EnglishEssayEssay on My Friend in English for Children and Students

Essay on My Friend in English for Children and Students

Essay on My Friend: My Friend is a special person whose company I prefer over anyone else’s. If it is not doing anything productive, I simply like to chat with my friend. He/she is like a partner in whatever I do. I like to play games, study, and talk, watch movies, go on walk and so many other things with my friend. Whenever I am in need of something or seek help, my friend always comes to my rescue.

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    Short and Long Essays on My Friend

    We have provided below short and long essays on My Friend in English for your information and knowledge. The essays have been written in simple yet effective English language to make them easily memorable and presentable when required. After going through the essays you will know about the relationship and bond two friends share and the usefulness of a friend in life; you will also know what adventures two friends share when they meet after long times. These essays will help you in your school/college assignments and essay writing debate or other similar competitions.

    My Friend Essay 1 (100 Words)

    Friendship is joy and friend is someone who delivers it to you. Just like as a true friend will never leave you alone, so my friend Amit, had always stayed by my side whenever I needed him.

    He had been courageous enough to defend me against all odds; compassionate enough to help me and patient enough to listen to what I have to say. Amit has been a pure joy in my life and has always been the source of happiness; I would never like to lose. No matter wherever we are and in whatever situations we are in, we always stay friends for life.

    My Friend Essay 2 (150 Words)

    My best friend is my class mate and her name is Neha. Our friendship breaks the myth that a girl and a boy can’t just be good friends. Neha and I are almost of the same age and share a healthy, caring and decent relationship, just as two actually good friends do.

    We help each other out at times when needed and also share every sorrow or happiness. There is no element of secrecy in our relationship and even our families know about it. We are often found together only at places where good friends are found like – the library, sports meets, in labs and in class. We share same interest over some specific subjects and topics, which has been the foundation of our pure and joyous friendship. We sincerely hope that we will stay good friends even during our married lives.

    Essay on My Friend 3 (200 Words)

    My friend’s name is Pulkit and he stays in village while I reside in city with my parents. I had spent some of the best years of my childhood in my village, and Pulkit is one of the friends I have made during those wonderful days.

    The naughty things we did together while going to the village school and the games that we played after school, will always forever be in my memory. Pulkit and I shared a wonderful friendly relationship, so much so that even today I very much long for his company.

    Whenever I get time, more so during summer vacations, I always make sure that my family travels to village for a couple of weeks. As soon as I reach the village, I feel like the old days have returned for good. Filled with joy and pleasure, the first thing I do after getting down from car, is to run to Pulkit’s house and call his name loudly. Then we two share a big smile and leave together for roaming around in the village and fields, meeting some old friends and sharing joy.

    I would always want to visit my village to spend some time with Pulkit, even when we are fully grown ups and adults.

    My Friend Essay 4 (250 Words)

    My Friend is someone who is like a brother to me. I share almost every sorrow or happiness with my friend. He is the first person I call while in trouble or in joy.

    My friend’s name is Atul and we studied in the same school and also lucky to graduate from the same college. The friendship that we shared in school was even more deepened in college. Today we are in different professions in two different places, yet we always stay in touch in whatever way we can.

    We also take time to meet once in a year at a shared place of interest, like a hill station, jungle safari, metropolis etc. When we meet, it’s like the hell of adventure break loose and we have spend some of the most exciting times together, which included para gliding, bungee jumping, sea diving, trekking, biking, horse riding etc. every year we look forward to next time we meet and make plans for the same well in advance.

    It isn’t only entertainment that we share on such trips but we also discuss about our professional and personal issues and make appropriate suggestions.

    Ours is a friendship that will stay till our last days and hopefully we will continue to share the sorrows and joys as we do today. Our professions may separate us, but even with thousands of miles between us, we will still find time to talk and meet.

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    My Friend Essay 5 (300 Words)


    It is quite natural for two class mates to be friends, also boys and girls living in the same apartment buildings are often found to be good friends. There could be many more examples of friendship like this, but today, I am going to tell you about a secret friend of mine who neither studies in my school nor resides in the apartment I live with my family.

    Aftab – My Friend

    Aftab is of the same age as me and resides with his family in the slum overlooking my apartment. His is a family of six including his sister, parents and grandparents surviving only on the money his father earns as the watchman of the apartment I live in.

    I first saw him studying beside his father’s table where he used to sit with the visitor’s register. I instantly liked him as on first look he appeared to be generous, kind and well mannered. Days passed pretty much the same way and we started playing together during evening. It was during those days that I came to know about his family and the difficulties they face surviving on the meager earning of one person, that is his father, the watchman, Mr. Irfan.

    When I knew that he even faced difficulties arranging to pay for his school books, I requested my father to help him by donating his books. Though, initially I a little hesitant, to my surprise, my father accepted and called Mr. Irfan for inquiring about the cost of Aftab’s books.

    I felt immense joy and couldn’t wait to tell this good news to my friend. On listening this, he was also very happy and thanked my father from the bottom of his heart.


    The concept of friendship goes beyond the demographic differences of caste, creed, religion, social status and financial backgrounds. It is a relationship that dwells in hearts and communicates through soul, which could be of two different persons living on two different horizons.

    Let us look into yet another essay on My Friend in English for Children and Students

    My Friend Essay 6 (350 Words)


    My friend’s name is Joy and he is one of the most interesting persons I have ever met. Joy is a charmer, an excellent debater, a wonderful cricketer, has excellent communication skills and exhumes confidence. He is the only person I like to spend my time with, when I am not studying.

    Influence of My Friend on Me

    Someone has rightly said that you get influenced by the company of the people you live in. If someone had been for too long in the company of poets, he will become a little poetic in nature. Similarly the company of Joy, my friend has influenced me a lot, supposedly in a positive way.

    Joy is often the most well dressed boy in the class, wearing well cleaned and well ironed dress with well polished shoes. I don’t know when, but this wonderful dressing sense of his has impressed me and I also started caring for my uniform to be impeccably clean and tidy.

    Moreover, the politeness and confidence with which, Joy conducts himself in class, with friends, with teachers etc, has a deep impression on me. Somewhere inside me, I also wanted to be the same as him, in terms of personality. Therefore, I had started copying him and it has worked in my favour only. People have started recognizing my confidence and communication skills lately, thanks to Joy.

    Joy is also an excellent sportsman and looking at him playing games like table tennis, football and cricket, I also got interested in the games and started playing them. This has wonderfully improved my stamina and has made me more physically and mentally fit. For this improvement in my personality and life I will always be thankful to Joy. He is also a good listener and always patiently listens to what I have to say; though, he might be in a hurry.


    My friend Joy is like a book, which teaches me so many wonderful lessons on life and personality that has literally turned my life around for good. I wouldn’t be wrong to say that joy is the real joy in my life.

    Essay on My Friend 7 (400 Words)


    My best friend is Alankrita. She had been by class mate for three years and we know each other as sisters. In fact, people who don’t know that we are friends, often think that we are sisters. Well there is some credence to the speculation as, with the passage of time, Alankrita and my friendship has evolved into the beautiful bond of affection and care shared between two sisters.

    Alankrita – A Friend in Need

    You must have heard the proverb “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. It fits so well with regards to Alankrita, that it perfectly describes her character. There never had been a time when she had turned me down whenever I had sought her help or advice. She had always been by my side, even in the worst of situations hardly imagined. To give an example, once during a mathematics exam, I was so nervous that I forgot my math book on the desk; I was writing the examination paper.

    During routine checkup, the invigilator, spotted the book and asked me to leave the class room, threatening me to bar from the examination. I was all tears; just then Alankrita stood up and told the invigilator that the book had been mistakenly left by her, when we were discussing paper together. Initially the invigilator was reluctant, but Alankrita’s persistence made him to be softened. He left both of us with warning and a little scolding.

    The courage that Alankrita displayed in a situation like that to defend me could only be done by someone who really cares for you and love you. That day onwards, I started respecting her more than before.

    God forbids that she should ever caught in a situation like that, but whenever she will, I will be more than obliged to help her as she had helped me. There had been a number of other incidents when Alankrita had helped me, mostly by going out of way and I will always be indebted to her for her friendship.


    Friendship is something that is better experienced that explained. Unless you have a friend, who is always eager to help you and with whom you like to spend your time, you will never know what a friend is like. A good friend could play various roles in your life- a savior, motivator, care taker, protector etc. My friend is also like the best gift God has bestowed me with.

    My Friend Essay 8 (500 Words)


    My Friend is like the God’s greatest gift to me. Without my friend I would have been like a introvert, never laughing kind of person. My friend makes me happy, placing a smile on my face with his/her sometimes generous and sometimes funny gestures. I like to spend time with my best friend and it has an also been my favourite Pass time.

    Our Friendship

    My best friend’s name is Ankit. Our friendship began a few months after he took fresh admission in the class I was promoted to, in the school which I joined five years back. Initially we didn’t interact much as we sat separately at different benches. He was new to the class and therefore kept mostly up to himself, talking to only his bench mates occasionally.

    On the other hand, I knew most of my classmates by name as they have been my batch mates for years. Through a common friend I came to know that Ankit’s father is a government official and had been transferred recently to the city.

    It wasn’t before the half yearly exams, that we started talking often. Ankit had asked me for some biology notes as he had late joined. I readily obliged and handed him the notes. This was the beginning our friendship. Slowly our friendship grew and two years have passed since we met and today we are best friends.

    Our friendship is talk of the class and everyone; even the teachers know that we are best friends. I and Ankit do almost everything together. We practice for inter-school football tournament together; we study in the library together, discussing the question papers and subjects; we eat lunch together and in recess are most likely to be found together.

    My Friend’s Qualities

    It would be difficult to describe the qualities of my best friend Ankit in few words; nevertheless I will try. One of the qualities of Ankit that I most admire is his honesty. He is too the core honest in our relationship or to anyone else for that matter.

    Whenever he doesn’t like anything about me he straightaway let me know it. No if, no buts and no hesitation, he just says it on my face, in my best interest only. Moreover, as far as I know, he is extremely honest even to a complete stranger.

    Another quality of Ankit is that he is a very good sportsman. He is an excellent football player and is the only one who ignited my own interest in the game. Before I met him, I had absolutely no interest in football or any other game and I was a kind of lethargic person. But, Ankit turned me around and made me a footballer; something for which I would always be grateful to him.


    I know that finally, I and Ankit have to part our ways when we move out of school, yet one thing we both are sure of is that our friendship will continue forever. With the passage of time it’s only going to get more and more strong and beautiful.

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