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Ncert Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 9 A Bicycle in Good Repair

A Bicycle in Good Repair – NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Chapter 9 – Free PDF Download

NCERT Solutions Class 7 English

Honeycomb Chapter 9 is accessible in PDF format on this page for those looking for it. Infinity Learn is the finest site to find authentic study materials that make learning fun and easy. Because Infinity Learn specialists have extensive knowledge in their respective fields, they can answer all of the questions in the exercise.

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    The solutions for each chapter and subject adhere to the CBSE book’s rules. As a result, once students have downloaded the NCERT solutions PDF from this page, they will not need to go anywhere else.

    It is one of the most important keys for all students who wish to get the top grades in their exams. You may revise the complete syllabus and practice more and more questions with the aid of NCERT Solution Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 9. If you have access to NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Science, Maths, and other topics, subjects like Science, Maths, and English will become easier to study. You can also get NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Maths to help you revise the entire syllabus and improve your exam scores.

    Answer the following questions.

    Question: Did the front wheel wobble? What is your opinion? Give a reason for your answer.

    Answer: No, the front wheel did not wobble. The Author was already using it, and he was happy with it. Even the friend had said that it was a good-looking machine.

    Question: In what condition did the Author find the bicycle when he returned from the tool shed?

    Answer: When the Author returned from the tool shed, his friend had taken off the front wheel and sat on the ground with the front wheel between his legs.

    Question: “Nothing is easier than taking off the gear case.” Comment on or continue this sentence in the light of actually what happens.

    Answer: As he rightly said, it is easier to take off the gear case; fixing it back properly only is difficult.

    Question: What special treatment did the chain receive?

    Answer: First, the chain was tightened still. It would not move and later it was loosened too much than it was earlier.

    Question: The friend has two qualities – he knows what he is doing, and he is sure that it is good. Find the two phrases in the text which mean the same.

    Answer: “Cheery confidence” and “inexplicable hopefulness.”

    Question: Describe ‘the fight’ between the man and the machine. Please find the relevant sentences in the text and write them.

    Answer: “Then he lost his temper and tried bullying the thing. The bicycle showed the spirit. One moment the bicycle would be on the gravel path, and he would be on the top of it. The next, the position would be reversed.”

    NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 9 – Get the Summary

    The Author described his battle with his well-repaired bicycle in Class 7 English Chapter a Bicycle in Good Repair. The front wheel of his bicycle was swaying a little, but not too much. There was no need to pay attention to the wheel. The bicycle was in good shape, but when the Author went to the tool shed for an essential job, his friend was toying with the front wheel while the rest of the bicycle lay on the floor beside him.

    Furthermore, the Author’s buddy gives the bicycle chain a unique treatment, tightening it to the point where it doesn’t move.

    He then loosened it till it was twice as loose as previously. On the other hand, his companion was highly confident in his work, stating that he knows exactly what he is doing and was unquestionably good. Finally, the Author’s friend’s bicycle was secured between his legs.

    The entire story is written in plain, easy-to-understand English. It’s fascinating and simple to comprehend. The Author has asked some questions in the exercise at the end of the chapter. To begin, four of the questions in Comprehension Check are linked to a single-word response. After that, work on the next section, which consists of six simple questions.

    Working with the language segment follows, with the first question being rather straightforward, the second question requiring filling in the blanks, the third question requiring word assembly, and the fourth question requiring prefix and suffix. Five questions are now asked in very short answer type questions, three are asked in short answer type questions, and two are asked in long response type questions. NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter a Bicycle in Good Repair has all the answers.

    Get the NCERT Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 9 Syllabus in PDF format.

    English is one of the required topics in the CBSE education system, as you are all aware. If a student wishes to achieve a high percentage on their annual exam, they must also excel in the English course.

    As a result, it has become essential for all students to have a solid foundation in the English language and grammar. We have published the full NCERT Class 7 English Syllabus by keeping all these points in mind. A student should prepare according to the NCERT CBSE English Syllabus to achieve good grades.

    The English Syllabus for Class 7 is divided into three parts based on the following criteria:

    • English Textbook for CBSE Class 7 (HoneyComb).
    • English Supplementary Reader for CBSE Class 7 (An Alien Hand).
    • English Grammar for CBSE Class 7
    • The Chapters in the Honeycomb Textbook are as follows:
    • Three Concerns
    • Chappals as a Gift
    • The Hilsa Fish and Gopal
    • The Ashes that Brought Trees to Life
    • Quality
    • Expert Investigators
    • Wonk’s creation of Vita
    • Friend and foe of fire
    • A Well-Maintained Bicycle
    • Cricket’s Adventures
    • The following are the poems from Honey Comb:
    • The Squirrel is a little animal that lives in the woods.
    • The Insurgent
    • The Storage Shed
    • Chivvy
    • Trees
    • The Mysterious Talking Fan
    • The Tree, the Cat, and Dad
    • Surprises in the Meadow
    • Snake in the Garden
    • An Alien Hand has the following chapters:
    • The Tiny Professor
    • Kari’s Childhood
    • The Sahara Desert
    • The Officer and the National Anthem
    • Golu gets a New Nose
    • I’d like to see anything in The Cage.
    • Chandni
    • The Bear’s Tale
    • A House with a Tiger
    • An Extra-terrestrial Hand
    • The following subjects were covered in grammar:
    • Determiners
    • Words That Go Together
    • Adverbs are words that are used to describe something (place and type)
    • Forms of tense
    • Clauses
    • Passivation
    • Adjectives are words that describe something (Comparative and Superlative)
    • Auxiliary
    • In sentence kinds, word order is important.
    • Speech that has been reported

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    How can a student achieve the highest marks with only NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English and a well-maintained bicycle?

    The NCERT Solution for Class 7th English Chapter, a Bicycle in Good Repair, was created using CBSE NCERT Syllabus standards. In the solution PDF, every topic from each chapter has been discussed—topic specialists with years of experience answer all prior year's questions and activities. So, without a doubt, any student who studies for their exam using NCERT Solutions Class 7 English a Bicycle in Good Repair will achieve the best results.

    Is there an alternative to the NCERT Solutions for English Honeycomb Chapter 9 in Class 7th?

    There is no other option for Class 7 English Chapter 9, a Well-Maintained Bicycle. Every parent prefers Infinity Learn, and every instructor advises students to study NCERT Solution for Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 9. As a result, we recommend that you use NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 9 to get good grades in the exam.

    What does the story 'A Bicycle in Good Repair' teach us?

    A Bicycle in Good Repair is Chapter 9 of the NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb. It discusses how simple it is to deconstruct and break things down into multiple pieces but how difficult it is to put them back together again. The moral of the story is that making is considerably more difficult than breaking, and there is always more to a process, no matter how easy or simple it appears.

    In 'A Bicycle In Good Repair,' how was the chain treated differently?

    The Author's bicycle chain underwent special care in a friend's tool shed, where the friend first tightened the chain to the point where it stopped moving. Then, to fix it, the friend loosened the chain far more than was required, rendering it useless. For more information, see NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 9. The solutions are completely free. They can also be found on the Infinity Learn Mobile app.

    In 'A Bicycle in Good Repair,' what did a friend of the Author propose to him?

    In the narrative 'A Bicycle in Good Repair,' which is Chapter 9 in Class 7 English Honeycomb, the Author's friend suggested that they go for a bicycle ride the next day. They couldn't go on the ride since his friend had dismantled the bicycle parts and couldn't finish restoring it by the end of the next day. For additional information, see the Infinity Learn website.

    When the Author returned from the tool shed, what condition did he find the bicycle in? Explain the conflict between man and machine.

    When the Author returned from the tool shed, he was surprised to see his cycle completely dismantled. He noticed that his friend was fiddling with the bicycle's front wheel with his fingers and that the complete bicycle, with all parts open, was lying next to him on the floor. To mend the bicycle, the man had to alter positions several times, sometimes climbing above it from different directions and lying beneath it. The 'battle' between man and machine is referred to as this.

    Was the front wheel swaying? What are your thoughts on the matter? Give reasons for your response.

    As noted in the tale, the Author did not believe his bicycle's front wheel wobbled sufficiently to warrant repair. The front wheel did not shake in actuality, in my perspective. The man attempted to demonstrate his bicycle knowledge, so he obtrusively said that the wheel wobbled and required maintenance. For more information, see NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 9. Infinity Learn solutions are completely free of charge. They're also accessible through the Infinity Learn Mobile app.

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