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Toppers Tip to Get AIR 1 in NEET 2024

Getting into your dream medical school in India is competitive nowadays. Thousands of students (over 2.4 million this year!) appear for this prestigious entrance examination “National eligibility cum entrance test” (NEET) every year. Some people crack the exam in their first attempt, but others have to prepare well and try again next year.

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    Because so many people are taking the test, it’s getting harder and harder to get a good score. That’s why it is important for candidates to study smart and hard to crack NEET 2024. This article shares some useful tips and tricks by NEET toppers who successfully cleared this examination with flying colors. Here are the Toppers Tips to crack NEET.

    Toppers Tip to Get AIR 1 in NEET 2024

    Understand the NEET Exam Pattern

    • Go through the entire NEET 2024 syllabus for both class 11 and 12. Different topics have different weights, so plan your study routine accordingly to complete the most important areas first.
    • The NCERT textbooks are your holy bible and will help you throughout the preparation for NEET examination. Study NCERT chapter line-by-line. They’re the foundation of NEET and most medical entrance exams in India.

    Plan your study routine

    • You gotta have a battle plan, Make a study schedule that fits your life and stick to it with consistency and discipline. Block out distractions, try to deactivate you social media accounts while you are preparing for NEET.
    • Time management is the key. Divide your study time between the different subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. If physics makes your head spin, dedicate more time to clear the concepts and then practice related questions. Remember, it’s about your strengths and weaknesses.
    • Don’t just blindly memorize facts, understand the why and how behind everything. This helps you enhance your reasoning ability and memory.

    Practice Makes you Perfect

    • Revision is the key! Revise your notes and textbooks regularly. Practice this while going over important points with the practice questions.
    • NEET 2024 Mock tests are must before final examination. Take them regularly, analyze your performance to see where you need improvement. Tackle past years’ NEET papers to get used to the exam format and how to manage your time during the exam.

    Study material

    • Use good quality study materials and reference books alongside your NCERT textbooks. Think of them as special practice manuals to give you an extra edge in your preparation journey.
    • Create your own notes – Class notes, short notes, micro notes. Make notes clearly and detailed that are easy to understand when you review them later.
    • Don’t forget to take care of yourself, get enough sleep, eat healthy food, and take breaks to avoid burnout. A healthy body and mind are essential for exam victory.

    Paper solving strategy

    • Develop a comfortable plan for the final exam. Many past toppers suggest attempting Biology first, then Chemistry, and leaving Physics for last, since it can be time-consuming.
    • Stay calm and focused during the exam. You’ve trained hard for this, believe in yourself and your skills!

    Remember, becoming AIR 1 is a marathon, not a sprint. There will be tough moments, but focus on giving your absolute best.

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    Understand the syllabus

    Understanding the NEET syllabus is like having a roadmap for your studying routine. It helps you figure out what to focus on, where you’re strong and weak, and what materials to use. Once you know the topics, it will be easier for you to work on strong and weak topics separately.

    Build strong Foundation (Class 11th syllabus)

    This is where you’ll learn the basic building blocks of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.


    Aspirants must be clear with concepts of mechanics, thermodynamics. Practice important derivation of Gravitation, laws of Motion and Kinematics.

    The NEET Physics test covers the main ideas of physics, like motion, electricity, light, and atoms. It goes into detail about heat, energy, and the building blocks of matter. This will help you understand the basic rules of physics and how they work in the real world.


    The NEET chemistry test covers three main areas: inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry. Inorganic chemistry looks at how atoms and molecules are put together and how they bond with each other. Organic chemistry focuses on naming these molecules and how they react. Physical chemistry deals with the application of physical properties in chemical reactions.


    Biology is the crucial part of the NEET exam, NAT ask 90 questions from biology. This means it’s your best shot for a high score! Most of the biology questions are straightforward and test your understanding of key concepts. So, if you study well, you can really do well in this section.

    CBSE Class 12 Syllabus

    Now that you have completed your basics, it’s time to tackle some more advanced topics. Start preparing for physics topics related to electric fields and magnetic fields. Get good command over scoring topics like modern physics, where questions are formula based sometimes. You’ll also learn about optics, electronic devices.

    Complete the topics in chemistry and biology by simultaneously revising the previous topics studied in class 11. This practice will help students make connections between topics, help them learn theorems and their results.


    When you’re studying, it’s better to do active revision rather than passive reading of the whole chapter again. Take notes as you go through your material. Then, try summarizing those notes. These summaries are great memory aids. Review them often, aspirants can read them out loud, and prepare quiz questions on what they have covered.


    There have been many students who have aced the NEET before you, and learning from their experiences can be a great help. There are many resources out there with tips and tricks from past toppers. Success in the NEET is all about hard work, smart studying, and staying focused. Believe in yourself and your passion to pursue MBBS from your dream medical college.

    The key to cracking the NEET and achieving AIR 1 in one of the toughest entrance examinations can only be possible via Practice, consistency, and determination. Doing previous year papers will help you understand the format and how to manage your time during the actual examination. But it’s not all about studying in this preparation phase – stay healthy and get enough sleep after all a Healthy mind stays in a healthy body.

    FAQs on Toppers Tip to Get AIR 1 in NEET 2024

    How can I improve my chances of getting AIR 1 in NEET 2024?

    To improve your chances of achieving AIR 1 in NEET 2024, focus on understanding the exam pattern, creating a study schedule, practicing regularly, and prioritizing your health and wellbeing.

    What are some key tips for studying smart and hard for NEET 2024?

    Key tips for studying smart and hard for NEET 2024 include understanding the syllabus, creating a structured study plan, practicing time management, revising regularly, and using highquality study materials.

    How can I effectively revise for NEET 2024?

    Effective revision for NEET 2024 involves active engagement with study materials, regular review of notes, practicing with previous year papers, seeking clarification on challenging topics, and maintaining a balanced approach to studying and rest.

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