Olympiad examSOF Olympiad 2024-25

SOF Olympiad 2024-25

The Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) holds Olympiad exams every year for students from classes 1 to 12. It’s a non-profit group that hosts the world’s largest Olympiad. Millions of students from over 50,000 schools and 48 countries join in to test and enhance their knowledge in subjects like Science, Maths, English, and more. This article provides essential details about SOF Olympiad exam dates, registration process, syllabus, and more. Keep reading to learn about Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) exams, their dates, who can take them, what they cover, and other important details.

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    Every Year SOF Conducted those Exam

    Syllabus of SOF

    There isn’t a specific syllabus for these exams. The SOF Olympiad creates question papers based on the CBSE, ICSE, and various state board curriculums. For example, if a student wants to participate in the NSO (National Science Olympiad), they should study the subjects for their grade level.

    The exam pattern of the SOF Olympiads differs for each competition. For example, in the National Cyber Olympiad, students have 60 minutes to complete the test. Students in classes 1 to 4 answer 35 multiple-choice questions, while those in classes 5 to 12 answer 50 questions.

    SOF Olympiad Exam Dates 2023-24



    Last date of registration

    30 days before the chosen exam date

    Level-1 Exam

    September 21, 2024-January 18, 2025

    SOF Answer key

    December 2024-January 2025

    SOF results 2024-25

    December 2024-January 2025

    Level-2 exam notification

    January 2025

    Level-2 admit card

    January 2025

    Level-2 exam date

    February 2025

    Level-2 result

    March 2025


    Eligibility Criteria of SOF Olympiad




    Only for students of class 1-10



    Every student of class 1-12




    Only for students of class 11 and 12

    Exam Pattern of SOF

    Exam Name





    35 MCQs for class 1-4, and 50 for Class 5-10/12


    Single Level


    Two levels


    Two Levels


    Two Levels


    Single Level


    50 MCQs for Class 11-12

    Single Level

    Benefits of SOF Olympiad Exams

    Students who excel in SOF Olympiads receive cash prizes, medals, gifts, certificates, and significant recognition. Their success is added to their academic profile, and a high Olympiad rank can help them get into top universities worldwide. Participating in Olympiad exams and representing their state or country at national and international levels brings students immense satisfaction and joy, which is the greatest reward.

    Considering all these benefits, your child should participate in Olympiads to stay passionate about learning and eager to represent their state or country at national and international levels.

    If you need the best Olympiad books or study materials, choose MTG publications. MTG is the official content partner of SOF, the body that conducts Olympiad exams, so you can trust their study materials. MTG’s Olympiad study materials include previous year papers, sample papers, workbooks, Prep-Guides, the Olympiad Skill Development System (OSDS), and an Olympiad Online Test Package. For a detailed look at these books, see below.

    SOF Olympiad Exams FAQs

    What is the prize money for SOF Olympiad?

    The prize money varies, with top awards going up to INR 50,000 or more.

    What is the level of SOF Olympiad?

    SOF Olympiad has two levels: Level 1 for school-level participants and Level 2 for top performers from Level 1.

    What are the benefits of the SOF exam?

    Benefits include cash prizes, medals, certificates, and enhanced problem-solving skills.

    Who is eligible for SOF Olympiad?

    Students from Class 1 to 12 from any recognized school are eligible.

    How do I get my SOF Olympiad results?

    Results are available on the official SOF website and sent to schools.

    On which date will IMO results be declared?

    IMO results are usually declared in January or February.

    Are SOF IMO level 2 results out?

    Level 2 results are generally released a few weeks after the exam.

    Is SOF level 2 results out?

    Check the SOF website for the latest updates on Level 2 results.

    What is level 2 in SOF?

    Level 2 is the advanced stage for top performers from Level 1.

    How long does it take to get SOF results?

    Results are typically announced within 6-8 weeks after the exam.

    Will SOF Olympiads be online?

    Some SOF Olympiads can be taken online, depending on the current guidelines.

    Which is the best Olympiad online coaching in India?

    Some popular options include Infinity Learn and Olympiad Success.

    Can Olympiad be given online?

    Yes, many Olympiad exams can now be taken online.

    How to prepare for Olympiad without books?

    Use online resources, practice tests, and video tutorials for preparation.

    How many students appear in SOF?

    Millions of students participate in SOF Olympiads each year.

    Does the Olympiad syllabus change every year?

    The syllabus usually remains consistent, but small updates may occur.

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