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List of Fish Names

Fish are water animals that live in oceans, rivers, and lakes all around the world. There are many different types of fish, about 34,000 of them! Fish have been around for a very long time, over 450 million years, and during this time, they have changed a lot to fit into different water environments.

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    Fish are known for their gills, which they use to breathe underwater, and their fins that help them swim. They play an important role in the water world, and people use them for food, fishing for fun, and keeping them as pets in aquariums.

    All Fish Name

    The ETYFish Project is like a big book that tells us where fish names come from and why they are important. It also celebrates the fun of giving names to things.

    A long time ago, even before a scientist named Linnaeus made a special way to name animals in 1758, people were giving fish names. These names often had Latin words in them.

    Nowadays, there are more than 10,400 names for groups of fish and over 61,000 names for different types of fish. Some of these names are still used today.

    Process of Naming Fish Species:

    1. Discovery: First, they find the fish by fishing, exploring, or doing science.
    2. Description: Then, they write down everything they can about the fish, like how it looks, where it lives, and what it does.
    3. Classification: After that, they figure out how the fish is related to other fish and give it a special name.
    4. Naming: This name usually has Latin words in it, and it tells us which group the fish belongs to and what kind of fish it is.

    Fish Names in English

    Learning fish names is important for kids to have knowledge about aquatic animals and building vocabulary here are the list of fish names in English:

    • Anchovy
    • Bass
    • Bluefish
    • Carp
    • Catfish
    • Cod
    • Eel
    • Flounder
    • Grouper
    • Haddock
    • Halibut
    • Herring
    • Mackerel
    • Mahi-mahi
    • Perch

    List of 100 Fish Names

    Here is the fish name list of 100 fishes including Freshwater, Saltwater, Cold Water Fish etc.

    List of 100 Fish Names in English
    1. Angelfish 2. Clownfish 3. Goldfish 4. Catfish
    5. Salmon 6. Swordfish 7. Tuna 8. Trout
    9. Guppy 10. Betta 11. Seahorse 12. Pufferfish
    13. Tilapia 14. Mackerel 15. Cod 16. Bass
    17. Snapper 18. Haddock 19. Perch 20. Mahi-mahi
    21. Carp 22. Halibut 23. Flounder 24. Sardine
    25. Wrasse 26. Herring 27. Pike 28. Marlin
    29. Snook 30. Grouper 31. Tilapia 32. Bluefish
    33. Triggerfish 34. Lionfish 35. Rainbowfish 36. Jellyfish
    37. Sturgeon 38. Eel 39. Pike 40. Gudgeon
    41. Dory 42. Tadpole 43. Archerfish 44. Platyfish
    45. Wobbegong 46. Salmon Shark 47. Killifish 48. Snakehead
    49. Sunfish 50. Clown Loach 51. Hogfish 52. Parrotfish
    53. Fluke 54. Surgeonfish 55. Wolf Eel 56. Garfish
    57. Wels Catfish 58. Goliath Grouper 59. Tilefish 60. Scorpionfish
    61. Drumfish 62. Porgy 63. Gourami 64. Redfish
    65. Bream 66. Tadpole Goby 67. Jackfish 68. Butterflyfish
    69. Boxfish 70. Salmonidae 71. Darter 72. Barramundi
    73. Lamprey 74. Stickleback 75. Flathead 76. Remora
    77. Hog Sucker 78. Driftfish 79. Black Marlin 80. Basking Shark
    81. Butterfly Ray 82. Parrotfish 83. Velvetfish 84. Pufferfish
    85. Blue Gourami 86. Gudgeon 87. Blenny 88. Flatfish
    89. Ribbonfish 90. Thresher Shark 91. Croaker 92. Drum
    93. Oarfish 94. Sea Robin 95. Grunt 96. Hogfish
    97. Glassfish 98. Killifish 99. Spadefish 100. Flying Fish

    Fish Life Cycle Difference between Bony Fish and Cartilaginous Fish
    Catadromous Fish Migration

    Fish Name List and Picture

    Here the fish images with names:

    Fish Name List and Picture

    Aquarium Fish Names

    Aquarium fish are a fascinating and diverse group of underwater animals that people keep in their home fish tanks because of their beauty, interesting actions, and the peaceful feeling they bring. There are many kinds of fish that can live happily in an aquarium, and each has its own unique needs and qualities. Let’s take a look at different popular types of aquarium fish, these some some Aquarium Fish names:

    • Goldfish
    • Betta Fish
    • Guppies
    • Neon Tetra
    • Angelfish
    • Mollies
    • Zebra Danio
    • Corydoras Catfish
    • Oscar
    • Discus
    • Plecostomus
    • Platy
    • Rasbora
    • Swordtails
    • Clown Loach
    • Siamese Algae Eater
    • Rainbowfish

    Sea Fish Names

    Sea fish, also known as marine fish, are a big group of different kinds of fish that live in the huge and varied places in the world’s oceans. They can be found in places like the shallow, sunny coral reefs or even way down in the very dark parts of the ocean floor. Here are the list of 20 Sea fish names:

    1. Clownfish
    2. Blue Tang
    3. Mackerel
    4. Tuna
    5. Salmon
    6. Cod
    7. Halibut
    8. Swordfish
    9. Marlin
    10. Sardine
    11. Anchovy
    12. Herring
    13. Grouper
    14. Snapper
    15. Mahi Mahi
    16. Flounder
    17. Sole
    18. Sea Bass
    19. Barracuda
    20. Tarpon

    Fish Name in Hindi

    Here are some most popular Fish name in Hindi:

    • रोहू (Rohu)
    • कतला (Katla)
    • सुरमई (Surmai)
    • पापलेट (Paplet)
    • बंगडा (Bangda)
    • हिलसा (Hilsa)
    • झींगा (Jhinga)
    • चिंगट (Chingat)
    • सोल (Sole)
    • तिलापिया (Tilapia)
    • पंगास (Pangas)
    • बासा (Basa)
    • नीली (Neeli)
    • चितौड़ (Chitor)
    • सरगोई (Sargo)
    • मछली (Machhli)
    • बम मछली (Bomb Machhli)
    • कार्प (Carp)
    • मृगल (Mrigal)
    • त्रावणकोर (Travancore)
    List of Names
    Birds Name Body Parts Name
    Vegetables and Fruits Name Rainbow Colours Name
    Dry Fruits Name Pet Animals Name
    Omnivore Animals Wild Animals Name
    Water Animals Name Colours Name
    Insects Name Tree Names
    Seasons Name Indoor Games Name
    Spices Name Fruits Name

    Baby Fish Name

    The word baby fish is usually used to talk about young fish of any type. These young fish have different names based on how old they are.

    • Egg – The very beginning of a fish’s life.
    • Zygote – An egg that has just been joined with a sperm.
    • Embryo – The fish growing inside the egg.
    • Larva – A baby fish that just hatched, but it’s still very young.
    • Fry – A young fish that has grown big enough to feed itself.
    • Juvenile – A young fish that hasn’t become a grown-up fish yet.
    • Fingerling – A small, young fish, often only a few inches long, especially in fish farms.
    • Parr – A stage in the life of a young salmon, known for the stripes on its sides.
    • Smolt – A young salmon or trout changing its body to live in saltwater.
    • Yolk Sac Larvae – Baby fish that feed from a special yolk sac on their body before they eat regular food on their own.

    Fish Names in Tamil

    Here is the list of fish names in Tamil and their English name:

    • மத்தி (Matthi) – Sardine
    • சூறை (Soorai) – Tuna
    • அயிரை (Ayirai) – Mackerel
    • கெண்ணொன் (Kennaan) – Catfish
    • கிழங்கா (Kilanga) – Salmon
    • கருப்பூனை (Karuppuunai) – Tilapia
    • கெண்ணொன் (Kennaan) – Trout
    • வவ்வால் (Vavvaal) – Pomfret
    • சுரை (Surai) – Shark
    • றோஹு (Rohu) – Rohu

    Fish Names in Telugu

    Here are some common fish names in Telugu with their English names:

    • చేప (Chepa) – Sardine
    • వండల (Vandal) – Tuna
    • ఆయల (Aayala) – Mackerel
    • పానీరి మీన (Paneeri Meen) – Catfish
    • చేపల మీను (Chepala Meenu) – Salmon
    • జెలపాన (Jelapan) – Tilapia
    • ట్రౌట్ (Trout) – Trout
    • రోహు (Rohu) – Rohu
    • చేపము (Chepamu) – Pomfret
    • శార్క్ (Shark) – Shark

    Fish Names in Malayalam and English

    Here is list of common fish names in Malayalam and English:

    • മത്തി (Matthi) – Sardine
    • ചൂര (Chura) – Tuna
    • അയല (Ayala) – Mackerel
    • പുലർ (Pular) – Catfish
    • കൊള്ളാ (Kolla) – Salmon
    • തിലാപ്പിയ (Thilappiya) – Tilapia
    • ട്രൗട്ട് (Trout) – Trout
    • ആവോല (Aavol) – Pomfret
    • സർക്ക് (Shark) – Shark
    • റോഹു (Rohu) – Rohu

    Fish Names Start with S

    • Salmon
    • Swordfish
    • Sardine
    • Shark
    • Sole

    Fish Names Start with T

    • Tuna
    • Trout
    • Tang
    • Tilapia
    • Tarpon

    Fish Names Start with P

    • Pike
    • Perch
    • Pufferfish
    • Pompano
    • Parrotfish

    Indian Fish Names

    India has many different types of fish living in its rivers, oceans, and seas. These fish are important for the environment and are also used in Indian food and traditions. Let’s learn about some famous Indian fish and why they are special.

    • Rohu
    • Catla
    • Hilsa
    • Indian Mackerel
    • Black Pomfret
    • Silver Pomfret
    • Kingfish/Seer Fish
    • Bangda
    • Basa
    • Prawns/Shrimps
    • Chital
    • Tilapia
    • Mahseer
    • Tuna
    • Sardine
    • Bombay Duck
    • Koi
    • Mrigal
    • Grass Carp
    • Silver Carp

    Fighting Fish Names

    Fighting fish” usually means fish that are known for being territorial and sometimes mean when they’re looking for a mate or protecting their territory. The most famous fighting fish is the Betta, also called the Siamese Fighting Fish. But there are other fish that act this way too. Here are some important ones:

    • Betta (Betta splendens): Betta fish are famous for their bright colors and fancy fins. They come from Thailand and can be really aggressive when they see other male Bettas. They also do a fancy dance to impress females.
    • Cichlids: These are a big group of fish from Africa and South America. Some of them can be pretty territorial and mean. For example, African Cichlids like the Mbuna and South American Cichlids like the Oscar.
    • Paradise Fish (Macropodus opercularis): These come from East Asia and were some of the first fish people kept in fish tanks. They can be mean to each other, especially in small spaces.
    • Gouramis: Not all Gouramis are mean, but some types, like the Dwarf Gourami, can be territorial. They’re related to Bettas and can breathe air.
    • Jewel Cichlid (Hemichromis bimaculatus): These African Cichlids are known for their bright colors and can get aggressive when they’re trying to make babies.
    • Convict Cichlid (Amatitlania nigrofasciata): These fish from Central America look like they’re wearing stripes, like a prisoner’s uniform. They can be pretty bossy in their territory.
    • Oscar (Astronotus ocellatus): Oscars are popular in fish tanks because they’re smart and have big personalities. But they can also be a bit mean, especially when they’re looking for love.
    • Texas Cichlid (Herichthys cyanoguttatus): These cichlids are from Texas and Northern Mexico, and they’re known for being territorial and mean sometimes.
    • Flowerhorn Cichlid: These fish are a mix of different types of cichlids. They have bright colors and a bump on their head. They can also be aggressive.
    • Wolf Cichlid (Parachromis dovii): These big and aggressive fish are from Central America. People who really know about fish like to keep them as pets.

    Flying Fish Name

    Flying fish” are a special group of sea creatures called Exocoetidae. They are famous for their amazing talent to jump out of the water and glide through the air. This special skill helps them get away from animals that want to eat them. Here the some flying fish names:

    • Atlantic Flying Fish (Cheilopogon melanurus)
    • California Flying Fish (Cypselurus californicus)
    • Spotfin Flying Fish (Cheilopogon furcatus)
    • Two-wing Flying Fish (Exocoetus volitans)
    • Four-wing Flying Fish (Hirundichthys affinis)
    • Tropical Two-wing Flying Fish (Exocoetus obtusirostris)
    • Margined Flying Fish (Cypselurus marginatus)
    • Blackwing Flying Fish (Hirundichthys rondeletii)
    • Sailfin Flying Fish (Parexocoetus brachypterus)
    • Mirrorwing Flying Fish (Hirundichthys speculiger)
    • Bandwing Flying Fish (Cypselurus poecilopterus)
    • Broadwing Flying Fish (Cheilopogon exsiliens)
    • Sicklefin Flying Fish (Fodiator acutus)
    • Banded Flying Fish (Cypselurus cypselurus)

    FAQs on Fish Names

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