18. What time is the King’s speech traditionally broadcast on Christmas Day?

    Ans. 15:00 GMT

    Q19. Which real-life person is Santa Claus based on?

    Ans. The Christian bishop St. Nicholas

    Q20. What color are mistletoe berries?

    Ans. White, Red, or Pinkish

    Q21. What color suit did Santa wear until Coca-Cola rebranded him in red?

    Ans. Scarlet Coat

    Q22. Which one of Santa’s reindeer has the same name as another holiday mascot?

    Ans. Cupid

    Q23. What decoration do elves traditionally have on their shoes?

    Ans. Bells

    Q24. When do the 12 days of Christmas start?

    Ans. 25th December

    Q25. How is mimosa prepared?

    Ans. Mimosa is prepared with different concoctions of different kinds of juices and beverages.

    Q26. According to Buddy the Elf, what are the four food groups elves can eat?

    Ans. Candy, Candy Canes, Candy corn, and syrup

    Q27. What fruit is traditionally put inside a Christmas stocking?

    Ans. Orange

    Q28. According to tradition, when should you have your Christmas decorations down by?

    Ans. The Twelfth Night

    Q29. When should you start making Christmas pudding?

    Ans. Last Sunday before Advent, or five weeks before Christmas

    Q30. Who was killed off in the 2012 Downton Abbey Christmas special cliffhanger?

    Ans. Dan Steven

    Q31. In Elf, what’s the first rule in the Code of The Elves?

    Ans. Treat every day like Christmas

    Q32. What gift did Harry Potter receive from the Dursleys during his first Christmas at Hogwarts?

    Ans. A 50-pence piece

    Q33. Which U.S. state was the first to declare Christmas Day an official holiday?

    Ans. Alabama

    Q34. What type of tree is most commonly used for Christmas trees?

    Ans. Pinus Pinea

    Q35. What is the name of the ballet that takes place at Christmas?

    Ans. The Nutcracker

    Q36. When were gingerbread houses believed to be invented?

    Ans. 16th Century

    Q37. When making mince pies which way should you stir your mincemeat for good luck?

    Ans. Stirred Clockwise

    Q38. Which fairy tale were the first gingerbread houses inspired by?

    Ans. Hansel and Gretel

    Q39. What was Frosty the Snowman’s nose made out of?

    Ans. A button

    Q40. What popular Christmas song was actually written for Thanksgiving?

    Ans. Jingle Bells

    Q41. In which year was the first Christmas card sent?

    Ans. 1843

    Q42. What plant is sometimes known as the ‘Christmas flower’?

    Ans. Poinsettias

    Q43. What is the most popular vegetarian alternative to a roast turkey?

    Ans. Burmese Tofu

    Q44. Who invented the Christmas Wreath?

    Ans. Lutherans in Germany

    Q45. Where did the tradition of Christmas stockings come from?

    Ans. From Saint Nicholas

    Q46. What are the chances of a white Christmas in the UK?

    Ans. 55%

    Q47. Where does the royal family traditionally celebrate Christmas?

    Ans. Sandringham Estate

    Q48. Where does the word ‘winter’ come from?

    Ans. Time Of Water

    Q49. Who was King was crowned on Christmas Day?

    Ans. William the Conqueror

    Q50. What country has the most reindeer?

    Ans. Southern Norway

    FAQs on 50 GK Questions on Christmas 2023

    How do Christmas start?

    Early celebrations of Christmas are thought to have derived from the Roman and also other European festivals that marked the end of the harvest, and the winter solstice.

    How is Christmas celebrated?

    Exchanging gifts,attending church, decorating Christmas trees, sharing meals with the family and friends and, of course, waiting for Santa Claus to arrive.

    What is Christmas in short answer?

    Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of the Jesus Christ on December 25 as a religious and the cultural celebration among billions of people around the world.

    Why Christmas is celebrated?

    Christmas commemorates the birth of the Jesus Christ, who is regarded as the creator and supreme spiritual authority of Christianity.

    What food is eaten on Christmas?

    The food are turkey with stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and vegetables.

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