EnglishSpeechSpeech on My School Life in English in simple and easy words

Speech on My School Life in English in simple and easy words

‘My School Life’ is often a subject of writing for the school students. It is also the favorite topic of many students as they can very well relate with it and share their thoughts on the same quite effortlessly. Even students are asked to prepare or deliver a speech on My School Life as part of their classroom assignment.

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    Long and Short Speech on My School Life in English

    Realizing the importance of this topic, we have comprehensively covered here both the short speeches on My School Life and long speeches on My School Life. If you face any difficulty while preparing the subject matter, you can quickly visit our website and experience a rich learning exercise through the medium of our speeches and essays. So what are you waiting for? Just browse through our website and avail the benefits.

    My School Life 1

    Dear Friends – I hope this day finds you in the best of spirits!

    Today on the speech giving day, I – Pratishtha Singh from Class-VIII (B) – would like to deliver a speech on My School Life. I am sure we all will have something or the other to say about our school lives. Isn’t it?

    The very word ‘School’ carries a lot of emotions with it and we are transported to a world where we spend half of our day studying, reading and writing, then enjoying other co-curricular activities too such as sports, dance, music, etc. We imbibe a lot in the school environment where our personalities and characters are shaped and we are prepared for the nation’s building exercise. The foundation of our early years is very important as it informs our future and this very foundation is being laid down by our school. I am in VIII standard at present and so far my journey in this school has been excellent; in fact whatever I am today I owe it all to my school.

    I want to thank my parents for sending me to one of the best schools of our town and I also want to thank our hon’ble principal and teachers for being so considerate all the time and always working for the better prospects of their students. I especially want to thank my class teacher for being so patient and kind with us and always showing ready nature for resolving our queries. My school life has been best so far and there are no laments or regrets for anything. My school has given me a lot many things, i.e. it has made me confident, independent and knowledgeable. The fact that I have brought home awards and trophies in Science and Maths subjects in Olympiad as well as inter-school competition; reveal a lot about my schooling and the hard work that my teachers have put in towards our mental and intellectual growth.

    There is no reason to doubt that if such school as ours continues to thrive all across the country then no one can stop our nation from growing by leaps and bounds. Needless to say, a nations’ growth is directly proportional to the development of its youth and if the future of youth is laid waste then no one can save the future of that nation from plunging into obscurity. And if the youth thrives the nation also thrives. This is the reason why so much stress is laid down on educating the youth and making them independent and imparting them different skills so that employment can be generated and more and more of our youth can find the opportunities for showcasing their talent and making their nation proud.

    So I firmly believe that schools play a very important role in our society without the existence of which any nation would be reduced to a state of gross barbarity.

    This is all I have to say, thank you so much for being such a great audience.

    My School Life 2

    Hello Folks – Warm Greetings of the day to all of you!

    I hope life is treating you well. Before I begin with the speech on My School Life, I want to thank our class teacher for giving me the opportunity to speak in front of you all and deliver a speech. I know this exercise will help remove all my inhibitions and give me enough confidence to speak. The subject of my speech is interesting and does not require any preparation at all as it will all flow from my heart.

    What do I say about my school life? So far so good! The journey has been incredibly great and I have quite evolved in these preceding 12 years so much so that I am now ready for the next level challenges. Excitement is high in the air! After scoring highest marks in my 10th board exam, I am exhilarated and boosted with enough confidence to launch myself for the upcoming challenges. I can say this because of the immense support I have received from all my teachers. Had that support not been there I wouldn’t have brought this glory home.

    Whatever I am today is all because of my teachers and nothing can take this credit away from them. I am extremely thankful to my school for providing us with all the quintessential resources needed for our growth and development. Whether it’s the libraries or labs, time to time conducted workshops or our extra classes – everything has helped us a lot in getting closer to our dreams. If we as students come across any hindrance in our studies we can directly report it to our principal. The management is smooth and pretty systematic in our school. It doesn’t take days and months to resolve our query as quick decisions and actions are taken. This is the reason why our school has gone on to achieve benchmarks after benchmarks and needless to say is counted amongst one of the best schools of Dwarka.

    I can proudly say that my school is the best school and whoever passes out from this school is bound to land successfully somewhere and will definitely make it to the best. The best part about my school is that it doesn’t function with a view to ameliorate the immediate present, but constantly works towards achieving a vision that it has envisaged for itself. If our future is secure then we are secure and this is the primary goal of our school, i.e. to safeguard our future by molding us in such a manner that we can derive strength from our own selves and overcome any obstacle in life.

    There couldn’t have been a better school for me than this which has greatly honed my skills and showcased my talent so well that today I feel proud of my achievements and so are my teachers and parents. In the end, I only wish for my school unbounded success and glory.

    Thank you everyone!

    My School Life 3

    Greetings of the day everyone – I hope you are doing well!

    Before I deliver speech on My School Life, let me welcome everyone to the speech ceremony of today. The speech topic of today is My School Life and I am so excited to share my thoughts on the same.

    School life is an exciting phase in everyone’s life, I am sure you all will agree. In fact, my school life has been so enriching that I cannot thank enough my parents for sending me to the best school and of course my teachers for being such a guiding torch in the entire journey. My teachers have been an influential factor in my life, helped shape my personality and shared a lot with us from their immense reservoir of knowledge. Whatever I am today is all because of my school and the kind of grooming they have given me in my early years.

    Other than academics, I thoroughly enjoyed other co-curricular activities, such as being a part of the basketball fraternity, cricket federation, debate society, etc. This entire journey has been really exciting and I have grown as a person, as an individual. It is rightly said that “school life is the best life” and this phrase sums up the whole crux of it because during the entire 12-year period we learn something new and something innovating. School provides us with a stirring environment where we grow; we learn; experience new things; make friends and gain the confidence to face the world outside. It is therefore the best phase in a student’s life where he/she greatly evolves and gain the ability to think critically.

    School also teaches us discipline and the value of time without which we can never achieve our aims and goals in life. The exams that we give during the school days help us prepare for the big challenges in life. There is no reason for me to doubt that it is a place where we experience an over round development of our being, where our scholastic abilities grow, where our horizon widens and we are exposed to numerous possibilities of learning new things and molding our personalities in the best way possible. Though every phase in our lives has its own importance, but we can never imbibe as much as we do from our school lives because it is a long 12-year journey. Isn’t it?

    I can never get over the indelible impression that my school has left over me – that time of waking up early morning, preparing for school, walking inside the classrooms, reading, writing, finishing the assignments, appearing for the examination, participating in annual functions, debate competitions and of course last but not the least sports too. Nothing was left untouched as my school has taught me a lot, which I would never be able to thank my school for.

    A good school always imparts value education to its students and this value education is not confined to just books, but goes beyond that which helps a child his/her lifetime. This is all I have to say.

    Thank you so much!

    My School Life 4

    Dear Friends – Warm Greetings to all of you!

    Before we begin with the celebration today, please allow me to honor our chief guest, principal, vice principal and all our teachers.

    I am extremely glad to welcome everyone today at our school annual function. I, Pushkar Chawla, from Class-XII (B), am your host for today and feel honored to have shared the stage with my class teacher Dr. Naina Gupta who is truly an inspiration for me. This annual function is indeed very special for all of us and we eagerly await this day for unbounded fun and celebration. But this time friends, I promise you some extra doses of laughter and enjoyment with some really engaging games.

    Besides, I also would like to express my feelings today because this is our last year in school and post that our higher secondary education would be completed and so our journey in the school. Therefore, on this auspicious day I would like to say a few words for my school and would also like to express my gratitude for bestowing on us the wealth of knowledge.

    It feels like yesterday when I took admission in this school, but it was long 10 years back when my father got me here. At that time I was a child and then my educational journey began. I entered in X standard and now I stand here as a grown up individual waiting to emerge with flying colors.

    From learning to read and write, this school has taught me everything from the scratch. Here, I have not just passed the examinations, but have learnt to overcome difficulties and be a strong individual. We are not only taught lessons in class, but are given some precious lifelong lessons which will stay with us all our lives. We are taught how discipline plays a key role in accomplishing our goals and why it is important to value time. Then other than academics, we are pushed to be a part of other co-curricular activities. Whereas I excelled in basketball, my other friends excelled in cricket, some in dance, some in music, etc. Inter school competitions were often organized so that we can learn to compete in a healthy manner and can best realize our potential.

    We were given ample opportunities to showcase our talent and skill. It is all because of this that we are confident individuals and have learnt to conduct ourselves in the world outside. Had this school not been there as our backbone and as our firm support, we wouldn’t have been the kind of personalities that we are today, i.e. strong and dynamic. A school therefore plays a really significant role in laying the scholastic foundation of a child and I feel lucky enough to have been sent to such a school as this is a place where every child is nurtured with a lot of care and attention.

    In the end all I want to say is that I am a proud student of our ABC School. Now, let the show begins.

    Thank you!

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