EnglishmahatmaHow Mahatma Gandhi is Still Alive among us

How Mahatma Gandhi is Still Alive among us

Who was Mahatma?

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    A great sole with great ideologies, which was born on the 2nd October 1869. He was identified as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Gandhiji was born in a Gujarati family. He was the youngest child of his father’s fourth wife. He bought up in her mother’s governance; his mother was a religious lady away from any type of articulation. She used to live a simple life and was a nurse to anyone not well in the family.

    He spent most of his time with his mother and especially those days his father who was not well and was nursed by her, died soon. He learned hospitality from his mother and as she was a religious lady, he got inspired by her. Her daily rituals encouraged him and the stories of Prahalad and Harishchandra had a great impact on his life.

    He was a shy boy, who always rushed home just after the bell rang in the school, rather waiting for others to have some chit-chat. He was a common boy who was uncommon in his thoughts and beliefs. Although Gandhi was a great human but he is still alive among us in the form of his ideologies.

    What Made Him Mahatma?

    He was an average student, but his journey to mahatma started from his home and the true inspiration was her mother. She taught him ahimsa and this quality made him mahatma someday. The legendary stories of Harishchandra had a great impact on his life and he also chose the path of truth and non-violence. He was just a common man but his contributions for the independence of the nation made him special. After taking oath of celibacy he spent all of his life simply by helping others and doing anshan for them.

    He was really mahatma who abolished untouchability and called everyone equal, each sole was pure and venerable for him, he called the untouchables “Harijan”, which means god’s people. All religions were equal for him; he never discriminated between a Hindu and a Muslim. It is really a mahatma who can do all these things and it was Rabindranath Tagore who gave him the title of ‘Mahatma’.

    Is it Easy to be a Mahatma

    India is known for its rich heritage and the variety of religions. There was a lot of difference among people, as the society was discriminated among various categories like Kshatriya, Brahman, Vaishya, Shudra, etc and the Shudras were called untouchable and were badly treated in the society. It was Gandhiji who removed the title of untouchability and treated everyone as common and called them dearest to god.

    Mahatma Gandhiji was a common man but the initiatives he took at that time brought a new fame to him. Even today if we simply follow the path of Satya and Ahimsa we can pay him a true tribute. He called all human are same and there is god in everyone. Every human on this earth needs peace and a happy life and while attaining this we should also help others because it is not a single man who can change the nation, which means we will be called successful only when our nation will and we can play an important role for the growth of the nation simply by working for the society.

    Government has made various schemes and plans for the poor. But the thing is people don’t even know about them and being a true citizen of the nation it is our duty to contribute simply by spreading awareness among people. As there is an education plan for children up to age 14, but we can see children begging on red light and many other places, so we can talk to their parents and convince them to go to school, we can also spread awareness regarding cleanliness.

    There is a mahatma among all of us; just we have to identify it. If we all take an oath of speaking truth, avoid any kind of violence, and making our country clean; then the day will not be very far when our nation will be counted as developed country among other developed nations.

    Mahatma Gandhi – Still Alive Among us?

    We can say that Gandhiji is still alive, although we may not see him but his ideologies and thoughts are still alive and are quite immortal. Although he is not alive; but he is still in between us in the form of his ideologies and the craze of patriotism. Every citizen wants his nation to develop and we are the keys for it. It is the Gandhian theory we still accept like cleanliness.

    After his visit to London for higher education when he came back, he found the great difference among the other nations and India, and from that time he started encouraging others about cleanliness and he himself followed. He used to clean his ashram by his own, was a great representative of “truth” and “non-violence”, he made his thoughts as his weapons and won the battle of freedom. His thoughts are still alive and are also followed by many and we can also be its part.

    He may not be in between us but when we talk about “Ahimsa”, automatically a name triggers in our mind and that is Gandhi. He was really a great hero who may not be present in between, but still we can feel his presence. He developed such a great ideology that it cannot ever be neglected. A father will always think of his family and children and he was the father of the nation. He is still alive among us; just try to listen your sole because a sole will never let you on a wrong path.

    Famous Titles Gandhiji Earned

    Gandhiji developed a new definition of humanity by his love and kindness. He treated every one like his own child and lived a simple life. Although he was very simple by his looks but had a strong will power and determination for the nation, that’s because he was given various titles like Father of the nation and Mahatma.

    • Rabindranath Tagore called him Mahatma where ‘Maha’ means ‘great’ and ‘atma’ is soul. This makes him a great soul and is called Mahatma.
    • It was Netaji Subash Chandra Bose who called him ‘Father of the Nation’ all because of his kindness. He thought about the nation like a father and treated everyone like his child.
    • It was again Rabindranath Tagore who called him ‘Bapu’, the Hindi version of Father.


    Gandhiji was a great personality who continuously worked for the nation and even lost his life for it. He had a lean body but strong determination and we can say that it is not always an attractive or powerful personality you need to attract audience, sometimes it’s your ideology and determination which brings a difference.

    And the great personality, who may not be present among us but still we respect him and call him the father of the nation. We should follow his path and make a difference in society. He is immortal and will remain among us for ages.

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