EnglisharticleEssay on My Aim in Life in English for Children and Students

Essay on My Aim in Life in English for Children and Students

Essay on My Aim in Life: A man without an aim is like a rudderless ship in a stormy sea. Everyone has an aim in life. Without an aim, life can feel meaningless and directionless. Having an aim gives us something to strive for and helps us to make decisions about how we want to live our lives. Some people might want to achieve success in their career, others might want to make a difference in the world, while others might simply want to be happy and fulfilled. No matter what someone’s aim is, it is important to have one in order to have a sense of purpose and direction in life.

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    Some aims are born out of external influences while some are born in consciousness. I think that while deciding your aim in life you should rather listen to your consciousness, keeping the external influences aside. It is only when you pursue your soul’s aim that you would be able to put your hundred percent.

    Short and Long Essay on My Aim in Life in English

    We have provided below short and long essay on my aim in life for your information and knowledge. The essays have been written in simple yet effective English language to make them easily memorable and presentable whenever required. After going through the essays you will know about different aims people have in life and how to achieve them; what are the qualities of a civil servant and how to become one; how to become a doctor and what are different professions of a doctor. You will also know the requirements for becoming an investigative journalist and a commercial pilot along with the required educational qualifications. The essays will prove extremely helpful in your school/college exams and other competitions like debate, speech giving and essay writing.

    My Aim in Life Essay 1 (200 Words)

    Everyone has an aim in life, which he or she wants to achieve at any cost. Sometimes they are so desperate to achieve the goal that they work/study 24/7 putting efforts much beyond their actual capacities.

    Speaking of my aim in life – since childhood I have nurtured a desire to become a civil servant or a government officer to be more specific. When someone expresses a desire to become an officer, it is not money that he/she has in mind. Had it been money, I would have opted for other lucrative and rewarding career options.

    I want to become an officer, because I had been always fascinated by the way an officer conducts himself/herself in public. There is something orderly yet humble; commanding yet considerate in the behavior of an officer. You will never ever see a responsible government officer behaving or talking like common everyday way farers. He/She is always composed, calm and someone you can rely on for help and advice.

    It is these personality traits of an officer that fascinates me the most and I also wanted to be recognized and respected as an officer. I know that it is easier to dream than to transform the same into reality. Nevertheless, I am trying hard and up to best of my capacity to achieve it.

    Just in case, if you also tried hard but failed to become an officer for some reason, I have a very generous piece of advice for you. “Never let the Officer in You Die”! Even if you don’t hold a gazetted post, no one on planet can snatch your right of “Behaving like an officer”. Even if you can’t become one, you can always behave like one and do justice to your dream and passion.

    My Aim in Life Essay 2 (300 Words)

    My aim in life is to become an investigative journalist. I have always liked adventure and fancied words like investigation, reporting, live coverage etc. Though, it isn’t very difficult to become an investigative journalist as compared to other professions; though, choosing the profession requires different skill sets and personality traits.

    Who is an Investigative Journalist?

    An Investigative Journalist is a journalist who deeply researches a specific field of interest like crime, political corruption and corporate wrongdoings etc. He/She might spend years researching and investigating on a particular topic or area. Some of the investigative Journalists also work in challenging and like threatening conditions like war zones and disaster sites.

    How to Become an Investigative Journalist?

    To become an Investigative Journalist one must obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, communication and Broadcasting.

    Moreover, many employers prefer candidates with a minimum prerequisite experience as a field journalist in any reputed media house.

    Skills Required

    There are some skills those are required to become an Investigative Journalist. These skills are a little off beat than the skills required by other usual professions. If you already have these skills then you are absolutely fit to become an investigative journalist. One must have an excellent writing and communication skills; he/she must also be aware of investigating techniques; skills like proficient word processing and photo editing are an added advantage. One must also have hands on knowledge of digital cameras and other similar electronic equipments.

    My Aim in Life Essay 3 (400 Words)

    Different people have different aspirations or aims in life. Some would like to be known as an entrepreneur while some would prefer jobs with a little thrill like that of a investigating journalist. Then there are others who want to try their hand in public life and social service. Similarly, I also hold an aspiration to become a doctor.

    Who is a Doctor?

    A doctor is a person who holds a professional medical degree obtained from a recognized medical university. A doctor is a trained medical professional and holds a license to diagnose other people.

    Types of Doctors

    There are various types of doctors depending on the degrees they have and their respective fields of training and specialization. Below provided are some of the most popular specializations of doctors along with their qualifications.

    • General Practitioner

    A general Practitioner is a medical professional trained to provide health care to patients of any gender or age. A general physician is well aware of his/her patients’ medical history and is regularly consulted, at least once a year.

    A career as general physician can be pursued after completing and undergraduate course in medicine (MBBS) or after holding a post graduate degree in medicine (MD).

    • Neurologist

    A neurologist specializes in the treatment of nerves and nervous systems. The deal with loss of motor cognitive functions and serious diseases related to the nervous system. Neurology is one of the complex branches of medicine requiring years of hard work and studies. Apart from the common MBBS course a student must also complete a two years doctoral course in neurology, to practice as a neurologist.

    • Nephrologist

    Nephrology is a specialization that focuses on the diseases related with kidney. A Nephrologist deals with all the conditions of kidney complications. If your general physician found you to be suffering from any of the kidney diseases, he/she will definitely recommend you to a Nephrologist.

    My Aim in Life Essay 4 (500 Words)

    Everyone has a specific aim in life and constantly strive to achieve it. Someone wants to become a doctor and serve the society; someone wants to become a engineer and design machines; others may have the aspiration of business, teaching or something else. My aspiration or aim in life has always been to become a pilot. Therefore, below I will discuss some of the vital information on how to become a pilot.

    Who is a Pilot?

    An airline pilot flies and operates an aircraft and is solely responsible for the vessel’s movement and for the safety of passengers, crew and cargo. The job condition is very demanding and requires quick thinking often involving multi tasking and an ability to effectively deal with crisis.

    A pilot is the master of the aircraft and accountable for the hydraulics, engine function and other vital parameters of the aircraft. A pilot also must be able to deal with possible hazardous situations, jet lag, fatigue, etc.

    Required Qualification to Become a Pilot

    To pursue a career as an aviation pilot in India you need to opt for the science stream in intermediate with, Physics, chemistry and Mathematics as the compulsory subjects. Also, you will need to score a minimum of 50% marks in your intermediate exam.

    You will also need to appear for an entrance exam which includes written test, medical examination and interview.

    The minimum age to apply for a pilot’s license in various categories is provided below-

    • Minimum age required for Student Pilot License is 16 years.
    • Also Minimum age required for Private Pilot License is 17 years.
    • Minimum age required for Commercial Pilot License is 18 years.

    Procedure to Become a Commercial Pilot in India

    The detailed step wise procedure to become a commercial pilot in India is provided below.

    Step1: Join a Flying School

    There are several flying schools in the country with each one having its own criterion for admission, which is issued in notification from time to time. By and large every candidate has to pass through some tests before admission, as given below-

    • Written Test

    The written test for the admission usually comprises of general English, Maths, Physics and reasoning of intermediate level.

    • Pilot Aptitude Test

    This test will assess the candidate’s aptitude on air regulation, air navigation and your knowledge on aircraft and engine.

    • Personal Interview and DGCA Medical Examination

    This is only for the candidates who get successful in the written test and aptitude test. Medical examination conducted by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, government of India.

    Step 2: Obtaining a Student Pilot License

    Once again to obtain a student pilot license you need to appear for a test. It mainly an oral test conducted by the instructor of the institute. This license allows you to obtain flying training. At the time of completion of the course, you need to have a minimum of 250 hours on record.

    Essay on My Aim in Life FAQs

    What is your aim in my life?

    My aim in life is to be happy and successful in my chosen career.

    How can I fulfill my aim in life?

    You can fulfill your aim in life by setting clear goals, working hard, and staying dedicated to your aspirations.

    What is the aim of students?

    The aim of students is to learn and acquire knowledge to build a bright future.

    What is your aim in your life paragraph?

    My aim in life is to become a respected teacher and inspire young minds.

    What is aim in my life essay?

    An aim in my life essay discusses your personal goals and aspirations.

    How do I start my aim in life essay?

    To start your aim in life essay, begin with an introduction about your ambition and the steps you're taking to achieve it.


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