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800+ Best Instagram Names for Boys and Girls

Are you searching for the best Instagram name for boys? Check out our extensive list of over 800 top Instagram names for boys. From stylish and creative to bold and badass, we have a variety of options to help you stand out on the platform.

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    Whether you’re an aspiring influencer or just looking to showcase your personal brand, our selection of Instagram names for boys will inspire your next name choice. Don’t settle for a boring Instagram name; explore our list today and enhance your Instagram game!

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    What is an Instagram name?

    An Instagram names is your identity on the social media app. It is unique and belongs only to you. Your name reflects your personality and identity to your followers. Instagram requires you to set up your name when creating an account, and it must be different since the app doesn’t allow duplicate names for multiple accounts. You can set up your name during account creation or change it later.

    Your Instagram name becomes part of your profile URL. Others need your Instagram name to find your profile, follow you, or send messages. The name is visible at the top left corner of your profile. For a unique presence, your Instagram name should be carefully chosen.

    We will guide you on selecting the best Instagram name for your profile. For more ideas on Instagram names, including instagram name style, instagram names for girls, and instagram id names, explore our list and find the perfect fit for your profile.

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    300+ Trendy Instagram Names for Boys and Girls

    Here are the top 300+ trendy Instagram Names for boys and Instagram Names for girls that you can use for your Instagram profile. Just copy and paste these names, and if they’re available, they will apply to your account.

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    Instagram Name for Boys and Girls

    Instagram Names for Boys Instagram Names for Girls
    TechExplorer CreativeStar
    FutureCoder BookLover
    ScienceGeek ArtisticSoul
    MathWhiz NatureLover
    BookWorm ScienceStar
    CreativeMind TechGirl
    EcoWarrior MusicDreamer
    HistoryBuff DanceFanatic
    SportyKid FutureDoctor
    MusicMan StarGazer
    AdventureSeeker ArtLover
    RobotBuilder NatureExplorer
    StarGazer TechSavvy
    MathGenius BookWorm
    ChessMaster EcoFriendly
    FutureScientist AnimalLover
    Innovator CreativeMind
    NatureBoy SportyGirl
    RobotEnthusiast FutureEngineer
    SportyStar AdventureGirl
    TechKid DanceStar
    ScienceBuff MathWhiz
    EcoExplorer ScienceGeek
    CreativeMind MusicLover
    TechSavvy RobotGirl
    SportyGuy InnovativeMind
    MathChampion StarExplorer
    AdventureKid NatureAdventurer
    FutureDoctor ArtisticSoul
    ScienceStar TechExplorer
    NatureLover CreativeArtist
    MusicDreamer ScienceStar
    TechInnovator MathLover
    ChessPro EcoWarrior
    FutureLeader RobotDesigner
    MathWhiz HistoryBuff
    InnovativeThinker SportyGirl
    TechWizard FutureScientist
    BookLover CreativeExplorer
    EcoFriend MusicFan
    AdventureLover TechGenius
    FutureEngineer NatureGirl
    ScienceGenius StarDreamer
    MusicLover AdventureLover
    TechEnthusiast BookFanatic
    SportyFan ScienceExplorer
    MathPro NatureAdventurer
    EcoAdventurer CreativeMind
    AdventureKing TechInnovator
    TechStar MathGenius
    FutureScientist EcoExplorer
    MusicFanatic SportyGirl
    CreativeExplorer FutureDoctor
    RobotCreator ScienceBuff
    SportyAce NatureFan
    BookWorm TechFanatic
    ChessChampion ArtisticMind
    TechGuru MathWizard
    FutureLeader ScienceLover

    Cool Instagram Names

    In today’s digital age, having a cool Instagram name is essential to stand out and make a lasting impression. A trendy username not only reflects your personality but also grabs attention instantly. Whether you’re looking for a name that exudes confidence, showcases your unique style, or simply sounds fun and engaging, we’ve got you covered. Below is a list of cool Instagram names for boys and girls that will help you make your mark in the social media world.

    • ChillMaster
    • SwagKing
    • GhostRider
    • UrbanLegend
    • MaverickMind
    • VibeVanguard
    • TrendTrailblazer
    • CoolCrusader
    • RebelRider
    • ChillChampion

    Best Instagram Names

    Choosing the best Instagram name can be a daunting task, especially when you want something memorable and original. Your Instagram name is often the first thing people notice, so it’s important to choose one that resonates with your brand or personality. Whether you’re an influencer, a business owner, or just someone looking to spice up their profile, this list of the best Instagram names is here to inspire you. These names are catchy, creative, and perfect for making a great first impression.

    • TheRealDeal
    • InstaIcon
    • FameGame
    • EliteEdge
    • IconicInspo
    • SocialStar
    • MajorInfluence
    • InstaImpact

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    Instagram Stylish Names

    If you want your Instagram profile to have a stylish and sophisticated vibe, selecting a chic username is key. A stylish Instagram name can set the tone for your entire profile, attracting followers who appreciate your aesthetic. From elegant and classy to modern and edgy, our compilation of stylish names for Instagram will help you find the perfect match for your profile. These names are designed to reflect a sense of style and grace, making your profile stand out in the crowd.

    • ElegantEcho
    • GracefulGlimmer
    • StylishStar
    • ClassyCharm
    • LuxeLife
    • VogueVibe
    • FashionFusion
    • SleekStyle
    • UrbanElegance

    Unique Instagram Names

    In a sea of millions of users, having a unique Instagram name is crucial to differentiate yourself from others. A unique username not only showcases your individuality but also makes it easier for people to remember and find you. If you’re tired of the same old names and want something that truly represents your unique personality, check out our list of unique Instagram names. These names are distinct, imaginative, and sure to set you apart from the rest.

    • QuirkyQuest
    • MysticMuse
    • EnigmaticEcho
    • WhimsicalWhisper
    • EccentricEnigma
    • PuzzlingPioneer
    • UnconventionalUnicorn
    • DreamyDaze
    • CuriousCanvas
    • ZanyZenith

    Stylish Attitude Names for Instagram for Boys

    When it comes to creating a unique and memorable Instagram profile, having a stylish attitude name is essential. Your Instagram name can reflect your personality, attitude, and style, making it an important part of your social media presence. Whether you want to show off your confidence, charisma, or coolness, choosing the right name can set you apart. Here are some of the best stylish attitude names for Instagram for boys that you can use to make your profile stand out.

    • Star_Boy
    • TheRealDeal
    • KingKong
    • BossMan
    • SwaggerMaster
    • MrPerfectionist
    • TheGentleman
    • TheMaverick
    • MrAttitude
    • TheRider
    • TheWarrior
    • MrConfident
    • TheLegend
    • TheOutlaw
    • MrIndependent
    • TheRebel
    • MrCharming
    • TheLoneWolf
    • TheExplorer
    • MrCool
    • TheAdventurer
    • MrMystery
    • TheEnigma
    • MrStyleIcon
    • TheTrendsetter
    • TheIcon
    • MrHandsome
    • ThePhenomenon
    • TheProdigy
    • MrIntellectual
    • TheSpartan
    • TheSurvivor
    • MrEntrepreneur
    • TheFuture
    • The_Viking
    • MrInnovative
    • TheDreamer
    • TheChampion
    • MrPowerful
    • TheTrailblazer
    • TheNomad
    • MrMotivated
    • TheRockstar
    • TheFierce
    • MrVisionary
    • TheAmbitious
    • TheProdigal
    • MrFearless
    • TheGladiator
    • ThePhoenix
    • MrIntense
    • TheConqueror
    • TheWarriorKing
    • MrWild
    • TheLegendMaker
    • TheProdigyChild
    • MrUntouchable
    • TheSurvivalist
    • TheNavigator
    • MrMacho
    • ThePioneer
    • TheVagabond
    • TheRogue
    • TheOutsider
    • MrInfluential
    • TheTrailblazingTrendsetter
    • TheRebelHeart
    • MrOutspoken
    • TheIconoclast
    • TheMaverickMindset
    • MrDaring
    • TheAdventurousSoul
    • TheMasterMind
    • MrAwe-Inspiring
    • Mr Cool
    • Dreamer
    • Mind Gamer
    • True lover
    • Cyber Warrior
    • TheSelf-MadeMan
    • TheEnlightenedOne
    • MrEffortless
    • TheRenaissanceMan
    • TheUnpredictable
    • MrMagnetic
    • TheResilient
    • TheTenacious
    • MrUnstoppable
    • TheDetermined
    • TheSavage
    • MrOutrageous
    • TheAmbassador
    • TheSuperhero
    • MrSupreme
    • TheEmpowered
    • TheTitan
    • MrSwagger
    • TheUntouchable
    • ThePowerhouse
    • MrIrresistible
    • TheFearlessLeader
    • TheLiberator
    • MrMind-Blowing
    • TheIntrepid
    • TheProdigalSon
    • MrDominant
    • TheGritty
    • TheUnconventional
    • MrUntamed
    • TheUnbreakable
    • TheEnthusiast
    • MrInimitable
    • The_Challenger
    • TheRingleader
    • MrAdventurous
    • TheOriginal
    • TheBadBoy
    • MrSmooth
    • TheAudacious
    • ThePatriarch
    • MrPowerhouse
    • TheGameChanger
    • ThePhoenixRising
    • Mr Perfect
    • Ghost Rider
    • Mr_Devil

    These stylish attitude names for Instagram for boys are perfect for showcasing your unique personality and making your profile stand out. Choose a name that best fits your style and let it represent you on Instagram.

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    Stylish Attitude Names for Instagram for Girls

    Choosing the right Instagram name is crucial for making a strong impression. A stylish and attitude-filled name can reflect your personality and make your profile stand out. Whether you want to showcase your confidence, elegance, or uniqueness, these stylish attitude names for Instagram for girls will help you shine. Here are some of the best options to consider:

    1. QueenlyVibes
    2. FearlessFashionista
    3. GirlbossGlow
    4. StyleSiren
    5. TrendsetterTales
    6. ClassyCouture
    7. EdgyElegance
    8. FashionFrenzy
    9. FierceFemme
    10. HighFashionista
    11. MajesticMaven
    12. RadiantRebel
    13. EmpoweredEnchantress
    14. FabulousFierce
    15. GlitterGoddess
    16. IconicImpressions
    17. JetsetJewel
    18. LavishLifestyle
    19. OutrageousOpulence

    These stylish attitude names for Instagram for girls will help you create a captivating and memorable profile. Choose one that best represents your personality and style, and let your Instagram presence shine!

    Cute Instagram Names

    If you’re on the hunt for the cutest Instagram handle, look no further. The right username can capture your personality and make your profile stand out. Below, you’ll find some of the cutest Instagram names that are sure to make your account shine. These names are perfect for those who want to add a touch of sweetness and charm to their online presence.

    • @littlespoon
    • @sweetnessoverload
    • @unic0rns4ever
    • @twinkletoes
    • @wildandfree
    • @helloagain
    • @kindcutie99
    • @miss_smiley_
    • @babycakes65
    • @totalsweetie
    • @bunnygirl

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    Funny Instagram Names

    Inject a dose of humor into your Instagram profile with a funny username. A witty or humorous handle can bring a smile to your followers’ faces even before they see your posts. Here are some funny Instagram names that will give your profile a fun and light-hearted vibe.

    • @thisismyusername
    • @mustlovecats
    • @doyoueverlift
    • @whathomework
    • @neverlistening
    • @traffic_creatures
    • @anonymouse
    • @cowabunga_dude
    • @crazycatlady
    • @me_for_president
    • @morgan_not_freeman
    • @spongebobspineapple
    • @not_an_influencer

    Work-Related Instagram Names

    If you use Instagram to showcase your professional work, having a username that reflects your career can be very effective. Whether you’re a makeup artist, a life coach, or in another profession, these work-related Instagram names will help convey your professional identity.

    • @themusicman
    • @mr_newspaper
    • @trial_by_trent
    • @pillot_gregg
    • @designed_by_marsha
    • @an_astronauts_world
    • @drewbydrew
    • @hair_by_chrissy
    • @deanna_designs
    • @chef_april_made_it
    • @hollywoods_fave_reporter
    • @newsbyben
    • @pastor_phil
    • @doctor_fixerupper

    Aesthetic Instagram Names

    An aesthetic Instagram name can set the tone for your entire profile. Whether you aim for a peaceful, artistic, or colorful vibe, the right username can help create the perfect first impression. Here are some aesthetic Instagram names to inspire you.

    • @sunshinevibes
    • @sweetandsourspaces
    • @livingincolor
    • @rosecoloredlens
    • @beautyisaroundus
    • @daisyworld
    • @lifeinblackandwhite
    • @tranquilparadise
    • @zenmood
    • @peaceandwater
    • @concretejunglelife
    • @rainbowtraffic
    • @floralcorners

    Music-Themed Instagram Names

    For music lovers, a username that nods to your passion for tunes is always a good idea. Whether you’re a singer, musician, or just love listening to music, these music-themed Instagram names will resonate with your vibe.

    • @feelthebeat
    • @ontune
    • @silentnotes
    • @songbird
    • @singingstorm
    • @dreamybeats
    • @snuggleandsing
    • @mrguitarguy
    • @thenextdolly
    • @bighairandbigsongs
    • @marchingtomyownbeat
    • @mr.highnotes
    • @girlwithaguitar
    • @couplewhosings
    • @musicismyeverything
    • @alwayssinging
    • @thepianoman
    • @singingdownthehouse
    • @youcantstopthebeat
    • @insingingcolor
    • @mrsingingmachine
    • @musicmakesmelosecontrol
    • @musicandcomedy
    • @wishfulsinger

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    Travel-Themed Instagram Names

    For those who love to wander, a travel-themed Instagram name is perfect. These usernames can highlight your passion for exploring new places and sharing your adventures with the world. Here are some travel-themed Instagram names to consider.

    • @marchingaroundtheworld
    • @nextstopis_home
    • @ohtheplacesyouwillgo
    • @upupandaway
    • @itsagooddaytotravel
    • @flymetothemoon
    • @traveling_sarah
    • @peace_love_and_travel
    • @letsjettingnewyorker
    • @nohomechris
    • @flywithme
    • @offtheradar
    • @countryhopper
    • @misteradventure
    • @traveling_hooligan
    • @travelingprincess
    • @thefloraltraveler
    • @sunsetsandtravel
    • @planestrainandtravel
    • @comeflywithme
    • @missbucketlist
    • @cuteadventure
    • @travisthetravelbuddy
    • @theworldismyoyster
    • @wearewhere
    • @helloandgoodbye
    • @traveling_misfit
    • @mymoodistravel

    Food-Themed Instagram Names

    Foodies rejoice! If you love sharing your culinary creations or dining experiences, a food-themed Instagram name is a must. These usernames will perfectly set the stage for your delicious posts.

    • @foodking
    • @eatmoretacos
    • @cupcakequeen
    • @misscookiemonster
    • @littlecinnamonroll
    • @eathappybehappy
    • @sandwishesornothing
    • @staycheesy
    • @mr_chowdown
    • @tastetheworld
    • @burrirosarecool
    • @ooey_and_gooey
    • @coffeeconnoisseur
    • @allthesweetstuff
    • @latenighteats
    • @foodsurfin
    • @nevergohungry
    • @yummyinmytummy
    • @ashelys_cookbook
    • @thefryguy
    • @sugartrip
    • @pigginoutparents
    • @dontforgetthewine
    • @teafortwo

    Celeb-Inspired Instagram Names

    If you’re a superfan of a celebrity, why not honor them with a celeb-inspired Instagram name? These usernames pay tribute to some of the biggest stars and can help you connect with other fans.

    • @think_taylor
    • @beyhive_union
    • @whoruntheworldtay
    • @pogues4life
    • @hellofromtheotherside
    • @shakeitoffsquad
    • @allthingskatycats
    • @miss_megatron
    • @just_a_jonatic
    • @cutest_littlemonster
    • @forever_skeletonclique
    • @siwanator_president
    • @navarro_girl
    • @teamdrizzy4ever
    • @instant_sheerio
    • @cardigan_crew
    • @do_you_belieb
    • @selenagomezstan7
    • @melissaacefamily
    • @mrslukebyran9
    • @myheartbelongstojustin
    • @riverdalegirl77
    • @emilyinparis4real
    • @cena101

    Book-Themed Instagram Names

    Book lovers, unite! If you’re an avid reader, a book-themed Instagram name is a perfect choice. These usernames celebrate your love for literature and can attract fellow bookworms to your profile.

    • @bookbeau
    • @backcover
    • @inkandpaper
    • @onemorepage
    • @bookqueen
    • @allbookedup
    • @missbookish
    • @itslit
    • @literalliterature
    • @mrbookworm
    • @fromfacttofiction
    • @onceuponatime
    • @bookish_emily
    • @katies_bookshelf
    • @emmas_bookcorner
    • @travel_by_pages
    • @literaryoverflow
    • @sweetchapters
    • @betteroffread
    • @unwindandread
    • @the_cafeinated_readers
    • @booksbubblesandcandles
    • @matcha_and_books
    • @fantasybound
    • @booksandwizards

    These usernames span a wide range of interests, from cute and funny to professional and thematic. Choose the one that best fits your personality and interests to make your Instagram profile truly unique.

    How to Change Your Username on Instagram

    Here’s how you can update your Instagram username:

    1. Open the Instagram app on your phone and go to your profile.
    2. Tap on ‘Edit Profile’ and then tap on your username.
    3. Delete your current username and enter a new one. Ensure the new username isn’t already in use.
    4. After entering the new username, tap the checkmark at the top right. Your new username will now be displayed on your profile.

    Can I Use an Already Taken Instagram Username?

    If the Instagram username you want is already taken, you might still be able to claim it under specific conditions. You will need to apply and prove that you have the legal right to use that username by reporting a violation or infringement. Instagram requires the following information:

    • Basic contact details
    • Proof of trademark or legal rights
    • The username you want to claim
    • The reason for your request

    Once your application is approved, you can use the desired username.

    Tips for Choosing the Best Instagram Username

    Consider these tips when choosing your Instagram username:

    • Easy to remember: Choose a username that’s simple and easy to spell so people can easily find you.
    • Relevant: Your username should reflect what your account is about.
    • Clean: Avoid random numbers and underscores. A neat username looks better in your bio.
    • Unique: Try to create a username that stands out. Keep it tidy and distinctive.

    FAQs on Instagram Names

    What are unique usernames?

    A unique username is one that stands out from the crowd. Typically, these usernames include a combination of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and sometimes special characters. Unique usernames are often at least 10 characters long, making them distinctive and memorable.

    How do I style my username?

    When creating a username, aim to keep it simple and straightforward so it's easy to remember. You can add a personal touch with your favorite number or an underscore, but avoid unnecessary symbols or random characters. The key is to make it unique yet easy to recall.

    What's a cute username for a girl?

    For a stylish and cute Instagram username for girls, consider options like QueenlyVibes, RebelChic, SassySiren, BadassBabe, FearlessFashionista, GirlbossGlow, ChicChick, or GlamGoddess. These names reflect personality and style, making them perfect for a standout profile.

    How to make a cool IG name?

    To come up with the perfect Instagram username, start by identifying the purpose of your account. Brainstorm keywords that are relevant to your content or personality. Choose easy-to-say options and be creative without overcomplicating it. Username generators can also be helpful, and try to keep your usernames consistent across platforms.

    Is a username unique?

    While it's great to have a unique username, it shouldn't be so complicated that it's hard to remember or spell. If a username is too complex, it may be difficult for others to find or recognize you on different platforms. Aim for originality but keep it user-friendly.

    Is a username a secret?

    A username serves as a unique identifier for a user, while the password is the secret that provides access to the account. The system uses both the username and password to verify the user's identity.

    How do I choose an Insta name?

    When choosing an Instagram username, keep it simple and memorable. Avoid using numbers or special characters that might confuse your audience. Stick to letters and create short, catchy names that people can easily remember. This approach will make your username both effective and easy to recall.

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