EnglishslogansSlogans on Water – Best and Catchy Water Slogan in English

Slogans on Water – Best and Catchy Water Slogan in English

We all must have come across the statement- ‘Water is life’. The statement is more befitting in today’s scenario, when over 500 Million people across the globe suffer from water scarcity. A loss which could have well been avoided, had the humans behaved more responsibly; towards, the environment and its resources. Earth has enough fresh water for over 7 Billion people but most of it gets wasted or polluted.

If the situation continues like this; within a decade, around 1.9 Billion will face acute water scarcity. It is the right time to act on the situation and take necessary steps, towards conservation of water, prevent its wastage as well as preventing its pollution; which is mostly due to human induced factors. We cannot increase the amount of available water resource, but we sure can prevent the wastage of what we are left with.

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    These days ‘Water’ is the most important talked about natural resource in schools, in colleges as well as in professional circles; wherever, a concern for the environment is raised. Natural water resources of a place decide the quality of life, flora and fauna, irrigation, food supply, climate, rainfall and numerous other factors; essential for life.

    Water Slogans in English

    We have given below some effective slogan on water in English, so that you can use them for debates and speeches on ‘water’ in your school, and effectively convey the message of water conservation and preventing water wastage. These Water Slogan are wisely written in rhyming phrases to impress and inspire the audience. You can choose one of the slogans as your school’s slogan on World Water Conservation Day (22nd March) and on other similar occasions. The slogans are short enough to be easily written on a placard and displayed in events based on water and its conservation.

    Unique and Catchy Slogans on Water

    Save water from pollution and gift it to next generation.

    Don’t waste water; doing this, you damage your future.

    Water is a treasure; don’t waste it just for pleasure.

    Clean your water bodies with the same zeal with which you clean your own body.

    While using water, remember it cannot be made later.

    Use water only when you need, otherwise you won’t be able to use it when you need.

    Water is more precious than gold.

    Water is the origin of life; no water means no life.

    Every Indian should understand his duty; saving water must be his priority.

    Things will change if we try; we will not let our future dry.

    We don’t pollute water; we pollute our body and our life.

    Use it only when you need, otherwise you won’t be able to use it when you need.

    Clean water is the best solution; try to keep it away from pollution.

    It is never late to save water, start it from now.

    Apply rain water harvest to make your future best.

    Many are living without love and care; but no one can live without water. Save it!

    Today you save gold and waste water; tomorrow you will give gold to buy water.

    Civilizations fought for land and trade rights; soon they will fight for water.

    Do we want our children to fight among themselves for water?

    By letting water pollutants into our water bodies, we allow them to enter our own bodies.

    Avoiding misuse and wastage of water is a responsible behavior.

    Humans, plants, animals, fishes and others; they all depend on one thing- Water.

    Think on how to use it and use only when needed.

    We cannot do much about the static supply of water but we sure can control its demand.

    We are losing water faster than we can regain it; act promptly at least to retain it.

    Don’t let the water run while you shave; though little but this too will save.

    Repair that leaking faucet and that faulty pipe; to save water and to save life.

    There is life on earth only because there is water on earth.

    Give it a thought- Plants and humans can’t survive without water for more than seven days.

    No water on earth will make it parched having no worth.

    Don’t take long showers, keep them brief and neat.

    Say no to rain water wasting; switch now to rain water harvesting.

    Polluting water is insane; generations will live in pain.

    We dig our own graves by polluting our water bodies.

    We need to run to conserve it before we run out of fresh water.

    How will you cook that meal and quench your thirst; without fresh water, it would be a curse.

    Prevent the situation from getting worst, get up and act first.

    Preserve every drop of water; it’s an only thing which can make world better.

    Water is human’s lifeline, with enough water world will shine.

    Water is a natural resource, so never pollute its source.

    Everywhere is water scarcity, just think without it what would world will be?

    If we don’t conserve water in our earth, pollution and heat will devour our world.

    Save water to make world better.

    Water is a boon, without it everything will die soon.

    Save water for your future generation, because it is God’s most valuable creation.

    Only water can end our thirst, so save it first.

    Water is most precious good, save it as much as you could.

    Water is crucial for life; the early we understand the longer we live.

    Wasting water is an act of reckless disregard to your own and the planet’s future.

    We are wasting water at a higher rate than its restoration.

    844 Million People in the world are in dire need of the water that you waste.

    Repair that dribble and avoid a big trouble.

    Water is a valuable resource- use it, don’t waste it.

    The tasteless odorless liquid is life’s most vital fluid.

    Check your garden check your taps; repair any drizzle before earth collapse.

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