Study MaterialsNCERT SolutionsNCERT Solutions for Class 7 EnglishNcert Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 3 Gopal and the Hilsa Fish

Ncert Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 3 Gopal and the Hilsa Fish

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Chapter 3 Gopal and the Hilsa fish

For many pupils, English literature has been seen as a difficult subject. Some of them are unable to comprehend the significance of the topics, while others are unable to correctly give the solution. The deeper meanings of English Honeycomb Class 7 Chapter 3 are abundant, and students must identify them in order to achieve high exam scores. Since the NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 3 Gopal and the Hilsa Fish have been made available, students no longer need to be concerned about this chapter. They can now download the NCERT solutions set to their laptops or Android phones and study it.

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    Students will also learn how to submit their answers to the examiners so that there is no room for mark deductions in these exams.

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      Chapter 3 Gopal and the Hilsa Fish

      Class 7 English Chapter 3 Question Answer

      Working with the Text Page No. 42

      Answer the following questions.

      1. Why did the king want no more talk about the hilsa fish?

      A. The king wanted no more talk about the hilsa fish because all the people were talking about it, as it was the season for hilsa fish. The king was fed up with the common talk about hilsa-fish.

      2. What did the king ask Gopal to do to prove that he was clever?

      A. The king asked Gopal to buy and bring a huge hilsa fish to the palace without anyone asking about it.

      3. What three things did Gopal do before he went to buy his hilsa-fish?

      A. Before going to buy hilsa fish, Gopal shaved his face in half. Then he smeared his face with ash. Finally, he wore rags.

      4. How did Gopal get inside the palace to see the king after he had bought the fish?

      A. At first, the gatekeeper did not allow Gopal to get in. Then he began to dance and sing loudly. The king heard the loud noise and ordered to bring the man inside.

      5. Explain why no one seemed to be interested in talking about the hilsa fish which Gopal had bought?

      A. No one seemed to be interested in talking about the hilsa fish, which Gopal had bought because they were talking about its strange appearance of Gopal. They thought that he had gone mad.

      6. Write ‘True’ or ‘False’ against each of the following sentences.

      1. The king lost his temper easily. (True)
      2. Gopal was a madman. (False)
      3. Gopal was a clever man. (True)
      4. Gopal was too poor to afford decent clothes. (False)
      5. The king got angry when he was shown to be wrong. (False)

      NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 3

      Working with Language Page No. 42-43

      1. Notice how in a comic book, there are no speech marks when characters talk. Instead, what they say is put in a speech ‘bubble’. However, if we wish to repeat or ‘report’ what they say, we must put it into reported speech.

      Change the following sentences in the story to reported speech. The first one has been done for you.

      For Example: (i) How much did you pay for that hilsa?

      The woman asked the man how much he had paid for that hilsa.

      (ii) Why is your face half-shaven?

      Gopal’s wife asked him _________________.

      (iii) I accept the challenge, Your Majesty.

      Gopal told the king _________________.

      (iv) I want to see the king.

      Gopal told the guards _________________.

      (v) Bring the man to me at once.

      The king ordered the guard _________________.


      (ii) Gopal’s wife asked him why his face was half-shaven.

      (iii) Gopal told the king that he accepted the challenge.

      (iv) Gopal told the guards that he wanted to see the king.

      (v) The king ordered the guard to bring the man to him at once.

      2. Find out the meaning of the following words by looking them up in the dictionary. Then use them in sentences of your own.

      Challenge; mystic; comical; courtier; smearing


      Meaning: A task or situation that tests someone’s abilities.
      Sentence: Completing the marathon was a challenge, but she felt immense pride after crossing the finish line.

      Meaning: A person who seeks spiritual understanding or someone who practices or believes in mystical traditions.
      Sentence: The mystic spent hours meditating by the river, seeking deeper truths beyond the material world.

      Meaning: Causing laughter, especially by being unusual or unexpected.
      Sentence: The play was filled with comical characters that kept the audience laughing from start to finish.

      Meaning: A person who attends a royal court as a companion or adviser to the king or queen.
      Sentence: The courtier carefully navigated the complex etiquette of the palace to maintain favor with the king.

      Meaning: Spreading or daubing a substance, especially a thick or sticky one, roughly or carelessly.
      Sentence: He ended up smearing mud all over his clothes while playing in the garden.

      Benefits of Downloading a Honeycomb Class 7 Chapter 3 Solution

      Chapter 7 of the English textbook Gopal and the Hilsa Fish is an example of a chapter rife with hidden meanings. Most students also see it as a chapter that, if thoroughly studied, can earn a lot of points. Students must also be able to deliver their responses to the examiners. The CBSE has established a set of standards for writing answers that would prevent examiners from cutting any marks. NCERT answers for Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 3 have been produced in PDF format and are given below to assist students during exams.

      This Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 3 solution set will assist the learner in gaining a general understanding of the literary work as well as its underlying meanings. The solution set will also assist students in writing correct exam answers. Because of the following factors, students would profit much from such NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Honeycomb Chapter 3.

      Exam-Specific Study Guides

      The NCERT answer for English Chapter 3 Gopal and the Hilsa Fish in Class 7 has been developed to help students prepare for any exam.

      The principles have been explained in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner. Every underlying meaning is debated. In addition, the proper manner to respond to inquiries about this chapter has been discussed. If pupils study these notes, they will know how to write answers correctly, and the examiners will not be able to deduct any points. Otherwise, literary topics are a dream come true for examiners who want to deduct points based on their impressions of the answers. If students prepare for Class 7 English chapter Gopal and the Hilsa Fish using NCERT solutions, their independence will be limited.

      The CBSE’s Answering Rules are Obeyed

      Previously, examiners had the power to award marks based on their impressions formed from the answers. Because various examiners had different perspectives, this results in a significant variance in marks. To address this issue, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has enacted a set of guidelines that prohibit examiners from removing marks based on their personal preferences. They’ve stated some guidelines for writing perfect responses. These writing guidelines are given in the NCERT Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 3 solutions, as well as model answers. Students can use these NCERT solutions in Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 3 to practice writing answers, which will help them get better grades in the exam.

      Notes for Proper Revision in a Concise Format

      The field of English literature is wide. Every student will find it nearly hard to finish the full curriculum the night before the exam. They want a bulleted list of key elements that cover the entire subject. Honeycomb solutions from the NCERT English book for Class 7 Chapter 3 give them the answer they’re looking for. In these notes, the entire chapter is summarised into a number of key topics. Furthermore, the solution includes model responses that will teach students how to write appealing answers in any exam. Students will have a better understanding of the topic and be better prepared for the examinations if they are aware of these key aspects.

      Why to Choose Infinity Learn for NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 3

      There are a variety of online learning systems to choose from. INFINITY LEARN, on the other hand, stands out among them because of its innovative approach to teaching pupils about any subject. They’re also great at reading the tone of the exam and preparing students for it. English Literature is a difficult topic, but INFINITY LEARN’s solution sets, such as the NCERT solution for Class 7 English Honeycomb Chapter 3, have made it easier for pupils. INFINITY LEARN’s notes will teach the pupils a lot.

      FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Chapter 3 Gopal and the Hilsa Fish

      How did Gopal dress up himself?

      Gopal dressed up in a bizarre way by shaving half his beard, smearing ash on his face, and wearing rags to distract people from noticing the Hilsa fish he carried.

      Why did the king want more talk about the Hilsa fish?

      The king was actually annoyed by the constant talk about the Hilsa fish and challenged Gopal to bring the fish unnoticed to prove how pervasive the chatter was.

      Who was Gopal in Class 7 English?

      Gopal is depicted as a witty and clever courtier in the king's court, known for his humorous and intelligent solutions to challenges posed by the king.

      How can you use Chapter 3 of the NCERT English book for Class 7 Honeycomb solutions to your advantage?

      Although English literature may appear difficult, INFINITY LEARN notes for NCERT Class 7 English Chapter 3 Gopal and the Hilsa Fish will cover all of the themes. You will also develop excellent writing abilities, which will help you score higher on the exam.

      Why did the monarch refuse to speak about the hilsa-fish any longer?

      In the story of Gopal and the Hilsa Fish, the monarch did not want to talk about the hilsa fish any longer since he was tired of the never-ending debate about it.

      Describe why no one seemed interested in discussing the hilsa-fish that Gopal had purchased.

      Gopal was able to avoid being mentioned in relation to the Hilsa fish because his amusing look outweighed the Hilsa fish. His crazed expressions and strange outfit drew everyone’s attention, and no one seemed to care about the fish any longer. People were talking about his half-shaved beard, ash-streaked torso, and the shabby clothing he was wearing.

      What did the monarch urge Gopal to undertake in Class 7 to prove his intelligence?

      The monarch put Gopal to a lot of tests to see whether he could back up his claims. This time, it would be his dexterity that would be put to the test. To do this, the king instructed Gopal to purchase a Hilsa fish and deliver it to the king while passing streets and markets are unnoticed. Gopal was able to complete his mission.

      What are the Gopal and Hilsa fish summary?

      The narrative takes place during the fish hilsa season. With all of the chatter about the hilsa fish, the king appears irritated and fatigued and loses his cool. He believes that no one has ever been able to carry a hilsa fish without someone asking about it. Gopal declined the allegation and welcomed the task of proving his king’s intelligence. He dressed up like a madman and carried the hilsa fish to the palace, slipping through the market unnoticed. This was due to the fact that everyone was making fun of his appearance. Even the king and his courtiers were unaware of the situation.

      Where can I find Gopal and Hilsa Fish NCERT Solutions?

      INFINITY LEARN is your one-stop shop for all of your issues. On the INFINITY LEARN website or in the INFINITY LEARN app, you can quickly locate the NCERT Solutions for Gopal and Hilsa Fish chapter. Here you can find the greatest summaries of the story as well as solutions to the challenges. It is available in PDF format, which is free to download and study even while you are offline.

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