EnglishEssayEssay on A Journey by Train in English for Children

Essay on A Journey by Train in English for Children

Essay on A Journey by Train: Train journeys are quite exciting and interesting experiences. A journey by train is not only fascinating but also comfortable and economical for long distances. I have had the pleasure of traveling to several places by train, and these journeys have given me some of the best memories of my life. They have been the most relaxing and thrilling experiences one can have.

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    Watching villages, cultures, and houses pass by as you speed across the countryside has always piqued my curiosity for better. It’s truly fascinating how a train journey can enhance your knowledge about cultures, regions, languages, and cuisines. The journey is like reading a captivating book that has all the ingredients to keep you entertained until you reach your destination.

    One significant advantage of a journey by train is that it provides an excellent opportunity to interact with people from completely different ethnicities and linguistic backgrounds. The diversity of passengers on a train is like a Railway Journey Narrative in itself, where you can learn from the stories and experiences of your fellow travelers.

    Long and Short Essay on A Journey by Train in English

    Below we have provided long and short essay on ‘A Journey by Train’ of varying lengths in English.

    These ‘A Journey by Train’ essay will take you through the experiences of a train journey and their advantages.

    They will also prove helpful to help you with the topic in your exam.

    You can select any A Journey by Train Essay as per your interest like essay on a journey by train 100 words, essay on a journey by train 100 words
    essay on my first train journey in 200 words and present it in your class, essay writing or debate competitions.

    Short Essay on a Journey by Train Essay 1 (100 words)

    Train journeys are both exciting and memorable. My first train journey was when I was in the 2nd standard, traveling to my aunt’s wedding in Dehradun. It was a night journey, and we boarded the train with eager anticipation. With family and relatives, the journey was filled with laughter, games, and delicious train food.

    As morning broke, I gazed out of the window, captivated by the picturesque scenery. The lush green fields, the rising sun, and the distant hills created a mesmerizing view. This train journey left an indelible mark on my memory, combining the joy of travel with the beauty of nature.

    Short Essay on ‘A Journey by Train’ – Essay 2 (200 words)

    Short Essay on ‘A Journey by Train’ – Essay 1 (200 words)

    Train journeys are super fun, especially when traveling by train with a group of friends. One of my most memorable journeys by train was my journey from Delhi to Jaipur. It was a school trip, and we were all really excited about it. We had numerous plans for the trip and were especially looking forward to having a great time on our way.

    We all reached the railway station by 6 in the morning, and the train ride started within a few minutes. I occupied the window seat to see the view outside. The view of the green fields, muddy roads, and huts on the way was delightful. My best friend sat beside me, and we chatted as we looked outside.

    Soon, it was time for breakfast. I loved the cutlets and bread served on the train. We also had hot tomato soup after having a plate of bread and cutlets. After breakfast, we all decided to play antakshari. Playing antakshari in large groups is always fun. Our teachers also joined us, thereby adding to the fun. We played antakshari for the rest of the journey, and before we even knew it, we had reached our destination. It was a great experience. The company of my friends made this train journey all the more gleeful.

    Essay on ‘A Journey by Train to Shimla’ – Essay 3 (300 words)

    Train journeys hold a unique charm, especially when they lead to enchanting destinations like Shimla. However, what makes the journey even more captivating is the special toy train that runs from Kalka to Shimla, winding through breathtaking landscapes. A trip to Shimla remains incomplete without experiencing this iconic train ride. Thus, we planned our Shimla trip well in advance and secured our tickets for this much-talked-about train journey.

    Our Journey to Shimla by Toy Train

    During last year’s autumn break, we embarked on a memorable journey to Shimla. We began our travel by bus to Kalka, the starting point of our adventure with the toy train. Initially, I expected it to be just another train journey, offering glimpses of mountains and valleys. However, it turned out to be an exhilarating and extraordinary experience. Throughout our journey, we found ourselves immersed in the lap of nature, not merely observing the mountains, valleys, and lush greenery, but feeling like an integral part of this natural wonder as the train gracefully traversed the mountains.

    Spanning a duration of 5-6 hours, this journey was filled with thrills and excitement. The route featured a multitude of tunnels and bridges that added to the allure. There were more than 100 tunnels and approximately 800 bridges along the route. I remained glued to the window seat, relishing the splendid vistas outside. At one point, the train made a brief stop at a quaint station, affording us a brief ten-minute break to explore.

    Throughout the journey, my parents and brother shared in my delight, finding it as enjoyable as I did. We chose the same train for our return journey, unwilling to miss out on a second opportunity to savor this captivating experience.


    Undoubtedly, this train journey stands out as the most remarkable one in my life. My deep love for nature made this journey even more special. I sincerely hope for a chance to traverse this enchanting route once more, as it left an indelible mark on my heart.

    Essay on ‘My First Train Journey’ – Essay4 (400 words)

    My First Train Journey

    My very first train journey was an unforgettable experience that I embarked on when I was in the 2nd standard. It was a special trip to attend my maternal aunt’s wedding in Dehradun. As soon as the news of the wedding spread, excitement and joy filled our home. My mother began planning her outfits, while my father organized our travel arrangements. We decided to travel by train, accompanied by a few relatives, marking my maiden voyage on a train.

    Planning the Train Journey

    Train journeys require meticulous planning for a smooth and enjoyable trip. My parents carefully studied the available trains on our route to select the most convenient option. We booked our tickets well in advance, packed our bags, and ensured that all necessary arrangements were in place for our journey.

    The Journey Begins

    Our train journey commenced as a night voyage. We arrived at the railway station on time, settled into our seats, and, within a few minutes, the train began its journey.

    Fun on the Way

    As we greeted our relatives and settled in for the long journey, there was an air of excitement. Many of us hadn’t seen each other in months, so there was plenty to catch up on. I sat with my cousins, and we eagerly planned to make the most of this train journey. They had brought along board games, and we engaged in an entertaining one.

    After a few rounds of the game, it was time for dinner. The food served on the train was surprisingly delectable. Following dinner, I found a cozy spot by the window. Despite the darkness of the night, I enjoyed the rhythmic sounds of the moving train, a novel experience for me.

    As everyone finished their meals, we decided to play antakshari. Our relatives enthusiastically joined in, and we sang songs and played antakshari for an hour before it was time to rest.

    A Scenic Morning

    The next morning, I awoke early and was greeted by a stunning view outside the window. The lush green fields, the rising sun, the distant hills, and the charming huts along the way — everything appeared exceptionally beautiful. This scenic morning view was the highlight of my train journey.


    In hindsight, my first train journey was incredibly exciting and fascinating. I cherished every moment of it, and the delightful company of my cousins added an extra layer of enjoyment to the experience.

    Long Essay on Journey by Train

    Essay on ‘A Memorable Journey by Train’ – Essay 4 (500 words)


    I have gone on many train journeys with my family as well as friends. Travelling by train is comfortable and enjoyable. I always prefer train journeys over road trips for the experience they offer. I have made great memories on these trips. While I have enjoyed all my train journeys, my train travel from Delhi to Goa is the closest to my heart.

    Journey from Delhi to Goa

    I went for a trip to Goa with my classmates when I was in seventh standard. The trip was planned by the school. After much persuasion, my parents agreed to send me on the trip. Most of my friends also got the consent from their parents. We planned to do a lot of fun things on the trip.

    Besides, site-seeing and having fun with friends on the trip, I was also excited about the train journey. The train journey from Delhi to Goa was for around one and a half day. This was the longest journey I had ever gone on. I was really looking forward to it.

    My parents dropped me to the station. They were a bit anxious as this was the first time I was travelling so far without them. My mother gave me last minute instructions and I nodded obediently as I eagerly awaited the train. We left from Delhi at around 5 in the evening. I sat by the window with one of my friends by my side.

    Travelling with Friends

    Travelling with friends is always fun. I had been to Jaipur, Nanital and Shimla with my friends. All these trips were planned by our school. We travelled by train on all these trips and had a lot of fun on the way but none of them involved so much travelling. Most of these were overnight journeys. But on our trip to Goa we spent one night and one and a half day in the train.

    I kept sitting by the window for the first two-three hours of the journey. I loved the view outside. As it started getting dark, I joined my friends who were playing dumb charades. We kept playing this game until it was time for dinner. After having our dinner, we chatted until late night. We shared our experiences, narrated interesting stories and mimicked our teachers. It was all great fun. I slept comfortably at night and woke up late.

    The breakfast was served almost immediately after I woke up. After having the breakfast, I went and stood by the train door which was half opened. The view outside was beautiful. I love nature and I can watch the trees, hills and the water bodies for hours. It soothes and pleases my senses and offers a delightful experience.

    I kept standing there for a long time. One of my friends joined me there. We enjoyed the view and spoke about our love for travelling and nature. During the rest of the day, we played games, had food and chatted with each other. We reached Goa at around 11 at night.


    This train journey was an awesome experience. I enjoyed it thoroughly and made several beautiful memories on the way.

    Long Essay on ‘A Journey by Train’ – Essay 5 (600 words)


    Train journeys are economical, comfortable and fascinating. It is a complete experience in itself. While travelling by train, I am not eager to reach the destination, I rather enjoy each moment of the journey. I have made many friends during my train journeys and had several new experiences.

    Advantages of Journey by Train

    Train journeys offer numerous advantages. Some of these advantages are shared below:

    • One of the main advantages of train journey is the comfort and convenience it offers. Unlike cars, buses and aeroplanes, you have the option to lie down and sleep while travelling by train. Overnight journey by train is thus much more convenient compared to that by car or bus. One can sleep comfortably through the night and wake up fresh.
    • There is no restriction on the luggage. One can carry as much luggage as he wants while travelling via train unlike the aeroplanes where a limit is set for the same.
    • Trains have washrooms that make long journeys more convenient.
    • One can study or work comfortably on a laptop during train journey. Thus, the time spent in travelling can be put to productive use.
    • Trains are quite economical as compared to cabs and aeroplanes. One can travel long distance at a nominal cost.

    Disadvantages of Journey by Train

    While train journeys offer a number of advantages, there are certain disadvantages attached to them too. Here is a look at these disadvantages:

    • One of the biggest disadvantages of travelling by train is that one needs to plan the trip and get the tickets booked days before the journey. This is quite unlike travelling by car or bus wherein one can plan the trip and get going even the next day.
    • Booking the ticket can be quite taxing. People who go to the railway station to book the tickets need to stand in the queue for hours. Booking train tickets online is also quite time consuming as the railway booking site sometimes get quite slow due to increased traffic.
    • Though the trains have washrooms and restrooms, these are not as clean and hygienic as they should be.
    • Trains often get delayed due to different reasons. This can be quite annoying and exhausting.
    • Compared to aeroplanes, travel time taken by trains is much higher. It is not a good option for those who need to reach somewhere urgently.

    My Train Journey Experience

    I have been on many train journeys since my childhood. I have gone to Mount Abu, Udaipur, Varanasi, Shimla, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Bombay and many other places with family, friends and relatives. I have travelled to most of these places by train. What I love most about train journeys is the view outside. I love to sit by the window and watch the natural surroundings that come by during the journey. I often take a novel along as I love reading while travelling.

    Train journeys become all the more fun when we are travelling in groups. There are so many fun things to do on the way. We crack jokes, sing songs, play games and chit chat for hours during the journey. We also get a chance to meet new people. It feels great when we meet like-minded people on our way. It makes the trip quite enjoyable. There is so much to talk about and share. I have made quite a few friends during my train journeys.


    Train journeys have their set of advantages and disadvantages. While planning ahead, booking tickets and strict train schedules can be a put off; comfortable travel and good utilization of time are some of the advantages it offers. I have been on several train journeys and I really look forward to them.

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    Frequently Asked Question on Essay on Journey by Train

    How do you write a train journey?

    To write about a train journey, vividly describe the sights, sounds, and emotions experienced during the trip. Begin with an engaging introduction, narrate the journey's details, and use descriptive language to engage your readers. Share personal anecdotes or reflections to make your account unique and relatable.

    How do you write a journey by train essay?

    Crafting a journey by train essay involves structuring your narrative. Start with an introduction, set the scene, and introduce any characters or events. Describe the journey, including scenery and experiences, and reflect on its significance or impact. Conclude by summarizing your thoughts and feelings.

    What is a journey by train called?

    A journey by train is commonly referred to as a train journey or simply traveling by train. It encompasses the experience of traveling on a train, often involving scenic views, interactions with fellow passengers, and the unique ambiance of train travel.

    Is it travel by train or by train?

    Both travel by train and by train are grammatically correct. You can use either phrase based on your preference. For example, you can say, I prefer to travel by train or I enjoy the experience of traveling by train.

    Why should we travel by train?

    Traveling by train offers several advantages. It's an eco-friendly mode of transportation, reducing carbon emissions. Trains are often cost-effective, comfortable, and allow passengers to appreciate scenic routes. Additionally, train travel can be less stressful than other modes, as it avoids issues like traffic congestion.

    How was your first train journey?

    My first train journey was a memorable experience filled with excitement. Traveling with my family, I marveled at the changing landscapes, relished train food, and enjoyed the camaraderie of fellow passengers. The rhythmic sounds of the train and the anticipation of the destination made it an unforgettable adventure.

    Do we say travel by bus?

    Yes, you can say travel by bus to describe a journey on a bus. It's a common and straightforward way to express the mode of transportation, indicating that you are using a bus as your means of travel.

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