Study MaterialsImportant QuestionsSample Papers for Class 10 CBSE SA1 Social Science 2016-17 Solved Set 7

Sample Papers for Class 10 CBSE SA1 Social Science 2016-17 Solved Set 7

Sample Papers for Class 10 CBSE SA1 Social Science 2016-17 Solved Set 7

1. What do you mean by G-77 ?
Where was the first Indian jute mill set up ?
Name the author of the novel ‘Debganer Martye Aagaman’ (The Gods Visit Earth).
2. Which method of hand-printing was developed in China ? 1
Name the first novel written by Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay.
3. Which ethnic group is related to Belgium ? 1
4. Which are the subjects included in the Union List ? 1
5. Which country suffered the disintegration due to political fights on the basis of religious
and ethnic identities ? 1
6. According to the World Bank (2004), which country would be classified as a low income
country? 1
7. What does GDP stand for ?
8. What do you mean by Disguised Unemployment ? [HOTS] 1
9. “Food offered many examples of long distance cultural exchange.” Justify this statement. 3
Why there was no shortage of human labour in Victorian England in the mid of the nineteenth century ? Explain
How did people of different classes organise their leisure time in England ?
10. Evaluate the efforts made by the British to impose censorship on the press? 3
Name the first Hindi modern novel which became the best seller. Mention it’s main features.
11. Planning is the widely accepted strategy for judicious use of resources in a country like India.” Justify this statement with two relevant points and an example. IHOTSI 3
12. What are the main advantages of India’s land under a variety of relief features? 3
13. Distinguish between reserved and protected forests? 3
14. Why is ground water a highly overused resource? 3
15. Define subsistence agriculture. Explain any two characteristics of subsistence agriculture. 3
16. How Belgiam government solved its ethnic problem? 3
17. What are the three factors that determine the outcome of social divisions on politics? Explain. 3
18. What are the features of a homogeneous society ? Mention the name of any one country having such society? 3
19. Explain any three indicators of economic development. 3
20. What is feminist movement ? What are the results of political expression of gender diversions? 3
21. Explain how public sector contributes to the economic development of a nation? 3
22. Define the terni trade surplus. How was the income received from trade surplus with India and used by Britain? 5
Describe any five major problems faced by the new European nwrchants in setting up their industries in towns before the industrial revolution.
Why were the reclamation projects undertaken in Bombay? Explain any two such projects.
23. Martin Luther remarked, “Printing is the ultimate gift of God and the greatest one.” Explain this remark in the light of the religious reforms that tcxk place ¡n Europe in 16th century. 5
Indian novelists in the i9’ century wrote for a national cause. Justify the statement with examples.
24. How did print culture assist the growth of nationalism in India? Explain. 5
How did authors from so called ‘low castes’ gain recognition in the world of literature? Explain with examples of any two such authors.
2.5. Why has Indian agriculture started a decline in the trend of food production ? How can we overcome this problem? 5
26. “Social diversity in a country need not be seen as a source of danger.” Prove. 5
27. Write two positive and two negative impacts each of caste politics relation in India. 5
28. “Development goals are different for different people.” Explain the statement with appropriate examples. 5
29. “There are several things needed by the society as a whole.” In the light of this statement, explain as who can provide them at a reasonable cost, the private or the public sector and why? 5
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