EnglishEssayEssay on TV Addiction in English for Children and Students

Essay on TV Addiction in English for Children and Students

TV addiction is a growing problem these days. The increasing number of television channels and a growing number of highly entertaining and interesting shows have contributed majorly to it. It is sad to see people hooked on to their television sets when they can enjoy several other activities.

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    Often dismissed lightly, TV addiction is a serious problem. It is impacting people’s relationships with themselves and those around them. It is also affecting their work, health and overall development.

    Long and Short Essay on TV Addiction in English

    Here are long and short essay on TV addiction to help you with the topic in your exam.

    These TV addiction essay have been written covering all the useful information on TV Addiction.

    After going through the essays, you will know what is TV Addiction; effects of TV addiction on your personal life, psychology and health; what cures are there for TV addiction; how much prevalent is the problem of TV addiction among children, etc.

    Short Essay on TV Addiction 200 Words

    TV addiction is seen among people of all age groups. While television is a good source of entertainment and can be used as an escape from our routine problems, getting addicted to it can prove to be damaging.

    Television addiction is usually caused because of poor social life and the inability to handle emotions well. It is also a result of boredom. While television suppresses these issues temporarily, in the long run, it only aggravates these problems. People addicted to television begin missing social events and family gatherings just to watch their favourite shows. They become emotionally dependent on television and suffer from withdrawal symptoms when they don’t have access to it. They don’t like getting involved in any other activity. They feel bored elsewhere.

    TV addiction has numerous other negative repercussions too. Some of these include erratic sleep patterns, depression, weakened eyesight, headache, strained relationships, and poor performance at work, reduced brain activity, anger issues, social isolation and lowered physical activity leading to serious physical health problems.

    Television addiction is a grave issue. If you watch television for several hours a day and cannot do without it even for a single day then you are addicted to it. You need to address the problem immediately and get rid of it before it takes a toll on your life. There are many ways to overcome this addiction. You just need to stay determined and fight your way through.

    Essay on TV Addiction 300 Words: Disrupts Personal and Professional Life

    Getting addicted to anything means shutting down partly or completely on other things in life. Addiction of all sorts including TV addiction is bad. It disrupts a person’s personal as well as professional life and impacts his health badly. Several people around the world are addicted to television and are ruining their lives.

    TV Addiction Disrupts Personal Life

    We need to spend quality time with our family members to create a healthy dynamic with them. A family with a friendly and healthy environment raises happy and healthy kids. People addicted to television prefer watching TV rather than talking to their family members. This disrupts normal family life.

    As a person grows addicted to TV, he also loses good equation with friends. He does not socialize much and eventually becomes socially isolated. This is a cause of great concern. Television addiction is one of the causes why people are growing distant from each other. People addicted to television may not realize this initially however they soon begin to feel lonely. Many of them even go into depression because of this addiction.

    TV Addiction Hampers Professional Life

    A person addicted to TV just wants to get back home and watch his favourite shows or just about anything on the TV. Many times such people miss important meetings, delay important tasks and even take leaves or half day off from their workplace just to watch TV. This can be damaging for their career. However, they do not realise this. All they care about is to reach home early and sit in front of their television set.

    People addicted to TV are likely to perform poorly at work also because watching television for long period of time can decrease their ability to focus on the task at hand.

    Importance of Television in our life Essay

    It serves the purpose of giving us information, and it also brings enjoyment and helps fight off boredom. Importantly, it plays a crucial role in spreading news and knowledge. News channels are valuable for staying informed about what’s currently happening around the world.


    Numerous people around the world are suffering from TV addiction. They are ruining their life in exchange of momentary pleasure. It is important to identify the cause of this addiction and get rid of it to lead a better life.

    Essay on TV Addiction 400 words: Harmful for the Brain

    Television addiction is much older than the internet and mobile addiction. It has been prevalent ever since the advent of cable TV. In earlier times, television shows were limited. A few shows were telecasted during the afternoon hours and few during the evening hours. This was a good trend as it ensured limited TV viewing hours.

    However, cable TV was soon introduced and numerous channels came into being. These channels telecasted different kinds of shows all through the day and even at night. TV became one of the best sources of entertainment and a number of people got hooked to it. The number of TV addicts is only growing by the day.

    TV Addiction Harmful for Brain Function

    TV addiction has harmful impact on the brain function. It has been observed that people who are addicted to TV are unable to concentrate. Their attention span decreases and their ability to focus drops substantially. Inability to maintain focus hinders the ability to learn. TV addicts suffer from low grasping power.

    t has been seen that children who suffer from TV addiction perform poorly in their exams. This is not just because they spend less time studying but also because they aren’t able to focus and learn their lessons even during the time they study. They aren’t even able to maintain focus during the classroom sessions and thus miss out on important things.

    Spending a lot of time watching television also makes people more forgetful. Besides, TV addiction can make us experience different negative emotions. It impacts our thinking and behaviour to a great extent. A person who watches suspense thrillers often grows suspicious of everything and everyone around. Likewise, a person who watches emotional drama genre becomes highly emotional and is unable to control his emotions during real life situations.

    A person who watches horror often begins to hallucinate and lives in constant fear of ghosts and spirits. Someone who watches news for several hours a day develops negative thinking as most of it is filled with the crimes and mishaps happening around the world. So, the mind of TV addicts is programmed based on whatever they watch which is not good. They cut off from the reality and start living in a different world altogether.

    People who watch a lot of television also stand a high chance of suffering from depression. Depression urges them to watch more TV as not doing so makes them feel even more vulnerable and lonely. So, this is a vicious circle that one is unable to get out of.


    To conclude, we can say that, TV addiction damages the brain to a vast extent. It hampers a person’s all round growth and causes various other issues. The problem must be addressed immediately to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

    Essay on TV Addiction 500 words: Ways to Cure TV Addiction

    TV addiction is as bad as any other kind of addiction. It is easy to get addicted to television but difficult to overcome it. With several new channels and interesting television shows being introduced regularly it is hard to get over this addiction. However, it is essential to cure it just in time as the impact it has on a person’s life is hard to deal with.

    Here are some of the ways to cure TV addiction:

    Limit TV Viewing Time

    Start by limiting your TV viewing time. Make a schedule that includes various activities you ought to carry out during the day. When you jot down the tasks, you get a sense of how much you require accomplishing and the little time you have to do so. Stick to your schedule to run your day systematically and limit your TV viewing hours. This can prove to be a significant step in getting rid of TV addiction.

    Spend Time with Family Members

    Your family members always crave for your love and attention. They are ready to shower the same in abundance. Spending time with family is much more fun and fulfilling than sitting in front of the idiot box. When trying to get over your television addiction, it is suggested to seek help from family members. They will certainly support you in the cause. Try to spend more time with them to distract you from TV.

    Limit Your TV Subscription

    Most Direct to Home TV (DTH) operators allow you to choose the channels you wish to see and charge accordingly. It is best to unsubscribe the channels that have shows running twenty-four seven particularly the ones you have been hooked on to lately. You may also unsubscribe some of the movie channels. Limiting the number of channels is a good way to limit your television viewing time.

    Enrol at a Hobby Class

    Everyone has some hobby or the other. It is a good idea to enrol for the same. It may be dancing, painting, gardening or swimming. Join the classes and see how good it makes you feel. You will have a wonderful experience doing what you enjoy and it will also take your mind off from the television.

    Get out of Your House

    You may have the urge to watch TV when you sit at home for long period of time. It is a good idea to get involved in activities outside. You may go shopping to get things of daily needs. Similarly, you may visit a friend, go for a walk or just take your grandparents or kids to the nearby park and spend time with them. Make such activities part of your daily schedule. This will help you stay away from the television for longer hours.


    It is difficult to get over TV addiction but you can do so with some effort. Start by limiting your television channel subscriptions and the number of hours you watch TV. Replace it with other activities that interest you. Besides, do not hesitate to seek help from your family and friends as you try to overcome this severe addiction. Their love and support can be of great help.

    Long Essay on TV Addiction 600 Words

    TV addiction is an old problem that grips numerous people around the world. While most people are hooked to certain shows others just sit in front of the TV and keep scrolling through the channels for hours. They are so addicted to the idiot box that they neglect their work and other responsibilities.

    Signs of TV Addiction

    Here are some of the signs and symptoms of people addicted to television:

    1. People addicted to television spend several hours of the day watching TV shows.
    2. They keep surfing through different channels even though there is nothing good to watch. They just cannot put the remote down and turn off the TV.
    3. They skip important events and cut off socially just to watch their favourite shows.
    4. They often neglect important tasks and suffer loss at work/ business because of this addiction.
    5. They feel anxious, depressed, bored and uncomfortable when deprived of watching TV.

    TV Addiction among Kids

    In the earlier times, people lived in joint families. Kids were lucky to have siblings and cousins with whom they could play and talk all day long. They also had uncles, aunts and grandparents around who involved them in different activities throughout the day. So, they stayed busy for most part of the day. But things have changed over the time.

    The growing trend of nuclear family system is one of the main reasons for TV addiction among kids. Both the parents work in most of the families just to ensure a better lifestyle. The kids are often isolated and the easiest thing to turn to for companionship is a television.

    Parents just turn on the television and make their kids sit in front of it so that they can carry on with their work peacefully. And before they know, their kids are addicted to television. It is easy to get addicted to the television but very difficult to get over it.

    Kids who develop television addiction aren’t able to concentrate on their studies and perform poorly in their exams. They also develop behavioural issues and health problems. Parents need to ensure that they limit their kid’s TV viewing time. This is important for the mental as well as physical well being of the kids.

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    Impact of TV Addiction

    • Television addiction is known to cause behavioural issues. A person who is addicted to TV is likely to show signs of aggression. This is because many television shows stream violent content.
    • Television addiction blurs the ability to think rationally. The thinking and behaviour of a television addict are largely influenced by the kind of shows he/she watches frequently. Such people begin to act and react accordingly.
    • Television addicts are not able to concentrate on their work. They have this constant urge to return to the television and watch their favourite shows. Besides, this addiction also reduces brain activity that results in poor performance at work.
    • Television addicts often day dream and start living in a fantasy world. They cut off ties from the reality.
    • Television addicts often complain of headache and migraine.
    • Watching television for hours can cause irreparable damage to the eyes. TV addicts often suffer from redness in the eyes or itchy eyes. Their eyesight also weakens over the time.
    • Television addicts often isolate themselves from the society. This results in depression over the time.
    • Television addiction results in erratic sleep patterns. This causes lethargy and hampers work.
    • Television addiction can cause tension in personal relationships. This is because TV addicts give importance to television over their family.
    • Television addiction can lower physical activities and result in various health issues such as obesity, diabetes, heart problem, etc.
    • Watching too much TV can be harmful for kids in several ways. It can lead to childhood obesity, behavioral issues, and less physical activity. To prevent these problems, parents should set limits on how much time their children spend in front of the TV
      ConclusionTelevision addiction is doing a lot of harm to the society. It is straining personal relationships, lowering the performance level of professionals and increasing negative thinking among the masses. The issue must be addressed seriously before it is too late.

      Essay on TV Addiction FAQs

      How is TV addictive?

      TV can be addictive because it offers entertaining content that can be hard to stop watching, and it's easy to spend a lot of time in front of the screen.

      What is television short essay?

      A television short essay is a brief piece of writing that explains the significance, impact, or role of television in society.

      What is the role of TV in your daily life?

      TV plays a role in daily life as a source of information, entertainment, and connection to the world, but excessive TV time can also disrupt routines.

      What are the effects of television?

      The effects of television include influencing opinions, emotions, and behavior, but it can also lead to a sedentary lifestyle and impact social interactions.

      What are the 10 disadvantages of television?

      The 10 disadvantages of television can include reduced physical activity, disrupted sleep, addiction, desensitization to violence, and negative effects on academic performance.

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