GK QuestionsGK Questions on Goa

GK Questions on Goa

GK Questions on Goa With Answer

GK Questions on Goa

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    Explore our comprehensive set of Goa GK questions and answers, ideal for those preparing for various government examinations. Our General Knowledge section covers a wide range of topics related to the state of Goa, including General Science (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics), World Sports, World Geography, Modern Indian History, Ancient Indian History, Medieval Indian History, Indian Geography, Indian Economy, Indian Culture, Computer Awareness, Books & Authors, Indian Politics, and more.

    Quiz On Goa With Answers

    Question: How many Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are adopted by the United Nations?

    Ans. 17

    Question: Which is the longest beach in Goa?

    Ans. Colava Beach

    Question: When did Albuquerque acquire Goa?

    Ans. 1510

    Question: Which is the largest Church in Goa?

    Ans. Se Cathedral

    Question: Which ports of India is located at the mouth of the Zuvari-estuary in Goa?

    Ans. Marmagao Port

    Question: Who is the first Chief Minister of Goa, Daman and Diu union territory after annexation with India?

    Ans. Dayanand Bandodkar

    Question: What is the literacy rate of Goa according to 2011 census?

    Ans. 88.70

    Question: Which country has announced referendum to add climate goals in its Constitution?

    Ans. France

    Question: Which is the highest peak in Goa?

    Ans. Sonsogor

    Question: Which city was host to NITI Aayog’s ‘Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Conclave 2020’?

    Ans. Guwahati

    Question: Which article states that the Goa Legislative Assembly is to consist of not less than 30 members?

    Ans. 371-I
    Question: Total number of districts in Goa?

    Ans. 2

    Question: Union Minister Smriti Irani recently launched a welfare scheme named ‘Yashaswini’ from Goa. What does the scheme aim at?

    Ans. Assistance to women Self Help Groups

    Question: In which year, the Portuguese defeated the Bijapur sultan Yousuf Adil Shah?

    Ans. 1510

    Question: Which are the two basin countries of the “Goascoran River”?

    Ans. Honduras and El Salvador

    Question: What was the name of the Indian Army Operation conducted to release Goa from Portuguese rule?

    Ans. Operation Vijay

    Question: Who has been appointed as new Goa’s brand ambassador to promote yoga?

    Ans. Namrata Menon

    Question: The first konkani film “Mogacho Anvddo” was released in the year?

    Ans. 1950

    Question: At which Congress session did Dadabhai Naoroji announce that Swaraj was the goal of lndia’s political efforts?

    Ans. Calcutta session of 1886

    Question: Which is the first film in Konkani language?

    Ans. Mogacho Anvddo

    Question: Who is the first Goan to receive Padma Shri award?

    Ans. Balkrishna Bhagwant Borkar

    Question: Which article in Indian constitution is a special provision for Goa?

    Ans. 371

    Question: Which is the Primary Industry in Goa?

    Ans. Tourism

    Question: The Goa University was established in the year?

    Ans. 1985
    Question: Which leader led the Revolt of 1857 in Goa?

    Ans. Deepuji Rana

    Question: The National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research is located in?

    Ans. Vasco da Gama

    Question: Which Governor is known to have abolished the practice of Sati in Goa?

    Ans. Afonso de Albuquerque

    Question: The Goa “Liberation Day” is celebrated on?

    Ans. 19th December

    Question: Who was given the Best Goalkeeper award in 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup?

    Ans. Hope Solo

    Question: Which is the headquarters of South Goa district?

    Ans. Margao

    Question: How many players have reached the 100-goal mark in EPL?

    Ans. 28

    Question: In which year Goa captured and annexed by the Portuguese?

    Ans. 1510

    Question: Who is the top goal-scorer of the I-League?

    Ans. Ranti Martins

    Question: Which is the official flower of Goa?

    Ans. Jasmine

    Question: Atal Setu, which is in news recently, is built across which river in Goa?

    Ans. Mandovi

    Question: Who is the first Governor of Goa after the formation of Goa State?

    Ans. Gopal Singh

    Question: Which Union minister has inaugurated the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) wellness centre in Goa?

    Ans. Shripad Naik

    Question: Who is the Director general of police in Goa?

    Ans. Mukesh Kumar Meena

    Question: Who is the longest serving Chief Minister of Goa?

    Ans. Pratapsingh Rane

    Question: The 56th Liberation Day of Goa is celebrated on which date in India?

    Ans. December 19

    Question: Which is officially state recognised fruit in Goa?

    Ans. Cashew

    Question: In which year, Goa was declared as India’s 25th state?

    Ans. 1987

    Question: Goa was captured by Albuqurque from ruler of which state?

    Ans. Bijapur

    Question: Which city has the only Municipal Corporation in Goa?

    Ans. Panaji

    Question: Which will be the first big state after Goa to use EVMs with VVPAT?

    Ans. Gujarat

    Question: In which year the Churches and convents of Goa were declared a World Heritage Site?

    Ans. 1986

    Question: What is the India’s rank in the 2017 Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Index?

    Ans. 116th

    Question: Total number of members in the Goa Legislative Assembly is?

    Ans. 40

    Question: Who is known as the ‘Father of Konkani cinema’?

    Ans. Al Jerry Braganza

    Question: Which state is to the North of Goa?

    Ans. Maharashtra

    Question: The first novel published by a Goan was?

    Ans. The Brahmans

    Question: Who was the first Portuguese vicerai of Goa?

    Ans. Francisco de Almeida

    Question: The Dudhsagar Falls is located on the?

    Ans. Mandovi River

    Question: Which is the first Wildlife Sanctuary of Goa?

    Ans. Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary

    GK Questions on Goa (FAQs)

    What is the general knowledge about the state Goa?

    Goa is the smallest state in India in terms of land area and ranks as the fourth-smallest in terms of population. It boasts the highest GDP per capita among all Indian states, with a per capita GDP that is two and a half times higher than the national average.

    Who came first in Goa?

    Vasco da Gama was the first European to ever reach India via the Cape of Good Hope.

    What was Goa famous for?

    The Goa state, in India, is famous for its beaches and places of worship.

    What is the nickname of Goa?

    The Nickname of Goa is Pearl of the Orient or the Rome of the East.

    Who is CM in Goa?

    Pramod Pandurang Sawant

    How many states does Goa have?

    The Indian state of Goa is divided into two districts: North Goa and South Goa.

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