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World Water Day 2024

This year’s World Water Day, happening on 22 March 2024, focuses on the idea of ‘Using Water for Peace’. The UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, highlighted the importance of countries working together on water issues in his message: “This year, World Water Day is all about water being a key to peace.”

World Water Day 2019 theme was “Leaving no one behind”.

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    The day was observed with a focus of providing water to everyone as it is the human rights of everyone. There are around millions of people who are still living without safe water and many people are also overlooked in providing safe water. This year the event focused on tackling water crisis and addressing the reasons why people are left behind while providing safe water.

    There were various seminars and talks held on the occasion on saving water and how it could be provided to the people who are deprived of safe water. There were also various workshops which were conducted in schools.

    In Jaipur, an awareness workshop was organised which showcased the importance of water and how safe water could be provided to the people living in villages and remote areas. Water conservation techniques were also shown to the children so that they can learn the water conservation from their childhood.

    A football and kickball championship and an essay competition were organized in Liberia on World Water Day. Around 16 teams from different schools took part in the competition. The event focused on spreading awareness on conservation of water and was supported by WaterAid Global, an organization who works for the conservation of water and water hygiene.

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    World Water Day History

    World Water Day is celebrated every year on 22nd of March by the people all across the world. The day was established to be celebrated as an annual event in the year 1993 by the decision of the United Nations General Assembly. This campaign was declared as a World Day for Water to be celebrated on 22nd of March each year to increase the awareness among the people about the importance, need and conservation of water.

    It was first officially added in the schedule 21 of the year 1992 “United Nations Conference on Environment and Development” in the Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and celebration was started from the year 1993 to motivate the general public in order to get their support in water conservation by avoiding the use of their taps for whole day.

    Why World Water Day is Celebrated

    The United Nation including member nations celebrate this campaign by implementing the UN recommendations as well as promoting the global water conservation through the real activities. This campaign is specially promoted by one of the UN agencies every year which involves encouraging the people to listen and understand about the water issues as well as coordinating with the international activities for the World Water Day.

    Since the beginning of this event celebration the UN-Water has been responsible for the selection of World Water Day theme, distribution of global messages as well as leading the UN agencies for celebrating the World Day for Water.

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    Including the UN member states and agencies, various NGOs and non government organizations also become involved in the promotion of clean water conservation focusing the public attention over all the critical issues of water. During this event celebration, all the water issues are highlighted to the public such as how people are inaccessible to the safe water and etc.

    How World Water Day is Celebrated

    World water day is celebrated throughout the world to increase the awareness of people towards the importance of water in various field of life including the environment, health, agriculture and trade.

    It is celebrated by organizing variety of events and activities such as visual art, theatrical and musical celebrations of water, excursions to the local ponds, lakes, rivers and reservoirs, symposium at local, national and international level over water management and safety, distributing messages through TV and radio channels or internet, educational events based on the importance of clean water and conservative measures, competitions and so many activities. The main symbol of the World Water Day celebration is the shape of water drop of blue color.

    World Water Day Themes 2024

    The topic for this year is ‘Water for prosperity and peace’. The 2024 version of the main UN World Water Development Report (WWDR) will discuss this theme and come out today. Every year has a different theme, but the main idea is always about clean water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), which matches the goals of Sustainable Development Goal 6.

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    World Water Day 2024 FAQs

    What is the theme for the Water Day in 2024?

    The 2024 World Water Day focuses on Water for Peace. When we work together on water issues, it leads to good outcomes like peace, growth, and strength against common problems.

    Why is March 22nd World Water Day?

    On March 22, 1992, the UN General Assembly approved a resolution A/RES/47/193, naming March 22 as World Water Day. Since 1993, we have celebrated World Water Day every year on March 22 to raise awareness about the importance of water.

    What is the World Water Day photo contest 2024?

    The UNESCO World Water Assessment Programme and Onewater are starting the third photo contest based on the theme of the 2024 UN World Water Development Report, which focuses on Using Water for Peace and Prosperity.

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