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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths Chapter 13 Probability Exercise 13.5

All 13.5 exercise questions are answered in NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths Chapter 13 13.5 Probability. The principals studied in Maths chapter 13 are the foundation for NCERT Solutions for Class 13 13.5 Exercise. This practice is crucial for both the CBSE Term II exam and competitive exams. To do well on your exam, download these NCERT Solutions and practice them offline.

Exercise 13.5

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths Chapter Probability 13.5

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    Using the NCERT solutions for Ex 13.5 Class 12 Maths is the best option for the CBSE students when they are preparing for their exams. This chapter includes many exercises. One of them is Exercise 13.5 whose solutions are available in pdf format on this page. You can also download these solutions online from our website or app. Infinity Learn subject matter experts have designed solutions from the exercise with the utmost care and by keeping in mind all the guidelines by CBSE. Class 12 Students which have prepared with all the exercises given in this chapter can easily score well in the exams. By using these solutions, students came to know about the pattern of questions that are asked in the exam from this chapter and also know about the marks weightage of the chapter. So they can prepare well.

    Along with this exercise, there are a number of exercises included in this chapter that contain innumerable questions as well. All these solutions are designed by subject matter experts as mentioned earlier. Hence all of these are considered as superior quality and students must refer to these solutions. To score well in the exam all these solutions must be practiced well and all other questions must be solved which are given next to it. Do not delay any more. Download the NCERT solutions for Class 12 Maths Chapter 13 Exercise 13.5 from Infinity Learn website now for better exam preparation. If you have the Infinity Learn app on your phone, you should download the same through the app as well. You can use these solutions online and offline as well

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    1. How can I study Class 12 Maths Chapter 13 Probability?

    Ans. To study this chapter, it is important to understand these fundamental concepts:

    • Probability And Statistics
    • Multiplication theorem on Probability
    • Bayes Theorem
    • Bernoulli Trials 
    • Binomial Distribution

    These concepts have been cover in detail in the NCERT solutions by Infinity Learn to ensure that you get a clarity on this chapter. These solutions are also available on the Infinity Learn app and the website.

    1. Please brief about the Class 12 Maths Chapter 13 Probability?

    Ans. This chapter includes conditional probability, multiplication theorem, random variables, Bayes theorem, and others. Probability belongs to the extent to which any given event may occur. It can be easily calculated using the number of favorite things to occur out of the whole number of events. You must know that the probability of any event P always has to be:

    0 ≤ Pe ≤ 1.

    1. Can I score full marks in Class 12 Chapter 13 Maths?

    Ans. Yes, you can easily score full marks in Class 12 Maths. All you need to do to score full marks in Maths is frequent practice. All of the concepts should be clear in this subject since many questions are expected in the board examination from this chapter. This will help you make your confidence up and well versed with the chapter and can score full marks in the exam. You should also refer to the NCERT Solutions of this chapter.

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