WorksheetPreposition Worksheet Class 6 CBSE

Preposition Worksheet Class 6 CBSE

Preposition Worksheet Class 6

A preposition is a crucial element in grammar that signifies the relationship between nouns, pronouns, phrases and other parts of a sentence. It helps to convey location, direction, time, or method. Typically, prepositions are positioned towards the end of a sentence, preceding the noun or pronoun they modify. Some common examples of prepositions include “in,” “on,” “at,” “by,” “with,” “from,” “to,” “under,” “over,” “between,” and “among,” among others.

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    Preposition Definition

    According to various dictionaries, a preposition is described as a word or group of words used before a noun or pronoun to establish a connection with another word, particularly a verb, noun, or adjective. Prepositions indicate aspects like place, position, time, or method within a sentence. Examples of prepositions include “in,” “from,” “to,” “out of,” “on behalf of,” “by,” “for,” “into,” and “with.”

    Uses of Prepositions

    Prepositions serve several important functions in English sentences, allowing them to convey various aspects of direction, time, position, and spatial relationships. Here are some common uses of prepositions:

    • Showing Direction: Prepositions indicate the direction of something, such as “to,” “from,” “towards,” or “along.”
    • Referring to Time: Prepositions denote the time when something happens, such as “before,” “after,” “during,” or “since.”
    • Denoting Position or Location: Prepositions specify the position or location of an object in relation to something else, such as “on,” “in,” “under,” or “beside.”
    • Representing Spatial Relationships: Prepositions express spatial relationships between objects, such as “above,” “below,” “between,” or “among.”

    Examples of Prepositions

    To understand the usage of prepositions in sentences, let’s examine some examples:

    I will be going to church in the morning.

    • Preposition: “to”
    • Indicates direction or destination.

    She placed the plates on the dining table.

    • Preposition: “on”
    • Denotes position or location.

    Baskar found the cat hiding under the bed.

    • Preposition: “under”
    • Specifies position or location.

    Will you be with Raimy or Mazeeka?

    • Preposition: “with”
    • Indicates association or accompaniment.

    I love sitting on the beach at night.

    • Preposition: “on”
    • Denotes position or location.

    Rachel met Phoebe by the lake.

    • Preposition: “by”
    • Indicates location or proximity.

    Finn stood opposite Lisa.

    • Preposition: “opposite”
    • Specifies spatial relationship.

    The grocery store is right in front of the bus stop.

    • Preposition: “in front of”
    • Indicates position or location.

    My brother climbed onto the roof.

    • Preposition: “onto”
    • Indicates direction or movement.

    It feels great to sit beneath the trees and read.

    • Preposition: “beneath”
    • Denotes position or location.

    Class 6 Prepositions Worksheet 1

    Click here to download Preposition Worksheet 1 Class 6 in PDF Format


    • Fill in the blanks with the appropriate preposition to complete each sentence.
    • Use the word bank provided to help you.


    1. The cat is hiding ____________ the table.
    2. The book is ____________ the shelf.
    3. We met ____________ the park gate.
    4. The ball rolled ____________ the bed.
    5. The bird flew ____________ the tree.
    6. The school is ____________ the corner.
    7. The sun is shining ____________ the clouds.
    8. The rabbit is hopping ____________ the fence.
    9. The stars twinkle ____________ the sky.
    10. The dog is lying ____________ the rug.
    11. We walked ____________ the bridge.
    12. The river flows ____________ the mountains.
    13. The kite flew ____________ the field.
    14. The children ran ____________ the playground.
    15. The cat is sleeping ____________ the chair.
    16. The airplane flew ____________ the clouds.
    17. The pencil is ____________ the notebook.
    18. The cat jumped ____________ the wall.
    19. The car is parked ____________ the garage.
    20. The bus is coming ____________ the road.

    Word Bank:

    • in
    • on
    • at
    • under
    • beside
    • between
    • behind
    • above
    • below
    • near
    • across
    • through
    • over
    • towards
    • around

    Answer Key:

    1. under
    2. on
    3. at
    4. under
    5. above
    6. around
    7. through
    8. over
    9. in
    10. on
    11. across
    12. through
    13. over
    14. around
    15. beside
    16. above
    17. in
    18. over
    19. in
    20. along

    Worksheet for Class 6 other Subjects

    Class 6 Prepositions Worksheet 2


    • Fill in the blanks with the appropriate preposition from the word bank to complete each sentence.
    • Use each preposition only once.


    1. The keys are ____________ the table.
    2. The cat climbed ____________ the roof.
    3. The children played ____________ the tree.
    4. The sun sets ____________ the horizon.
    5. She leaned ____________ the wall.
    6. The bird flew ____________ the window.
    7. The treasure is buried ____________ the ground.
    8. We walked ____________ the riverbank.
    9. The ship sailed ____________ the ocean.
    10. The spider spun its web ____________ the ceiling.
    11. The stars shine brightly ____________ the night sky.
    12. The fish swim ____________ the water.
    13. The moon appeared ____________ the clouds.
    14. He jumped ____________ the puddle.
    15. The cat is sitting ____________ the chair.
    16. The ball rolled ____________ the floor.
    17. She placed the vase ____________ the table.
    18. The squirrel ran ____________ the fence.
    19. The book is ____________ the shelf.
    20. The car drove ____________ the tunnel.

    Word Bank

    • inside
    • outside
    • against
    • upon
    • beyond
    • underneath
    • within
    • throughout
    • toward
    • among
    • along
    • beneath
    • beside
    • amid
    • opposite
    • into
    • onto
    • off
    • beneath
    • around

    Answer Key:

    1. beneath
    2. onto
    3. around
    4. below
    5. against
    6. through
    7. beneath
    8. along
    9. across
    10. on
    11. throughout
    12. beneath
    13. above
    14. over
    15. on
    16. across
    17. onto
    18. along
    19. on
    20. into

    Class 6 Prepositions Worksheet 3


    • Fill in the blanks with the appropriate preposition from the word bank to complete each sentence.
    • Some sentences may require more than one preposition.


    1. The explorer discovered treasure hidden ____________ the jungle foliage.
    2. The ancient ruins lay buried ____________ layers of sand.
    3. The majestic castle stood proudly ____________ the hill.
    4. The delicate flowers bloomed ____________ the thorny bushes.
    5. The concert hall echoed with music echoing ____________ its walls.
    6. She found solace ____________ the chaos of the bustling city.
    7. The birds chirped merrily ____________ the rustling leaves.
    8. The secret passage led ____________ the castle dungeons.
    9. The hikers trudged ____________ the rugged mountain terrain.
    10. The moonlight shimmered ____________ the tranquil lake.
    11. The ship sailed gracefully ____________ the vast ocean.
    12. His ambition soared ____________ the realm of possibility.
    13. The fox darted ____________ the cover of darkness.
    14. The stars twinkled brightly ____________ the night sky.
    15. The plane soared high ____________ the clouds.
    16. The rabbit darted ____________ the safety of its burrow.
    17. The treasure lay hidden deep ____________ the forest floor.
    18. The brave knight ventured forth ____________ the dragon’s lair.
    19. The river meandered peacefully ____________ the lush greenery.
    20. The city bustled with activity ____________ the festive season.

    Word Bank

    1. amidst
    2. upon
    3. underneath
    4. throughout
    5. amidst
    6. within
    7. amid
    8. underneath
    9. alongside
    10. amongst
    11. onto
    12. beyond
    13. underneath
    14. amidst
    15. upon
    16. amidst
    17. beneath
    18. amidst
    19. alongside
    20. amidst

    Answer Key

    1. amidst
    2. beneath
    3. atop
    4. amongst
    5. throughout
    6. amidst
    7. amid
    8. underneath
    9. across
    10. upon
    11. across
    12. beyond
    13. beneath
    14. amidst
    15. above
    16. beneath
    17. beneath
    18. amidst
    19. alongside
    20. amidst

    Importance of Preposition Worksheet Class 6

    The importance of Preposition Worksheets for Class 6 is that they help students:

    • Understand Prepositions: These worksheets help students understand how prepositions work in sentences, which is important for showing the relationship between nouns, pronouns, and other words.
    • Improve Sentence Construction: By practicing with these worksheets, students learn to construct sentences more accurately. They learn to use prepositions correctly to make their sentences clear and precise.
    • Enhance Writing Skills: Regular practice with preposition worksheets can improve students’ writing skills. It can help make their writing more organized and easier to understand.
    • Boost Confidence: As students practice more with prepositions, they become more confident in using grammar and language. This can help them perform better in exams and communicate more effectively in daily life.
    • Prepare for Higher Grades: A strong understanding of prepositions and other grammar concepts in Class 6 prepares students for more advanced language studies in higher grades.

    FAQs on Prepositions Worksheet Class 6

    What is the purpose of a prepositions worksheet for Class 6?

    A prepositions worksheet for Class 6 helps students understand and practice the usage of prepositions in sentences. It provides exercises and examples to improve their comprehension and use of prepositions effectively.

    How can a prepositions worksheet benefit Class 6 students?

    Prepositions worksheets offer Class 6 students an opportunity to reinforce their understanding of prepositions through practice. Students can enhance their grammar skills and develop a stronger grasp of language usage by completing exercises and identifying prepositions in sentences.

    Are prepositions worksheets suitable for self-study?

    Yes, prepositions worksheets for Class 6 are suitable for self-study. Students can use them independently to practice identifying and using prepositions correctly. Additionally, teachers can assign these worksheets as homework or supplementary practice material to reinforce classroom learning.

    Why choose IL Preposition worksheets for Class 6?

    IL Preposition worksheets are designed by experts to help Class 6 students understand and practice prepositions effectively, leading to better grammar skills.

    What are three functions of prepositions?

    Prepositions can show location (e.g., on the table), time (e.g., before noon), and direction (e.g., toward the park).

    What are the uses of prepositions in Class 6?

    In Class 6, prepositions are used to connect nouns or pronouns to other words in a sentence, showing the relationship between them.

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