EnglishSpeechMothers Day Speech in simple and easy words

Mothers Day Speech in simple and easy words

Mother’s Day is special for each one of us and is celebrated everywhere across the globe. In fact, in many educational institutions and organizations – this day is celebrated with great zeal. Some are needed to deliver a speech on mother’s day. So keeping in mind the needs of our students and others who face struggles in composing a speech, we prepare easy-to-understand and lucid speeches – both short and long Mothers Day Speech.

Mothers Day Speech

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    Now draw references from our speeches and confidently go on stage to impress your mother or audience. You can always browse through our speeches section whenever you are stuck somewhere or have difficulty composing one.

    Speech on Mothers Day

    Mothers Day Speech – 1

    A Very Good Morning, Ladies and Gentlemen!

    Today, our company has organized this event on the auspicious occasion of “Mother’s Day,” I would like to thank all the beautiful mothers who came here to grace this event. Today, as a manager and child, I feel blessed to have gotten this opportunity to thank my mother for everything she did and is still doing for me. She is a big reason for everything I got in my life, and she is the most precious. She found her happiness in my happiness. It is the most blissful part of my life when she smiles.

    I guess it is true that the mother-child relationship is the most beautiful and inseparable bond we all have in this world. For me, she is the person who taught me how to stand on my own feet by holding my hand, and it was she who taught me how to learn from my mistakes. She was there for me to help selflessly without expecting anything in return except love. I can leave every luxury for my mother because I feel more relaxed and peaceful with my mother, and there is no substitute for it.

    Mother is the most important person in one’s life, and so is me. When I reach home, it feels like nobody is in the house if my mother is not there. In my childhood, when I fell and got injured, the first word that exploded through my mouth was (mummy) mother because I always knew that my mother was there for me in every situation, and from that time to now, there has been nothing that has changed in our relationship. Today I am a manager of this huge prosperous company, and my mother is the biggest reason for my success.

    Everything feels easy with her because I know she is behind me. In my childhood, she stood asleep during my exams just for my help and so that I could prepare for them well. She made infinite sacrifices for my happiness and success selflessly. She is a true goddess who gave me my life, happiness, and everything I have today.

    Every mother did and is still making sacrifices selflessly; thus, they deserve huge respect from everyone. Without a mother, our creation would be impossible. She did everything she could for me, and now when I am fully grown, it is my turn to do everything possible to make my mother happy. I believe that no one has enough potential for a mother because of the sacrifices she makes for her child. No one has the potential to do that much. There is a mother behind every child who gains success, which is why it was said that there is a woman behind every successful person, which means mother.

    Now, at the end of my speech, I would like to grab this opportunity to thank our company’s owner, who allowed me to organize this auspicious event for our mothers and for the opportunity to thank my mother and I hope that this will become the most memorable day for our mothers and for us too.

    Thank you all very much, and I wish you all a great day ahead!

    Mothers Day Speech – 2

    Respected Principal, Respected Teachers, and My Dear Friend!

    Today we all have gathered here on mother’s day, and as a head girl of this school, I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to say a few words for our mothers. Although every day of our lives is dedicated to our parents, this day has been labelled as “Mother’s Day,” so it became quite special for our mothers and us. Mother’s day has been celebrated for thousands of years since ancient times. In India, we follow the tradition of worshipping goddesses, and it is just similar to mother’s day. On this day, we show gratitude and love towards our mothers. A mother dedicates her whole life to her children without expecting anything. The only thing she wants is to be loved by her children. For her, a hug from her children is bigger than anything in this world, and so is for us as children.

    Despite many relations, the most transparent and selfless relationship we all have is what we share with our mother. It does not matter how difficult the situation is; a mother is always there for her children till her last breath. Some children do not understand the value of their mother, but when they realize it, it is already late. They send their mothers to a very shameful nursing home. Many people compare mothers with God, but she is an actual goddess we can see with our eyes.

    A mother is a goddess who gave us our lives through infinite sacrifices that no one else can ever do that much for anybody. Nothing in the entire universe could be compared with our mothers. A mother is the most reliable person in our lives. She is a person who we can trust blindly in every situation. It isn’t easy to imagine a world without a mother because she is the reason behind the creation of this entire world.

    She stands behind her child for the support they want, and we must give her the support when needed. Behind every person’s success is their mother’s caring and helping hand. Without a mother, life seems impossible. She is the person who teaches her child to walk on their own feet. Today we all have this worthy opportunity to thank our mothers for raising us and for all her support because we would not be standing here without her. A mother is a picture of sacrifices and dedication. Let us make this day a memorable and precious day for our mothers.

    On this note, I would like to extend special thanks to my mother for everything and to all of you for your patience.

    I wish you a great day ahead!

    Mothers Day Speech – 3

    Respected Principal, Honorary Managing Committee, Respected Teachers, Loving Mothers, and My Dear Fellow Students – Good Morning to one and all!

    I welcome everyone to the school auditorium on Mother’s Day special occasion. Being a head girl of this school, I have been given this wonderful opportunity by the managing committee to deliver a speech on Mother’s Day. I feel greatly privileged and want to thank the committee for giving me this honor. However, once I finish my speech, fellow students can join me on stage to express their feelings.

    It feels really good to see all the children’s mothers under one roof, and their presence has become so vibrant. We all know that May 10 is dedicated to all mothers and is celebrated as Mother’s Day. So it is the best time for all the children to express their love and gratitude towards their mothers and make them feel special in special ways. Our mother is the most important relationship that God gifts us with; she makes our lives fulfilling and worth living.

    The special connection and bonding we share with her cannot be described in words. She is the one who showers unconditional love on us and nurtures our lives through her valuable lessons and teachings. She helps us find the right path when we stumble, and with her support, we can overcome any difficulties in life. Her blessings remove the stumbling blocks from our path and help us accomplish our goals.

    So does it not become our duty to listen to our mothers patiently and give them due importance in our lives?

    Many philosophers raised a mother’s position to the level of deities and compared her to a goddess. This is quite true as she gives birth and is the reason behind our existence on this earth. She is responsible for making our lives beautiful and meaningful. So someone who adds so many colors to our lives, does it not become our responsibility as children to make her feel loved and special in many ways? However, she doesn’t expect grand things from us, just a thoughtful gesture that can make her realize her importance in our lives.

    So don’t miss today’s time and tell her how special she is to you and that she is a priceless gift in your life. Celebrate this day with your mother, and make sure that she knows how dear she is to you by the end of this day.

    Sometimes, we forget the struggle and pain of our mothers in raising us and inadvertently hurt her through our actions. Always remember that our mothers will never share their days of struggles with us, but in many ways, we can always try to ease her burden and help her in her work. I am sure you all will agree that she is like an angel in disguise who continuously prays for our better lives and showers us with her love and kindness.

    So let’s come together and make this moment special for her. Thank You!

    Mothers Day Speech – 4

    Hon’ble Principal, Respected Professors, and My Dear Friends – I heartily welcome all to our college event on Mother’s Day.

    I, the final year student from Sociology Stream, would want to deliver a speech on Mother’s Day. While composing a speech on mothers, I realized that only on very rare occasions do we open up and express ourselves to say something for our loved ones, and today it’s about our mothers. It didn’t take me much to compose the speech; nonetheless, it can be impromptu as we don’t have to struggle for words to say how much our mothers mean to us. More than saying it in words, I can feel from within a great upsurge of emotions.

    I get even more excited for mother’s day because it falls in the month of spring. I hope everyone knows the significance of this season, i.e., birth, life, growth, and rejuvenation. All these qualities can be aptly associated with our mothers as she has given us life and brought us onto this earth – she is a nurturing figure who sustains us and guides us at every stage of life.

    She is indeed God’s most wonderful gift for us, and the best part is that she shows us her unconditional love and affection. Her love for us is immeasurable, and she always remains protective of us. Even when we go wrong somewhere, she holds our hand and shows us the right path. She teaches us righteousness and how to uphold our principles in times of moral crisis. We cannot imagine a single moment without her.

    The mother-child relationship is so special that she realizes our needs before we say anything. From knowing our likes/dislikes to sensing our mood swings – she knows our every nerve. So let’s not miss this opportunity and surprise our mothers with wonderful gifts and loving gestures. Most importantly, kiss and hug your mother and say how much you love her.

    In fact, before closing my speech, I should also say a few words to my mother. She is not only my mother but my most wonderful companion as well. I never hide anything from her – whether it’s pleasant or unpleasant. Her happiness knows no bounds when I accomplish my goals, and she gets very much disturbed if anything goes wrong with me. She can read my silence and knows what will be best for me. There’s no demand of mine, which she has never fulfilled, whether buying things of my choice or taking approval from papa for my college trips. I am feeling short of words to describe her unparalleled support in my life.

    Now, I want to seek the blessings of God not only for my mother but for all the mothers who continue to nurture us and love us unconditionally. May God keep our mothers happy and hearty and in the best spirits! Not a single day should come in their lives when she feels upset or hurt.

    Thank You!

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