The Living World

Characteristics of living things: Growth Reproduction Tactile perception and environmental awareness Metabolism Self-organize Mortality Because all processes take place in […]


HIV which is known as the Human immunodeficiency virus These are different types of T cells, which are white blood […]


It involves the identification of variations in repetitive deoxyribonucleic acid. Repetitive deoxyribonucleic acid is perennial over and over. It forms […]

Respiratory Volumes

Respiratory volumes are another name for lung volumes. During the respiratory cycle, it refers to the amount of gas in […]

Regulation of Respiration

      Humans have a stimulating ability to manage and maintain their respiratory rhythm to satisfy the wants of […]

Transport of Gases

Permeability is defined because of the ratio of single gas permeabilities within the study of gas transport, and it’s typically […]

Digestive Glands

TYPES OF DIGESTIVE GLANDS SALIVARY GLANDS Food is tasted and mixed with a secretion that’s secreted by many sets of […]

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