WorksheetPreposition Worksheet for Class 7

Preposition Worksheet for Class 7

Worksheet on Preposition for Class 7 with Answers

Preposition worksheets for Class 7 are educational tools designed to help students understand and practice the use of prepositions in sentences. These worksheets typically include exercises that require students to fill in blanks with appropriate prepositions, match prepositions with objects, and rewrite sentences using correct prepositions. By working through these exercises. A preposition is a small word that shows the relationship between a noun (or pronoun) and other words in a sentence. It usually indicates location, direction, time, or the relationship between different objects. One can say that prepositions are little words that tell us about the position or relationship between things in a sentence. They often show where something is or when something happened.

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    • In: This little word tells us about being inside something. For example, “The cat is in the box.” Here, the cat is inside the box.
    • On: When we say “The book is on the table,” we’re talking about where the book is placed. It’s resting on top of the table.
    • Under: Now, if we say “The ball is under the chair,” it means the ball is beneath or below the chair.
    • At: “They arrived at the school.” This tells us where they reached – they reached the school.
    • Between: “The sandwich is between the two slices of bread.” This shows us the position of the sandwich in relation to the bread.
    • With: When we say “She’s eating soup with a spoon,” it means she’s using the spoon to eat the soup.

    Uses of Preposition

    • Indicating Location or Position: Prepositions tell us where things are or where they are going. For example, “The book is on the table” or “She walked to the park.”
    • Expressing Time: Prepositions help us understand when something happens. For instance, “We have class at 9 o’clock” or “I’ll see you after lunch.”
    • Showing Direction or Movement: Prepositions indicate the direction in which someone or something is moving. For example, “He walked along the path” or “She jumped into the pool.”
    • Expressing Relationships: Prepositions show how things are related to each other. For instance, “She’s angry with him” or “They’re sitting next to each other.”
    • Connecting Ideas: Prepositions are used to connect ideas in a sentence, often linking nouns or pronouns with verbs or other nouns. For example, “She’s interested in science” or “He’s good at math.”
    • Indicating Means or Method: Prepositions can show how something is done or what is used to do it. For example, “She wrote the letter with a pen” or “He fixed the computer by himself.”

    Types of Preposition

    1. Simple Prepositions: These are single-word prepositions, such as “in,” “on,” “at,” “by,” “with,” “under,” “over,” “between,” and “through.”
    2. Compound Prepositions: These are prepositions that are made up of more than one word, such as “because of,” “in front of,” “next to,” and “instead of.”
    3. Prepositional Phrases: These are groups of words that function as prepositions, often consisting of a preposition and its object, along with any modifiers. For example, “in the house,” “on the table,” “at school,” “by the river,” etc.
    4. Participial Prepositions: These are formed from present participles (-ing form of verbs) and function as prepositions. For example, “during,” “concerning,” “assuming,” “excluding,” etc.
    5. Phrase Prepositions: These are prepositional phrases used as single units to function as adverbs or adjectives in a sentence. For example, “in spite of,” “by means of,” “on account of,” etc.

    Worksheet 1 – Preposition Worksheet for Class 7

    Preposition Worksheet for Class 7 MCQ

    What is the preposition in the sentence: “The cat sleeps ____ the bed.”

    a) at

    b) on

    c) in

    d) with

    Answer: b) on

    Which preposition indicates movement from one side to another?

    a) above

    b) through

    c) between

    d) after

    Answer: b) through

    In the sentence “She ran __________ the park,” what preposition should be filled in the blank?

    a) with

    b) by

    c) at

    d) through

    Answer: d) through

    What preposition shows the relationship between two objects?

    a) on

    b) to

    c) with

    d) between

    Answer: d) between

    Choose the correct preposition for the sentence: “The book is ________ the shelf.”

    a) below

    b) above

    c) on

    d) with

    Answer: c) on

    Which preposition indicates time?

    a) beside

    b) after

    c) under

    d) across

    Answer: b) after

    Preposition Worksheet for Class 7 Fill in the Blanks

    The keys are ___________ the table.

    Answer: on

    He walked ___________ the bridge.

    Answer: across

    She sat ___________ her friend.

    Answer: beside

    The children played ___________ the rain.

    Answer: in

    Preposition Worksheet for Class 7 True or False

    Prepositions only indicate location. (False)

    Answer: False

    A prepositional phrase can function as a noun, adjective, or adverb in a sentence. (True)

    Answer: True

    Prepositions are always followed by verbs. (False)

    Answer: False

    A compound preposition is made up of only one word. (False)

    Answer: False

    Preposition Worksheet for Class 7 One Word Answer

    Give an example of a simple preposition.

    Answer: on

    What type of preposition is “in front of”?

    Answer: compound preposition

    Provide a participial preposition.

    Answer: concerning

    Which preposition indicates location beneath something?

    Answer: under

    What is a prepositional phrase?

    Answer: a group of words containing a preposition, its object, and any modifiers.

    Preposition Worksheet 2 For Class 7

    What preposition is used to indicate a point in time?

    a) from

    b) since

    c) during

    d) upon

    In the sentence “The cat squeezed ________ the narrow gap,” what preposition should fill the blank?

    a) through

    b) within

    c) onto

    d) towards

    Which preposition indicates a specific location within a larger area?

    a) among

    b) into

    c) amid

    d) onto

    What preposition shows the relationship between two events happening simultaneously?

    a) over

    b) after

    c) while

    d) towards

    Preposition Worksheet for Class 7 Fill in the Blanks

    1. The treasure was hidden ___________ the old oak tree.
    2. She walked ___________ the street, lost in thought.
    3. The vase fell ___________ the shelf and shattered into pieces.
    4. He was interested ___________ learning new languages.

    Preposition Worksheet for Class 7 True or False

    1. Prepositions are always followed by nouns or pronouns. (True/False)
    2. Compound prepositions are formed by combining two or more words. (True/False)
    3. Prepositions can never come at the end of a sentence. (True/False)
    4. All prepositions express relationships in space or time. (True/False)

    Preposition Worksheet for Class 7 One Word Answer

    1. Provide a participial preposition.
    2. What preposition indicates a position above something?
    3. Give an example of a phrase preposition.
    4. Which preposition is used to show the location of something in relation to another thing?

    Preposition Worksheet for Class 7 Answers

    Multiple Choice

    c) during

    a) through

    b) into

    c) while

    Fill in the Blanks:

    1. beneath
    2. across
    3. off
    4. in

    True or False:

    1. True
    2. True
    3. False
    4. True

    One Word Answer

    1. excluding
    2. above
    3. by means of
    4. between

    Benefits of Preposition Worksheet for Class 7

    1. Better at Grammar: Doing these worksheets helps you understand how to use prepositions right in sentences.
    2. Learn New Words: You’ll discover new words that help you talk about where things are or when something happens.
    3. Think Carefully: Some questions make you really think about the sentence and choose the right preposition. It’s like solving a puzzle!
    4. Pay Attention: You’ll get better at noticing small details in sentences, like which word is the preposition.
    5. Write Better: Practicing prepositions makes your writing clearer and easier to understand.
    6. Get Ready for Tests: These worksheets can help you do well on tests that ask about grammar, like standardized tests.
    7. Feel Good: When you finish a worksheet, you’ll feel proud of yourself. It makes you more confident in using English.

    FAQs Preposition Worksheet for Class 7

    Why choose IL Preposition worksheets for Class 7?

    IL Preposition worksheets are designed by experts to help Class 7 students understand and practice prepositions effectively, leading to better grammar skills.

    What are the three functions of prepositions?

    Prepositions can show location (e.g., on the table), time (e.g., before noon), and direction (e.g., toward the park).

    What are the uses of prepositions in Class 7?

    In Class 7, prepositions are used to connect nouns or pronouns to other words in a sentence, indicating relationships like location, time, and direction.

    What is the main use of preposition?

    The main use of a preposition is to show the relationship between a noun or pronoun and other words in a sentence, such as location, direction, time, or manner.

    How many types of preposition are there?

    There are three main types of prepositions: prepositions of time (e.g., at, on, in), prepositions of place (e.g., under, over, between), and prepositions of direction (e.g., to, from, towards).

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