EnglishEssayEssay on Internet Addiction in English

Essay on Internet Addiction in English

Internet is an amazing invention. It serves as an abundant source of information and entertainment. However, as useful as it is, it is also proving to be equally hazardous. Many people around the world have grown addicted to it and are suffering from the dangerous consequences of this addiction.

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    Long and Short Essay on Internet Addiction in English

    Here are essay on Internet Addiction of varying lengths to help you with the topic in your exam.

    These Internet Addiction essay are written in simple language to let you easily understand the subject.

    After going through the essay you will be able to explain Internet Addiction, how are smart phones related to internet addiction, causes and symptoms of internet addiction, consequences of internet addiction and also how to get rid of internet addiction.

    So, go ahead and find a best essay on this topic for you:

    Short Essay on Internet Addiction 150 words

    Internet addiction is a growing problem in today’s digital world. This issue involves spending so much time online that it starts to harm other important parts of life, like health, relationships, work, or school performance.

    People addicted to the internet may feel a constant need to be online. They could be drawn by activities like gaming, social networking, browsing, or watching videos. This addiction can cause sleep problems, tiredness, and weight changes. It might make people feel lonely, sad, or anxious when they’re not connected.

    It’s crucial to find a balance. Spending time with friends, playing outside, and joining clubs or sports can help. If someone can’t control their internet use, talking to a counselor or doctor is a good idea. They can provide advice and support to overcome this challenge. Healthy internet use means using technology as a tool to make life better, not letting it control us.

    Short Essay on Internet Addiction 200 words – Sample 1

    Internet addiction is a new age addiction which is known to have gripped people around the world. Several people belonging to different age groups have been affected by this addiction; though, it is more prevalent among the youth. People turn to internet to find solace, kill boredom and bring in some fun in their lives. However, before they know they grow addicted to it.

    Internet is a huge source of entertainment and it is hard to resist the addictive stuff it has to offer. However, it is essential to keep a check on your internet use to ensure you do not get addicted to it. This is because just like other types of addiction, this one also has grave consequences. It has a major impact on a person’s brain function. Many internet addicts develop anxiety issues and depression. People lose sense of time and neglect their work. This hampers their professional growth. Their physical health also deteriorates. They incur health problems such as obesity, heart disease and hypertension.

    They get so addicted to the internet that they tend to ignore their loved ones. They prefer talking to people online and develop close ties with them. This strains their personal relationships and causes unhappiness.

    In order to lead a happy and wholesome life it is important to stay away from such addictions.

    Essay on Internet Addiction: It is Increasing Day by Day 300 words – Sample 2

    The number of internet users around the world is increasing drastically with every passing day and so is the number of internet addicts. The world of internet is extremely alluring. Video games, chat rooms, social media platforms, entertainment videos, engrossing web series and interesting blogs can keep a person hooked for hours. Many people begin to use internet as a means to overcome loneliness and boredom and get addicted to it within no time.

    Introduction of Smart Phones Responsible for Growing Internet Addiction

    Around a decade back when internet could only be accessed on desktop and laptop, the internet usage was limited. Many people were still addicted to it. They spent several hours in front of their systems surfing internet. Many people frequently visited cyber cafes to access internet. However, the situation wasn’t as bad as it is today.

    The introduction of smart phones has given internet access to large number of people. Smart phones are said to be one of the major causes of internet addiction in today’s times. People are seen glued to internet even as they travel or attend a social event. Some of them are obsessed with chatting apps, others are addicted to gaming while yet others are busy updating and checking their social media accounts.

    The introduction of various kinds of web series has increased internet addiction. It is an easy source of entertainment and extremely addictive. Binge watching web series is quite common among people around the world. Internet addicts forget to eat, complete important tasks, and ignore their loved ones. All they want is a high speed internet connection and a device to access it. This is straining their personal relationships and hampering their work.


    Internet addiction is a serious disorder that blurs a person’s ability to think rationally. Even though internet addicts know the harmful consequences of this addiction and begin to feel the heat they do not make much effort to overcome it. This often leads to serious problems such as depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders.

    Essay on Internet Addiction: Signs and Causes 400 words – Sample 3

    Internet addiction has been identified as an impulse control disorder. It is damaging the mental health of the addicts and also impacting their physical health negatively. People develop internet addiction due to various reasons. It is important to identify the warning signs of internet addiction and try to overcome it.

    Signs of Internet Addiction

    Here are some of the warning signs of internet addiction:

    1. Internet over Everything

    When a person gives priority to internet over other things such as work, study, play, and relationships, it is a sure sign that he is addicted to internet. Internet addicts spend most time of their time online. They even forget to eat and sleep.

    1. Feeling of Restlessness and Emptiness

    Internet addicts feel restless and a sense of emptiness surrounds them when they do not have access to internet. They feel a constant urge to surf internet and indulge in different activities online.

    1. Dizziness

    Too much screen time can blur the mind. Indulging in mindless activities online for several hours can cause a similar impact. This in turn causes dizziness.

    1. Frequent Mood Swings

    Many internet addicts experience frequent mood swings. It makes them feel vulnerable and impacts their work as well as relationships.

    1. Procrastination

    Internet addicts indulge in different useless activities online. Even though they know, they should do something productive, they aren’t able to. They procrastinate when it comes to studying, completing office assignments, doing household chores and other important tasks.

    Causes of Internet Addiction

    Most people begin to surf internet for hours as it serves as an escape from their day to day problems. Many people are shy and hesitant to talk to people around. They aren’t able to make friends in the real world. They turn to the internet and make friends online. It provides them the emotional support that is missing in their lives. Likewise, many people start watching web series and viral videos others indulge in gaming to fill the void in their life.

    Little do they know that the things they are using as a comfort will soon cause discomfort which they will find hard to overcome. While internet soothes our mind and serves as a good distraction from our day to day problems, it can prove to be fatal as we grow addicted to it.


    People grow addicted to internet because of various reasons. If you see the warning signs of internet addiction in a friend or family member, you must help them overcome it. Support from loved ones makes it easier to overcome an addiction.

    Essay on Internet Addiction: Ways to Get Rid of Internet Addiction 500 words – Sample 4

    Internet addiction is often compared to pathological gambling. It does not involve the use of a substance such as drug or alcohol but is as bad as them. Internet addicts stay glued to the internet for most part of the day. They indulge in various activities online and cut off completely from the real world. Just like any other type of addiction, it is hard to get rid of the internet addiction. However, if one is hard pressed on leaving it then he can overcome it in due course of time.

    Ways to Get Rid of Internet Addiction

    Here are some ways to get rid of internet addiction:

    1. Identify the Cause

    Unless you understand the cause of your internet addiction, you will not be able to find the way to get rid of the problem. The reason why you surf the internet for most part of the day may be to kill boredom, seek emotional support, seek companionship or distract yourself from some problem. You need to identify what it is exactly. As you begin to heal that issue, you shall be able to overcome your internet addiction as well.

    1. Support from Friends and Family

    Your friends and family members always have your back. Discuss about your growing internet addiction with them and how you wish to get rid of it. They will be more than willing to help you overcome this problem. Spend more time with your family members. Talk to them, help them with different tasks and indulge in fun activities together to keep your mind off the internet. Similarly, visit your friends or call them over frequently as you try to get rid of internet addiction. You will be able to overcome this addiction over the time with their support.

    1. Indulge in Physical Activity

    Exercising is a great way to relax your mind and feel positive. If you are growing addicted to internet to keep stress and anxiety at bay then replace this toxic habit with exercising. As you exercise, your body releases endorphins that promote a feeling of happiness. You no longer feel the need to rely on internet to get that feeling of euphoria.

    1. Seek Professional Help

    There are expert therapists who provide professional guidance to help overcome internet addiction. It is suggested to seek help from one of these. They will take you through a series of steps to get rid of this addiction. The Center for Internet Addiction provides adequate information about this disorder. It also offers effective treatment options for internet addicts.

    1. Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

    Our subconscious mind directs our behaviour to a large extent. If you are addicted to the internet and are unable to overcome it then you must start by reprogramming your subconscious mind. Get into a state of relaxation and command your subconscious mind to stop using the internet excessively. Do this repeatedly with faith and see how it helps you overcome the problem.


    It is easy to develop an addiction but quite difficult to overcome it. You will have to make good amount of effort and stay determined to get over internet addiction. The key is not to give up even when the road ahead seems tough.

    Long Essay on Internet Addiction 600 words – Sample 5

    Many people around the world are facing the problem of compulsive internet use. They spend most part of their day surfing the internet even as they know it is a completely futile activity that is messing with their mind. Internet addiction is as bad as any other addiction. People addicted to internet neglect their health, work and relationships and often end up lonely and depressed.

    Internet Addiction among Youth

    Internet addiction is more common among the youth. They feel a constant urge to use internet. They constantly scroll through different websites, watch random videos, chat with friends online, indulge in online shopping and involve in various other activities online. As they grow addicted to the internet, they begin to lose interest in real life activities. They prefer indulging in online activities only.

    They develop low mental resilience and also become socially awkward. Many youngsters these days aren’t able to interact well with others. They avoid social events and prefer making friends and relationships online. Many of them develop social anxiety.

    Internet addiction hampers their studies. Internet addicts are unable to concentrate on their assignments. They neglect their studies and lose interest in sports. All they want to do is surf the internet.

    It is unfortunate that parents give smart phones to their kids at a very early age. The world of internet is new and fascinating for them. They quickly get addicted to it. The time that should spend in studying and other constructive activities is wasted on the internet.

    Similarly, many young working professionals are also addicted to internet. At an age when they should concentrate on building their career, they waste most of their time online. Internet addiction is spoiling the future of the youth. It is impacting their growth and development.

    Consequences of Internet Addiction

    Internet addiction can prove to be extremely hazardous. It deteriorates one’s mental health, social well being as well as physical health. Here is how it impacts a person on various levels:

    • Impact on Mental Health

    Continuous use of internet slows the brain’s ability to grasp things and concentrate. Internet addicts crave to get back to the internet and are unable to focus on work at hand. This decreases their productivity. Inability to access internet causes irritability and anger. These people often develop behavioural issues.

    Research shows that people addicted to the internet are more likely to develop anxiety issues and depression.

    • Impact on Social Well-being

    Internet addicts spend most of their time online. They avoid interacting with people in the real world and also do not indulge in real activities. This impacts their social life. They become socially awkward and soon begin to feel isolated.

    • Impact on Physical Health

    Internet addicts begin to lead a sedentary life. They just sit and surf the internet almost all day long. This begins to take a toll on their physical health. They become overweight which puts them at a risk of incurring various serious illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes.

    Withdrawal Symptoms

    Internet addicts experience withdrawal symptoms as they try to get rid of internet addiction. These are quite similar to those experienced by drug addicts. They feel restless, anxious and angry when they are offline. Their stress levels sore high and they wish to get back to the internet. It can be difficult to handle this emotional upheaval. However, it can be managed with professional help and the support of loved ones.

    It is important to identify the warning signs of internet addiction and treat it. However, it is important to understand that it takes time to get over it. Don’t force yourself or your loved one to leave it at once. Doing so will create more problems rather than curbing any.


    Internet addiction is a serious problem. It should not be dismissed casually. It is important to get rid of this addiction in order to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

    FAQs on Essay on Internet Addiction

    What are the main causes of internet addiction?

    The main causes of internet addiction include loneliness, the need for escape from reality, the thrill of online social connections, or the habit of procrastination.

    What is internet addiction in students?

    Internet addiction in students occurs when excessive time spent online negatively impacts academic performance, physical health, or social interactions.

    Who suffers from internet addiction?

    Anyone can suffer from internet addiction, regardless of age, gender, or background. It's common in people seeking an escape from stress or those who rely heavily on digital platforms for social interactions.

    Why is the Internet harmful to students?

    The Internet can be harmful to students if it distracts them from studies, disrupts their mental health with negative online experiences, or leads to poor physical health due to sedentary habits.

    What are three negative effects of Internet addiction?

    • Decline in personal relationships
    • Decrease in productivity or academic performance
    • Physical health issues like eye strain or lack of physical activity

    When did Internet addiction start?

    Internet addiction started gaining attention in the late 1990s, with the rise of home internet access and online gaming communities.

    How can we prevent Internet addiction?

    Preventing internet addiction involves setting screen time limits, engaging in offline hobbies, maintaining a healthy social life, and seeking professional help if control over internet use is lost.

    What is the biggest effect of the internet?

    The biggest effect of the internet is its profound impact on communication, information accessibility, and the way it has interconnected the world, influencing virtually every aspect of modern life.

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