Study MaterialsNCERT SolutionsNCERT Solutions for Class 7 EnglishNCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 2 Poem The Rebel

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 2 Poem The Rebel

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Chapter 2 Poem The Rebel

The joy of studying and learning the English language is always incredible, especially when we get into some of the most remarkable poems included in the CBSE syllabus. Kids are more likely to acquire new ideas, concepts, and words as a result of the hypnotic tunes and engaging approach of famous poems. However, when it comes to learning from the NCERT textbook, it can sometimes become impossible or complicated for children. This occurs as a result of a lack of learning tools, sufficient notes, or proper tutoring access.

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    The NCERT Solution for Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 2 Poem “The Rebel,” is prepared in plain language, aligning with the CBSE syllabus for class 7 English to help students better comprehend the chapter. The answers provide precise notes and assistance to simplify the learning process, enabling students to earn high grades in their exams as a result. These resources are available in PDF format for easy access and use.

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      Chapter 2 The Rebel

      NCERT Solutions Class 7 English Chapter 2 Poem The Rebel Textbook Question Answer

      Working with the Poem Page No. 34

      1. Answer the following questions.

      i) If someone doesn’t wear a uniform to school, what do you think the teacher will say?

      First of all, the teacher will ask the reason. If he finds the reason genuine, he will forgive him. If not, the teacher will give some punishment.

      ii) When everyone wants a clear sky, what does the rebel want most?

      When everyone wants a clear sky, the rebel wants rain.

      iii) If the rebel has a dog for a pet, what is everyone else likely to have?

      If the rebel has a dog for a pet, everyone else is likely to have a cat.

      iv) Why is it good to have rebels?

      It is good to have rebels because they have enough power and imagination in mind to bring positive changes in society. Thus, they keep a balance by thinking differently.

      v) Why is it not good to be a rebel oneself?

      It is not good to be a rebel oneself because people do not like rebels generally. He always has to face many odd situations.

      vi) Would you like to be a rebel? If yes, why? If not, why not?

      I would like to be a rebel because I want to bring some changes to the established convention, some of which are totally unreasonable and illogical.

      2. Find in the poem an antonym (a word opposite in meaning) for each of the following words.

      1. long
      2. grow
      3. quietness
      4. sober
      5. lost


      1. long – short
      2. grow – cut
      3. quietness – disturbance
      4. sober – fantastic
      5. lost – found

      3. Find in the poem lines that match the following. Read both, one after the other.

      1. The rebel refuses to cut his hair.
      2. He says cats are better.
      3. He recommends dogs.
      4. He is unhappy because there is no sun.
      5. He is noisy on purpose.


      1. When everybody has short hair, The rebel lets his hair grow long.
      2. In the company of dog lovers, The rebel expresses a preference for cats.
      3. In the company of cat lovers, The rebel puts in a good word for dogs.
      4. When everybody is greeting the rain, The rebel regrets the absence of sun.
      5. When nobody talks during the lesson, The rebel creates a disturbance.

      The Rebel Poem Class 7 Summary

      The Rebel is an insightful poem that examines the traits of an individual who consistently chooses to deviate from the norm. Aimed at a class 7 audience, it portrays the rebel through various everyday situations.

      The poet depicts the rebel as someone who intentionally opposes common actions or thoughts. For example, if everyone cuts their hair short, the rebel lets theirs grow long; if all are speaking, the rebel remains silent. This theme of nonconformity recurs throughout the poem, emphasizing the rebel’s tendency to stand out from the crowd.

      Furthermore, the rebel’s choices extend to preferences in pets and reactions to weather, always choosing the opposite of the popular preference. The poem captures the essence of individualism and the challenges of being a rebel, such as isolation.

      Ultimately, “The Rebel” highlights the importance of diversity in opinions within any group and suggests that rebels bring valuable perspectives, even though their contrarian nature can be inconvenient to others. The poem encourages young readers to appreciate different viewpoints and the significance of individuality in a conformist society.

      How Can Students Benefit from the NCERT Solution for Class 7 English Poem The Rebel?

      The Rebel Poem Class 7 answers are available in PDF format below. These resources can be downloaded to help you get the greatest possible grades on your English tests. The studies and teaching methods are easy so that Class 7 students can learn and understand more easily. The notes are strictly based on the NCERT textbooks. NCERT answers for English Honeycomb Poem in Class 7 For students, The Rebel is an excellent source of study resources. They include a comprehensive range of questionnaires, as well as responses, short MCQs, and more.

      For the students, this is a better option.

      Not only does the site have The Rebel poetry Class 7 pdf, but it also has notes for other topics. For the types of words used (understandable), easy notes availability, and proper replies, even some renowned tutoring facilities refer to these solutions. These are used as keynotes and sources for a variety of topics. The fascinating element is that the majority of the questions in the notes are identical to real-life exam problems.

      The Solutions Concept

      Experts offer solutions so that new-age children and emerging students do not have trouble locating appropriate study resources. Consider practicing the questions on a daily basis until you have a good understanding of the chapters. The Rebel, an NCERT answer for the Class 7 English chapter, will dispel any questions by summarising and presenting the poetry in a narrative fashion. This makes it easier for students to comprehend and deduce the poem’s meaning.

      Why to Choose Infinity Learn for NCERT Solution for Class 7 English Poems The Rebel

      INFINITY LEARN is a unique website that provides new students with access to learning materials in the modern-day. Students don’t have to rely entirely on textbooks when it comes to NCERT solutions for the Class 7 English poem The Rebel, for example. Choosing Infinity Learn for the NCERT solutions for Class 7 English, particularly for the poem “The Rebel,” is a wise decision for several reasons:

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      • Support Material: Beyond just solutions, Infinity Learn offers additional support materials such as summaries, character analyses, and contextual discussions that help students gain a holistic understanding of the text.

      FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Chapter 2 Poem The Rebel

      How can INFINITY LEARN's NCERT solutions assist students?

      NCERT answers for English Honeycomb Class 7 Almost all subjects and chapters common to classes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 are covered in the Rebel. The solutions come with a full explanation, and the students' sole responsibility is to download the files from the website.

      What role do the notes in the solutions have in the poem's questionnaire?

      NCERT answers for Honeycomb Chapter 2 poem in English for Class 7 Students will benefit from The Rebel because it provides answers in a narrative format. Students do not have to go through a large amount of data to discover the correct answers. It is suggested that students read it.

      Why are the notes in the answers prone to being inaccurate?

      The questions are produced by subject experts after a comprehensive investigation and are based on the pattern of previous examinations in the recent past. As a result, these are the best resources for comprehending a Class 7 English poem. The Insurgent.

      What is your opinion about Albus Camus?

      Although he appears to be comparable to Meursault, who opposes the jail chaplain, Kaliayev is an idealist, unlike Meursault. Humanism, according to Camus, is the recognition of an irreducible core of values that all humans share. His take on absurdism—life being devoid of meaning, or man's inability to see that meaning if it existed—was one to treasure.

      What does be a rebel entail?

      To rebel implies to oppose or defy someone in a position of power or control; to reject and aggressively oppose one's government's authority, and to act in opposition to or disobey polite society's traditions. Anyone defying or coordinating defiance against those in power is considered a rebel. A rebel has his own set of views that he adheres to.

      Does Camus appear to believe in the existence of God?

      Camus does not appear to believe in God. Nonetheless, religion is explicitly rejected as a foundation for his worldview. Rather than overtly challenging religious belief, as he does in the books, Camus' work focuses on choosing to live without God.

      Is it necessary to have dissidents in our society?

      Yes, rebels are necessary for any society to challenge those in positions of power. Rebels are good because they are one-of-a-kind and teach us how to appreciate and tolerate differences. Being a rebel is undesirable because society rarely accepts rebels and constantly criticizes their actions. They aid in the smooth running of any community and keep those in authority in check.

      Should the word 'rebel' be considered a pejorative?

      The negative connotation of the term rebel is not healthy and might have negative consequences. It is not only against genuine revolt but also against the name rebellion, which it has tarnished. Beautiful words like rebel, revolution, and freedom need to be rescued from their negative connotations, and the only way to do so is to think of the term positively. As a result, the word rebel should not be regarded as a pejorative term.

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